SugarDaddy Types and How to Win Them Over

When it comes to looking for a sugardaddy, there are four types ladies should be on the lookout for. Each of the sugardaddies has a different expectations from their sugarbabies. A successful sugardaddy relationship relies not only on attraction but also on a mutual respect for boundaries. In the course of dating rich men you may find that there is some overlap, but generally a sugardaddy will fit into one type more than another.

Smiling, handsome SugarDaddy with orange scarf
Of the four types, the Romantic Sugar Daddy can be seen as the most similar to a mainstream relationship. Some ladies might see this as the real deal. In order to find this, you must be the lady he wants to be with and be seen with. You must be as eager to give emotionally as he is financially and emotionally. This is beyond a casual encounter; this kind of sugardaddy is a romantic at heart.

Ladies may discover that dating rich men often requires discretion. This is certainly the case with the Married Sugar Daddy. This gentleman will have a wife and even children at home, everything that most people think they want in life. Still, he wants more. He wants to have his family waiting on him, but he also wants to live his fantasy with a beautiful woman. You are his escape and his adventure. You must demonstrate that you are trustworthy and not overemotional. Refrain from texting him or leaving an electronic or paper trail; let him be in control of the interaction.

The Businessman Sugar Daddy is a man with maturity and drive. He is established and simply wants an escape in the form of a gorgeous lady. He might need a sugarbaby who is willing to rest on his arm for holiday events, or maybe somebody to meet with him on business trips. This man will be impressed by a woman who is intelligent and intellectual. He wants an interesting break from the monotony of work.

Finally, the Lonely Sugar Daddy is a gentleman who has been focusing so much on work and perfecting his skills that he has been foregoing social and romantic relationships. He is ready for some companionship. It does not take much effort to win this sugardaddy over because he is eager to please. It is a good idea to keep things from getting too personal, however; you must make sure you feel comfortable and safe with the arrangement.

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31 thoughts on “SugarDaddy Types and How to Win Them Over

    • Interesting you mentioned that Keenyah. We are actually thinking of writing a blog post on interracial relationships and dating :) Thank you for your comment.

    • That is so true! It sucks that a lot of men are still worried about what others are thinking of them based on the race of the women their with. I personally don’t care about race it’s all about personality and chemistry.

      • I wish there was a blog for interracial dating here. I have been an sd for years and normally date outside of my race. But we all have to remember the world that we live in and are ready for the flack that comes with interracial dating. I was with a beautiful, educated, classy black woman in Memphis this year. She was assumed to be a prostitute because the only black woman that would be seen in public with a white man would be one. I heard her called a whore by other black women at least twice. She was not a sb but a college professor that I had met at the university. She never went out with me again.

        • Wow! I am of mixed race: Native American, Creole, Mexican and Irish and I have never been treated with that kind of disrespect. I have always dated white men. I prefer them, mostly because I love light colored eyes. What I do get a lot of are questions regarding my ethnicity and a lot of demands that I choose one race out of the rest to identify with. I simply refuse to do this because I embrace all of my heritage. This is me and if I ignore all of the rest of me for only a small portion, then I am denying who I am.

        • I will try to say this as diplomatically as possible.

          Attitudes about interracial couples vary with regions of the country. Marriage and even sexual relations between races used to be illegal in many US states. The last of these laws was finally wiped off the books when the US Supreme Court declared them unconstitutional 1967.

          Interracial couples have become more common, but these relationships can still be challenging.

          There is also the feeling among some women that having a relationship with a white man to gain economic advantages is “disloyal.”

          I don’t wish to debate these topics, but varying attitudes about what’s “right” and “wrong” do exist, and we will encounter them.

    • I am a med. brown/cocoa compexion female and find that most fellas don’t care about race & color difference. Also maybe I come off as less intimidating b/c I am a minority/black american female but not from an ethnic neighborhood and have travelled. They may pick up on the fact that I don’t have a foreingners accent or even a deeper voice as moist minotities typically do.
      My advice…Just let them know that you are open to all/other ethnicities besides your own. I didnt post that in my profile but it may come off in the way that I write maybe or the way I dress in photos-some ppl judge books only by their cover-who knows! Most ppl dont care about race. Beauty and brains usually matter more to guys.

  1. I have dated and married outside my race, and am certainly not a racist, and do have experience to speak from. What I have found, is that there can be some pretty wide cultural differences which affect communications and expectations.

    So while I am physically attracted to women of all races, I find the concept of an ongoing relationship with someone who may not share my cultural values to be less appealing due to potential communication issues.

    • Indeed communication can be sometimes an issue in an interracial relationship, but as everything in a relationship it depends on the two people in the relationship. We actually are preparing a blog post on this topic, so keep tuned :) Thank you for your comment.

