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12 Traits That Make You a Sugar Daddy Magnet

We all know some sugar babies seem to attract sugar daddies all the time, while others seem to repel them. Which qualities do these women exude to attract a bevy of men? What makes a woman a man-magnet?

In talking to both the man-magnet women and the men who are inexorably attracted to them, the following points were repeatedly mentioned.

Beautiful, brunette Sugar Baby with red lipstick

1. Have a true strength and confidence in yourself and what you have to offer not only to your sugar daddy but to the world around you. Know your strengths, and your weaknesses. Highlight your best assets, downplay your flaws. Confidence is sexy and draws attention no matter who you are.

2. Show your intelligence. Talk about the things you know. Be passionate without being offensive. Ask questions about what you don't know much about. This shows you like to learn about new things. Intelligence is attractive when combined with the confidence to say "I don't know. Tell me about it please!"

3. Show you have a sense of humor. Everyone loves to laugh, it makes us happy, releases endorphins and sets us at ease. Contrary to popular belief, gentlemen do not like ladies to pretend to be unintelligent or aloof. Be funny. Be interesting. Be engaged in your interaction with him. If you are showing a positive, outgoing personality, others will respond to you in a positive manner.

4. Honestly like the company of men. If you shrink away from a casual touch, if you curl your nose or lip in a negative way, if your body language says you are uncomfortable or disgusted with the person you are accompanying, they're not likely to want to be around you. Change your stance. Lean in toward them to listen. Brush your hand across his when you laugh. Keep eye contact and smile with not only your mouth, but with your voice and your eyes. Show you are there because you truly want to be. If you do, he'll know you have enjoyed your time with him before you ever say you have with your words.

5. Have an open and easy smile. A smile tells a sugar daddy that you're receptive to his approach. No smile says you're untouchable or uninterested. If a sugar daddy looks at you and you look back and do not turn away, and then you smile a real smile that involves the eyes as well as the mouth, he knows that you are interested. That slight pause before a slow smile, by the way, is deadly. ;)

6. Don't be afraid to show your vulnerable side, but don't be so vulnerable that you are thought of as falling apart at the seams. Show that you are caring and have a softer side to you. Don't use baby talk. You aren't a baby. He's not a baby. Being soft, kind and vulnerable doesn't mean being whiny or babyish.

7. Be a good conversationalist. Truly listen when someone is speaking. Most people will think of you as a good conversationalist if you listen to what they say. It's not all about you all the time. Listen and respond to what your companion is communicating. Be genuinely interested in him. If you truly pay attention to his words & body language, what makes him the unique person he is, you'll have his virtually undivided attention on you. You'll leave a good impression and they'll want to spend more time with that amazing woman who blew their mind with her conversation skills. Need some tips in this aspect? Watch this short video:

8. Try to make your date feel comfortable. If you are there to be with him, be with him. Don't constantly be on your phone, talking or texting. Show up, be on time, dress appropriately for the activity you agreed to meet for, and if you know he has things he likes or dislikes, try to take care of making those things happen if you can. Don't over dress or be excessively loud or obnoxious in circumstances that would be unacceptable for you to be so. Be appropriate to the situation and this will put your date at ease (se some more tips in this regard in the video below). Don't embarrass your date with inappropriate language, actions or dress whether in public or in private. If he's comfortable with you, he'll want to see more of you. Be yourself, but be the best version of you that you can be. If you shine, he'll shine and he'll want to be around you because he likes how you make him feel.

9. Be kind and thoughtful toward others. Small acts of kindness do make a difference. Something as simple as please and thank you or holding the door for others will catch his eye.

10. Be authentic. Be sincere. Don't pretend to be something you aren't. Not in your communication. Not with the photos you post of yourself. Don't misrepresent who you are, and you'll find the right man for you. Sugar daddies like a sugar baby who truly knows who she is and how to present herself in the best light.

11. If you are told something in confidence, keep that secret. Nobody likes to hear their innermost thoughts being related back to them 3rd or 4th hand. Don't kiss and tell! If a sugar daddy opens up and pours his heart out to you, keep what he said to yourself. He'll appreciate that and trust you with other secrets. This is a really fast way to bond with one another. Just learn to keep what's just for your ears and eyes to yourself.

12. Let him chase you. Men do like a bit of a challenge. It makes you more interesting. Don't play hard to get. Do show you are interested, but not that you are jumping through hoops to be with him. Let him know you are interested in him, then leave him with the ball in his court to contact you for the next date. If he really wants to be with you, he will quickly make sure to contact you and make arrangements for another outing.

So remember... It's all about your attitude and how you authentically present yourself to him. If you carry a chip on your shoulder, act like the world owes you, have a bad attitude or you just give off the vibe that you don't have any interest in who he is or what he has to say, he will not be into you and he certainly won't contact you for that all important 2nd date.

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