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Is He Really a Millionaire? Look for These Subtle Signs!

Congratulations! You decided to begin millionaire dating. Millionaires can be easy to spot sometimes. They might be celebrities. They might be the guy with his face on the billboard and his name above the local hospital. Unfortunately, not all millionaires are so visible. Some millionaires like to lay a bit low. Our millionaire dating agency can help you spot the subtle signs that show your date is a millionaire. Remember that the more of these signs you check in your sugar daddy the higher the chances he is indeed a millionaire:

Is He Really a Millionaire? Look for These Subtle Signs!

Your date takes you out to a restaurant. Where are you going? If you went to a chain restaurant, your man may not be a millionaire. If you go to a smaller, private restaurant, your date has a greater chance of being one. If the staff treats your date with deference, the odds of him being a wealthy sugar daddy are increased.

Pay attention to what your date orders at the bar. The drink doesn't need to be sophisticated, but it does need to be expensive. An expensive drink is a good sign. It's even better if you pick up from the bartender that this is your date's usual drink.

What does your sugar daddy collect? A millionaire will often collect valuable items as investments. While he may not collect classic cars, he might collect stamps or coins. Discover how he acquires his objects. If he has a large network of suppliers for these items, he is probably wealthy.

Does your date donate a large amount of money to charity? If he does, the likelihood of him being wealthy is even higher. Is your date on the boards of any charities? A membership on the board of a charity, particularly a powerful and notable charity, is a huge sign that your date is a millionaire.

Some men become millionaires because they are excellent at managing their money. These men have learned the art of separating their needs from their wants. These millionaires don't seem to own many flashy items, but they carry themselves with immense confidence and charisma. If your date's life seems amazingly in order, he may still be a millionaire, even if you don't see a flashy item.

Niche Items
Even though there are many quiet millionaires, there are often subtle signs that leak through their camouflage. For example, does your date live in a modest home, but he takes regular exotic vacations? He may be a millionaire. Maybe he wears a regular wristwatch, but he has fine art hanging in his house. Some millionaires only spend greatly on what is truly important to them. Discover his passions, and see if he spends lavishly on them.

Wealthy people often have filters of people present to keep them from being bothered by mundane matters. They might have personal assistants or secretaries. How hard was it to get in touch with your date? How hard would it be for an average person to contact him? The more elusive a person is to contact, the greater the likelihood your date is a wealthy.

Use this tips for dating millionaires to know if your date is truly a millionaire. And if you found a real sugar daddy who seems to be as wealthy as he says (or even more!), you might need to use these tricks to keep your millionaire date around!

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