  2. I find the best way to break that racial barrier is to educate yourself #1 and be open and relatable. I’m Canadian but of Jamaican decent and I’ve had no trouble in the past attracting and maintaining relationship with any race of man I choose ;).

    • Great advice SassyNNsweet! Although it might be a little bit harder for people who don’t have such a rich intercultural background as you do, but it is definitely achievable and it is definitely worth it :) Thank you for your comment.

  3. Well the article was about the different types of sugar daddies there are and whether it’s true or not I am finding it hard to actually find one.I am not looking for just a one night stand so I was honest as I can be in who I am and what I am looking for.Should I not be so honest or should I not put it all out there?I am tired of the game and I am lonely.I just want to find someone who wants the same things in life as I do.A mutually loving relationship with someone I can turn to, depend on,and who will listen and teach me about life and how to be a better person.When you find that person who loves you and supports you and makes you feel good about yourself and who you are ,then that makes you feel good and makes you want to do any and everything you can to make them feel just as special.Is it really possible to find a real,true love or loving relationship on one of these sites?

    • You should always be honest about what you want from a sugardaddy-sugarbaby relationship. Otherwise you will find someone who won’t give you what you need emotionally, and apart from you not being happy in the relationship, if you won’t end it, sooner or later he will. I know it takes time and sometimes you feel lonely, I can definitely relate to that, all I can say that you have to keep going and not give up. In the meantime try to fill your time with friends, family and activities you’re really passionate about.

  4. I’m having issues getting a sugar daddy as well can you look at my profile and send advise telling me to make it look more appealing

  5. Not every SD fits into one of these categories….many cross over and share two or more of these attributes. I am a single grandfather who has familial responsibilities due to me supporting my adult daughter and her daughter…I actually fit into three of the categories! All at once.

    Mt biggest thing ladies is this…attract, don’t sell…I get people trying to sell me something every hour I am awake…a real SD candidate is someone who isn’t going to be attracted by demands or “strong woman” syndrome…think Donald Trump.

    He doesn’t marry Harvard graduates or Nobel Peace Prize winners…or Corporate CEO’s…he doesn’t need someone to banter with or debate with…he gets that all day! Be the opposite of what your ideal SD deals with all day…if you want a poser, the sure fire way to get one is be the tough minded argumentative woman he fights with all day everyday, the real SD won’t spend 10 minutes on you…a poser will bullshit with you as nauseum to deal with your political opinions etc.

    Real SD’s want sweet, beautiful, kindhearted women…whether it is a public relationship or strictly private they want that package. At least that is what I want, and I am the real deal. I know I am the real deal, and I don’t sell stock worth $100 a share for $4 a share….nor do I expect to buy it for $4 a share…but I do decide when I pull the trigger and when I don’t.

    • “Real SD’s want sweet, beautiful, kindhearted women…”


      Your whole post was well-thought, and well-said.

      Our male and female instincts are HARDWIRED into us. No amount of defeminizing, demasculinizing, neutering ideology from (so-called!) feminism will ever change this. Males are instinctually attracted to -feminine- behaviour….warm, nurturing, softness, loving, and especially…dropping the eyes, SUBMISSIVE, yes?
      Just as females are -inherently- attracted to -masculine- behavior patterns, i.e.DOMINANT.

      So a woman acting hard-ass -destroys- her sexual-attractiveness at the deep visceral level in a man. Act male, be seen as male.
      And on the other side…A girl might -say- she wants a ‘nice guy’….but that’s the one about which she tells her girlfriends…”oh, he doesn’t make me feel -that- way…”. She may -date- that nice-guy, but she’s -f*cking- someone else…the bad-boy who -does- make her feel ‘that’ way (instantly, viscerally, instinctually)…because his behavior patterns are masculine, independent, nonconformist, dominant, alpha.
      For myself, hard-*ss masculine behavior in a woman is a total turn-off. Act like a man…getting in my face…challenging…jutting your chin at me, trying to stare me down….and all you do is raise my hackles in response to ‘challenge’…that’s a male anger/dominance reaction…not a sexual response…and in that moment I no longer even see you as female. By your behavior, you made yourself into just another pack-male challenging me for the lead…and my -instant- instinctual response is to shred your ears!…lol…
      I’m attracted to women who give of themselves, their deep true-self, give of their -femininity-…and who leave all that ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ and ‘don’t need a man’ and ‘personal space’ crap at the door.
      The hours of our lives are limited, and therefore -precious- ! To create spacious hours for sharing fun and life’s path with a woman, I have to make an effort and investment to push all else in my life to the background…and I do that because I feel desire to be with a WOMAN…not a defeminized neuter, or a poor copy of a man. Not an ‘academic colleague’ or a ‘business partner’ or a ‘buddy’….I want to be with a FEMALE. That’s the entire point of this site, and the whole dating and mating game itself…to connect with our -opposite- polarity…to touch yin to yang…so that sparks may fly! :)


  6. I haven’t had much luck finding Sugar Daddy so far. I’m wondering if being an SB who doesn’t live in the States and of black descent might be what’s making it so hard to find a Sugar Daddy.

