Being loyal to one sugar daddy or dating several at once?

At some point or another, sugar babies who go to a top dating site to find sugar daddies are going to be confronted with the question of whether they should be loyal to one or date several. You have to decide what is best for you in your current situation and if it will work with the gentleman or gentlemen you choose to date.

Blond sugar daddy looking jelously at sugar baby dancing with another sugar baby

Being loyal to one sugar daddy means fewer complications. You have no explaining to do. You are as available as you can be for dates without having to schedule around another’s needs. This is great if you have a sugar daddy who likes you around a lot.

If you have a very generous sugar daddy, you are set financially. That means you do not have to take on another sugar daddy, giving you more free time to do things for yourself. You can go back to school or dedicate more time to an education you are already pursuing. You can take up great hobbies, go to the gym, take dance classes or go jogging with your free time.

Longer vacations are nearly impossible if you date more than one sugar daddy. Sure, adult dating is flexible, especially when you are dating rich men with a flair for fun, but hardly anyone is flexible enough to be okay with a sugar baby being unavailable for several weeks. But shorter vacations of a week or even two weeks can be arranged as long as you have a convincing cover story or your other sugar daddy is OK with a no strings and no questions relationship.

You might be thinking of taking on more than one sugar daddy for the benefits. When there is more than one, you have options. You can have one that likes vacations. You can have another that treats you to fine living arrangements. You can have the best of all the worlds you choose.

Sugar daddy dating can fall through fast. Rich gentlemen are always on the go. Some might want new toys to play with and sometimes that includes women. If you have more than one sugar daddy, you are not left high and dry when one falls through.

As a sugar baby, chances are that you like attention. You want to be wined, dined and romanced. Well, rich men are busy. If you have one sugar daddy, you might not be getting all the attention you need. If you have more than one, you might be able to have a date every night of the week!

Even adult dating can turn dramatic and sour as quickly as it got hot. That is why you want to follow a few rules when dating more than one rich man. Letting them know about each other would be easier than trying to explain the absences. Additionally, be with the one you are with, meaning shut off your cell phone and pay attention when you are with your sugar daddy. A situation that did not bother him before will start bothering him when it starts affecting him. Lastly, be casual, calm and responsible about it. They will follow your lead.

Sugar babies, have you ever had more than one sugar daddy? If yes, how did you handle the situation? Did you tell them that you are seeing other sugar daddies too?

Sugar daddies, would you accept if your sugar baby is seeing another sugar daddy?

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5 thoughts on “Being loyal to one sugar daddy or dating several at once?

  1. Love is luck and faith. There are no promises ,gaurantees or for sure things. Only time and time only can reveal love if its to be found.

  2. I DON’T even have one “Sugar-Daddy”. :-(
    But i WISH i could find at least just ONE and
    i’ll be happy and good to go (for now, ha, JUST
    Joking)! :-) Please find me a.s.a.p.! :-*

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  4. I am fortunate to have been approached by several high quality gentlemen since I became a Sugar Baby several months ago. I have dated a few and enjoyed my time with each of them very much. Instead of spreading myself too thin, I would much prefer to devote all my attention to just one Sugar Daddy in a discreet relationship, if possible. One extremely handsome gentlemen has offered me a lavish lifestyle and very generous stipend if I will become his live-in girlfriend in California. He has even offered to let my husband live near us in adjacent guest quarters. The offer is very tempting indeed. Am I taking a big risk or should I go for it?

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