How to Introduce Your Sugar Daddy to Your Family

This post will talk about how to prepare your sugar daddy, whom you met on our adult dating site, and your family for them to meet and how to introduce them. While some are surely interested in finding out which are the best things to do and which of them should be avoided in this particular situation, we are perfectly aware that some sugar babies or sugar daddies do not intend to take this step (for example when your sugar daddy is married). In any case, when introducing your sugar daddy to your family, leaving nothing to chance is the first golden rule.

Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Couple toasting wine
When is the right time to introduce your sugar daddy to your family?

You might be tempted to think that there is no such thing as “the right time” for him meeting your family, but we beg to differ. First of all, your sugar daddy has to be 100% on board with this decision. Why? Because some sugar daddies are very private and prefer keeping the relationship at a certain level of intimacy. If you fail to consider his wishes and go ahead with it anyway, there are high chances you will soon find yourself in a new search for daddy.

Once your sugar daddy has agreed with meeting your children and/or parents, there are a few things you need to discuss beforehand. Such things include agreeing on how each of you will answer potential questions coming from the other side of the court, especially those related to your relationship. Make sure you are on the same page. Just cover the basics, like where you met, why you are together, and the type of relationship you are currently having, and you should be fine. Children could be particularly insistent, so prepare well and watch out for trick questions!

Last, but not least, talk about what would be the next natural step after your sugar daddy meets your family. Is it a one-time-only occasion or is he interested in developing a closer relationship with them too? These are important questions to ask yourselves and clarify before the big day.

How to prepare your family for meeting your sugar daddy

When it comes to your family, things are slightly different. Although you still need to be just as careful about certain details, at least you have the advantage of knowing them for a lifetime. In this situation you finally have the upper hand, because you will know exactly what they like, hate and adore, and you will have the chance to juggle with these to create the perfect moment.

To begin with, have a small talk with your children and/or parents about the man they are going to meet; in a way try to ease his introduction by praising him a little, maybe, by portraying him as the man you adore and the one that makes you happy. Them knowing all these things equals with almost instant acceptance from their part. Remember that it is up to you to draw the invisible privacy line, so maybe you will not mention that he is also financially supporting you, offering you expensive gifts, and so on.

The right setting

Sometimes, the success of a meeting depends just on one thing and one thing alone: location, location, location! We have a couple of suggestions for you depending on which members of your family the sugar daddy is actually being introduced to.

Therefore, if he is meeting your small children, going out for a movie with popcorn and soda, to the park for a bicycle ride or anywhere fun for children their age, is like hitting the jackpot. Then again, if your sugar daddy is meeting your parents, a classy top notch restaurant dinner should at least impress them. And going to a theater play or to the opera afterward will seal the deal.

Actually, a recent survey we conducted shows some very interesting facts about how the age of a sugar baby’s sugar daddy influences the former’s willingness to introduce them to their family in a family dinner context. A full 36% of sugar babies would go to a family dinner with a sugar daddy who is 30 years older than them or more.

How to deal with awkward moments

No matter how attentive you are and careful about setting up the perfect moment, you will be surprised to find out that awkward moments cannot be avoided, but are rather naturally occurring when people meet for the first time. What you should keep in mind is that these moments have to be dealt with when they happen, quick and painful. For example, if the conversation is lagging try to come up with a funny story to tell, or if you suddenly realize that your parents cannot stand your date, just invent some realistic excuse to shorten the meeting.

Probably the hardest thing you will have to do is to play the role of the meeting’s moderator. Practically you represent the connecting wire between those at the table, so first and foremost, remember to smile and have a good time.

Have you ever thought about taking this step too? If you have already taken it, tell us a little bit about your personal experience! And if not, what is holding you back?

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