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Costa Calma , Canary Islands
Possibly Single, Average Body , Mediterranean SugarBaby


Costa Calma , Canary Islands
I am a former veterinarian who works as a consultant in the sports and esports industry. I would redefine my job as a "awesome miracle worker." Its a more accurate description of what I do and I love my job. It gives me the chance to travel to wonderful places and meet great people. I've been to almost every country but Ive never had time to explore because Im there for work. Although I have amassed a collection of magnets from everywhere Ive been to (yay!) I love science, space, and enjoy reading a lot of books. My favorite thing to do is visit science museums when I have time. I could spend hours analyzing and discussing details of the experiments and displays. Overall, I am an open-minded person, talkative, fun to be around, and have a great sense of humor (or at least, I find myself to be hilarious although some people say it can be very dark sometimes...). I could talk for hours and about everything you can think of, but dont enjoy forced conversations. Small talk causes me to lose interest quickly and I find it to be useless and a waste of time. I am an expert in protocol (literally, I have a degree in protocol and public relations) and good manners, so you don't have to worry about that. Last but not least, I have a really strong personality. If you expect me to be bubbly and agreeable all the time, I might not be what you are looking for. Otherwise, I can assure you that you will never get bored with me! I love laughing about everything. I can also be a bit sassy but it depends on the situation. Not enough information about me? Message me and feel free to ask me anything, but please, be respectful and polite! I speak spanish and english so I would appreciate if you message me on any of those languages.

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