Top 5 best and worst online pickup lines sugar daddies use

If you are using our website for dating, you know how challenging it can be to show interest in a digital environment. Even though our adult dating site for sugar babies and sugar daddies allows you to connect via messages, you no doubt are looking for the best way to show interest in someone who you find attractive, engaging or both without coming across like someone who is desperate or creepy. By identifying the top five best and worst pickup lines sugar daddies use, you can more easily find success in your online dating efforts. To get started, here are some of the most boring, most commonly repeated or worst lines on record:

1. I’m still not sure about you. Can you send me more information about yourself or a few more photos?
2. I noticed that you have looked at my profile a few times, and you’re curious about me. What can I tell you about myself?
3. You remind me of someone I used to know.
4. It doesn’t look like we have anything in common, but you’re hot.
5. How soon can you get to my house?

Sugar Daddy in Smoking

On the other hand, there are some amazing lines that may work well for many men. It is important to note, however, that pickup lines that are generic or that are not personalized or tailored to the woman in some way do not work. Therefore, you can check out some of these pickup lines that have worked well for other sugar daddies, but you should consider customizing or personalizing them specifically for the sugar baby based on her photo and profile.

1. I cannot get over how stunning your eyes are. I’d love to see them in person.
2. I see that we both love Chinese food, and I know this great new place downtown that I’d love to take you to.
3. I also love independent movies. There’s a new one playing at the theater downtown this weekend.
4. Your profile picture is amazing. You look so confident and happy, and I feel drawn to you.
5. Is that really you in the photo? I can’t believe how beautiful you are.

The fact is that sugar babies want to know that you have read their profile and that you have some connection to them through their profile or photo. If you want to get the best response from a sugar baby, you need to make her feel special and as though she is not just one of a half dozen or more women you are trying to connect with at the same time, even if that’s true. They also want to feel as though you are not creepy or only interested in one thing. While these pickup lines can give you some ideas, you should always find ones that are not only tailored to the profile or photo of the sugar baby in question (read our article on sugar baby types and how to win them over in order to get inspiration), but which show off you personality as well. In lack of ideas ask yourself: what would James Bond say?

Sugar daddies, which are your best pickup lines? Sugar babies, which are the worst pickup lines you have heard until now? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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