What are Sugar Babies Looking for in a Sugar Daddy?

Sugar babies and sugar daddies – this is the whimsical terminology coined of a wonderfully beneficial but age old arrangement. A sugar baby typically refers to the woman while sugar daddy obviously refers to the man. Sugar babies are the recipients of great treatment and sweet gifts, and are the givers of smiles, friendship, and intimacy if she is feeling that way towards him.

Handsome Sugar Daddy

In return, sugar daddies give their babies gifts, financial support and good treatment. For the purpose of this list we will only address the woman’s wishes and ask, “What exactly do sugar babies want from their daddies?” Read on for a bit of what she wants.

1. Gifts and Support

Nothing quite secures a sugar baby’s happiness like lots of gifts and other financial support. Jewelry, shoes, handbags, designer clothes and other similar gifts are all sure to do the job. Pay her mortgage, rent or car payment this month, pay her school tuition or take her on a shopping spree; every girl loves being spoiled.

2. Travel

So many affluent men already enjoy getting out, exploring the world, and travelling. So gentlemen, take her with you. Show her the world while she shows you the affection you what you want to be shown. And you get to have someone sweet, responsive and lovely to share the experience with. Its hard to imagine a more joyfully reciprocal way to see the world.

3. Freedom and Happiness

One fabulous advantage to arrangements like these is that there is not necessarily a serious attachment of the girlfriend or wife type. You both can separate and get back together however you mutually wish to. Reep the benefits of each other’s company and move on to life’s other needs without the daily requirement or obligations. Then, pick up where you left off when you get back together. Not surprisingly, this is possibly the greatest draw to such relationships.

4.Confidence/Self Security

Like in any life relationship, having self-confidence and being secure within yourself is a major quality. Sugar babies’ jobs are much easier when a man has this attractive quality. But fellas keep in mind – moderation; because too much of anything can also be bad.

5. Financial stability

Affluence and financial stability is what a sugar baby needs. She wants to know that she can depend on you in whatever arrangement you two have arrived at together. Be reliable for her and you will attract and keep that good, quality, reliable babe you want.

In polls, surveys, and studies, financial stability and dependability are among the most desirable benefits for most sugar babies out there. Daddies, good luck. And as always, we wish you both the best and most joyous of times to come.

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One thought on “What are Sugar Babies Looking for in a Sugar Daddy?

  1. I would have to agree with number 1 for sure. Ive met a couple SD’s who turned out to be such FLAKES, making plans with me and cancelling at the very last minute. Nothing infuriates me more than arranging a babysitter for my children and getting myself all done up for absolutely NOTHING. So annoying. So SD’s be reliable and atleast offer something if your not able to keep your date with your SB. Not just a one line cancellation, how would that make you feel?

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