    Does anyone have any advice that could help me in my search???

    • Hi curacou,
      I would suggest stating what you prefer..(white/asian/indian/caribbean.. or wtvr ethnicity/race it is that you are interested in.) I have never had problems with getting guys of any background to notice and take interest in me. I suggest you being upfront in your open minded nature of the opposite sex and see watch the tides change in your love life.

  7. This is a well-written and informative blog. I have only been an SB on this site for a short time, and this information will be helpful. I am an SB in my 40s who is specifically looking for a mature SD between 54 and 65 years old. Have you thought of writing any blogs for SBs who are interested in finding mature SDs and keeping them happy! I would welcome that blog!

  8. I loved this topic, I am fairly new to this site and being a sugarbaby, yet I am finding it isn’t just racial issues it also is age issues. As an older sugarbaby (55) it appears most Daddy’s want young barbies. It is like we, the older sugarbaby can’t be sensual or look pretty or have fantastic personality. Being a sugarbaby is not just about looks! it is mindset, the desires that go with being a sugarbaby. It is so sad and unfortunate more do not realize that even older females can make fantastic sugarbabys.

    • I totally agree with you. I am a older SB, I am 52. I do get mail, but none i can really respond to. How are we suppose to make a connection if we can not communicate with each other. There is a few men i am interested in but can not talk to them.

  9. I am new to Sugar Daddy dating and have 3 Daddy’s. Although the relationships are fairly new, they are progressing quickly. 2 of them fit the Romantic type while the other is Lonely. These men are very smart and successful, and I struggle with the nature of the relationships. Lonely states he wants someone long term eventually, but until then can help those in his life. The Romantic 2 I feel just want to be my boyfriends…so aggravating. They take me to dinner and talk of trips, but no mention of gifts, shopping or money AT ALL. In fact the subject is changed when I hint, I actually just want help in life. I’m not out for just shoes and a good time.
    I know that $$ should be talked about right up front, but because Im new to this and didn’t want a typical sugar/shopping relationship and was uncomfortable about my approach. I feel stuck.
    Any advice would help…. I don’t want to loose these guys they are pretty solid.

    • If you are not willing to invest in them, they are not going to invest in you.

      “Lonely states he wants someone long term eventually, but until then can help those in his life.” Consider this: all three are “smart and successful.”

      I’m no psychic, but I’m betting they are not married or attached, thus the question: what do you bring to the table other than the fact you are presumably younger and considered attractive?

      Probable answer: nothing.

      This is something many women just. Do. Not. Get. If he is “smart and successful,” he is probably wise with his money.

      UNLESS . . . he is very unattractive or married and desperate.

      For what you want, your primary target is fatter, less attractive, dumber, and married to a woman he hasn’t had sex with for years.

      “Dumber” is more important than it seems. If he meets all of the above criteria yet knows to search this site “online now” for female profiles with no picture (start at the end and work forward), he will quickly learn there are many women who are also married, also need “discretion,” and will hook up with him in a heartbeat just to feel alive again – they don’t want a dime, yet YOU are competing with them . . . and didn’t know it.

  10. Im new to this site and reading these articles have been very helpful. Although im not new to being a SB its always nice to read others experiences and concerns as well as thoughts. While I do agree those types of SD exist there are many more out there to. I like the fact that someone said beware of the posers and yes I have come across a few of them. Now like other SB I have read on I am coming to a road block.. I date white and Islander SD I love my black SD but I see seem to be more attracted and drawn to white men. The only problem I am having with that is they seem to be embarrassed to be seen in public or are worried what will my friends think!!

  11. There are 11 male profile types and 13 female types. This article does a good job of blending several and distilling them down to four.

    The real dividing line is Married/Attached or Single.

    Married/Attached is more likely to be “lonely” and will pay the marriage penalty + fat fee + clueless-and-in-need-of-discretion tax.

    • Hi Tam and thanks for your question. Unfortunately, you cannot ensure that he will stick to the arrangement. However, it is very important what happens before the “offer” is made, in the sense that if you “digg” around enough (ask him questions etc.) you might get the sense if he is honest or not – trust has to be earned after all. And even if you do go with your instincts and still he doesn’t keep up with his “end of the bargain”, you basically have to options: talk to him about the issue and/or end the arrangement.

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