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10 Surprising Lessons You Should Have Learned from the "Millionaire Matchmaker"

Many of you have watched the hit show on the Bravo network called "Millionaire Matchmaker." It is hosted by Patti Stanger who owns the Millionaire's Club based in Beverly Hills. The show is about her finding a millionaire match between wealthy single people and individuals they find compatible. There are at least ten important lessons the viewers of this show can learn and use in their own lives when millionaire dating.

10 Surprising Lessons You Should Have Learned from the \

1. Relationship Requirements
It's important to know what you require of someone before a relationship with them is possible. You shouldn't be afraid to expect openness and honesty. A sugar daddy who is very vague or evasive may not be seeking a successful relationship. It's important to not give in on your requirements. You should have at least five areas of a relationship that are non-negotiable.

2. Ask A Lot Of Pertinent Questions
You should not hesitate to ask questions of a potential relationship partner. Patti Stanger knows it is important to ask many questions. She likes to put candidates in situations where they must ask questions of each other. This will enable you to discover who this person really is like on the inside. It's important to ask good questions and be persistent.

3. Single Parents Do Well Together
If you are a single parent, your children come first in your life. Having a relationship with a partner who understands and accepts this is important. Those without children may be jealous of the dedication a single parent has toward their children. Single parents know about weekend arrangements, juggling schedules and more. This type of understanding can help to build a strong strategic relationship.

4. Avoid Awkward Situations In The Beginning
Your first date will feel uncomfortable on some level for both of you. Patti Stanger provides her clients with a list of things they should not do on the first date. Her goal is to decrease any stress felt by those on the date. It's important to not be overly aggressive with a strategic relationship too soon.

5. Visualize
When you're looking for the right relationship, it's important to visualize a perfect one. As you engage in the dating experience you should have a clear vision of the type of person you want. This will make you more focused on noticing the person who would be good for a relationship. The law of attraction is bound to play a role.

6. Evaluate Many Candidates
It's important for you to not just focus on a match that will be perfect. Patti Stanger has her clients meet many potential candidates before they even select one. You need to develop a group of candidates that seem appropriate. Then develop a process for narrowing them down to the best one for a strategic relationship. This increases your chances for success.

7. Positive Attitude
It's important in a strategic relationship to maintain a positive attitude. This type of relationship can improve when you display genuine enthusiasm. It's important your attention remain on the person you're with when the two of you are together. Listen with eye contact. Have a conversation that is give and take. It shouldn't seem like an interview.

8. Return Calls And Honor Commitments
This is just simple respect. Returning calls within a few days at the most is important. There is no unspoken rules you should follow. When you make plans keep them. This seems simple but is difficult for many people. When you give a person respect, there is a good chance it will come back your way.

9. Maintain Interest
There may come a time when things in a relationship cool off. This is the time when you need to do something to keep it alive. This usually means breaking away from the routine and doing something different. When both of you can communicate effectively, you'll know how to make the relationship even stronger.

10. A Hiatus From Dating Could Be Beneficial
Are you feeling frustrated with your dating experiences? Do you meet a lot of people, but none of them see right for you? Are you starting to lose hope that you'll ever meet someone special? It may be time to step back from the dating scene for a week or two. Patti Stanger refers to this as "Dating detox." It's a time when you can focus on yourself and think about problems in past relationships.

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