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5 luxury gifts that your sugar baby will be over the moon about!

Sugar daddy dating is not just about the money. Yes, one of the sugar daddy dating perks is receiving expensive and luxurious gifts that sugar babies get to enjoy, but these gestures come only after the relationship has evolved enough.

5 Luxury Gift Ideas to Provide to Your Sugar Baby

When a sugar daddy feels comfortable with starting to spoil and pamper his favorite lady, he will pretty much stop at nothing to keep her happy. Some of the most luxurious ways of fulfilling a sugar baby’s glamorous fantasies have been jotted down by our adult dating website team and we’ll be talking about them further on in this post. So, hold on tight, there are a few things you still need to know about dating sugar babies!

In the spirit of the expression “It is better to give than to receive”, let’s take a look at some of the 5 best gift ideas you can provide to your sugar baby!

1. Start off with smaller gifts and work your way to something truly special. A bottle of perfume from Tiffany’s, followed by Louboutin collection shoes, and wrap that all around with pearls or diamonds. So, the first step to understanding the female psyche is practically never underestimating the power of a truly thoughtful gift. For most women, perfume cannot be refused, shoes are obsessively on their mind all the time, and jewelry is a girl’s best friend. If you have no clue about what kind of jewelry she likes best, then just go with a diamond bracelet. You can’t go wrong with that one: it’s a classic!

2. Do you really want to surprise her? Then how about taking her on a much-deserved exotic getaway vacation, just for the two of you? We think you will hit the jackpot with this idea! There is nothing quite like dipping your toes in the clear blue waters of Santorini, Tahiti or Maui in Hawaii. If she loves an island with a story, think about taking her to Fiji, Easter Island or to Bora Bora. If she prefers getting away from the cold during the winter holidays, here is a link with the top warm sugar destinations you might want to consider. Make sure you have an all-inclusive journey, so none of you need to worry about anything else than just enjoying yourselves. And while you are there, you can also plan a few adventures of your own: you can take her scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins, pearl hunting and even horseback riding on the beach.

3. Another great gift idea is sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret’s latest catalogue. While it is definitely less expensive than 7 days in the Maldives, such a gift can spice things up pretty fast in the bedroom (so in a way it is a gift for you as well). Choosing the right kind of lingerie, color, design and fabric, can be pretty confusing for any man. So just go with your gut instinct, but remember that you can always get advice on what to buy from your own sugar baby. So, don’t be shy to ask her about her preferences in this particular area.

4. Does she have a hobby or a special interest of some kind? The next time you are at her place, take a look around and try to find out what she most loves doing. Is she painting, reading or travelling in her spare time? Maybe she collects artwork or is passionate about movies. Find out why your sugar baby is over the moon sometimes and contribute to that. For example, if she is especially keen on fashion, take her to a famous designer’s runway show.

5. Also, has she ever hinted at her intention to get implants or Botox? If she has, then it’s time for you to step up and offer your support. The number one reason why you should get involved is because plastic surgery is the biggest return on investment for the both of you long-term. While it is not cheap at all, your sugar baby will be even more gorgeous than she already is, and you can always suggest her to do a little change for you as well.

So sugar daddies, what will you surprise you sugar baby with today? Were there any gifts that you gave her that she especially enjoyed in the past?

Sugar babies, is there something else you would add to the list of luxury gifts you would like to receive from your sugar daddy?

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