5 Ideas to Surprise Your Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy dating can prove to be quite a challenge for a newbie sugar baby and for this reason our top dating site has come up with a few ideas on how to kick-start the relationship and on how to keep that passion burning.

Each sugar baby has her own formula when it comes to satisfying her sugar daddy. And not surprisingly, one of the best ways to go under his skin is knowing when and how to surprise him. 

5 Ideas to Suprise Your Sugar Daddy

Before we delve into the topic of today’s post, there are two golden rules we want to share with you:

  1. When you think of a surprise always remember that each person is different. Take a few days to gently and subtly find out as much as you can about your sugar daddy’s passions, interests and pleasures.

  2. While the more memorable and meaningful a surprise is, the more you will stand out, you don’t have to think big (i.e. preparing a surprise birthday party on his yacht). Sometimes even smaller gestures can bring him in a state of both amazement and happiness.

 An evening to remember…

There is practically nothing more appealing than being in the center of attention, being pampered and served one’s every whim. Therefore, we are sure that your sugar daddy will not be able to resist the temptation of being treated like a king for one evening. You can start by cooking him his favorite dish, move on to a fun way of enjoying your deserts and finish off with this line: “Your every wish is my command!”.

He will love the fact that he can take a break and relax from everything else and will definitely enjoy every moment together with you.

Mix it a little…

If you feel like your sugar daddy could do with a little bit more diversity, then invite some of your girlfriends out and meet up with him somewhere at a club. Not only that he won’t be expecting this from you and will be pleasantly surprised, but he will also appreciate how casual and open minded you can be when it comes to your relationship with him.

This surprise idea is especially recommended when he wants to celebrate an achievement of some kind, professional or not, or when he needs a pick-me-up after a stressful period.

Even the obvious can be surprising…

Has he been rambling on and on about how cool his sports car is? If yes, then don’t lose hope, you can surprise him really good with just a little bit of imagination. For example, you can offer him a private car washing session… and add some extra foam to make it interesting. If he has a sweet tooth find the creamiest Belgian chocolate in the city or order it online to surprise him with it the next time you meet.

Also, any fetishes he might have can be turned to your advantage. With just a little bit of effort from you part, this sugar daddy will start thinking he’s the luckiest guy in the world. 

Show off your amazing skills…

We are sure that you have a number of interests and skills you have pursued throughout the years by yourself. What better way of showing them off than by preparing something special for your sugar daddy? Let’s say you have taken professional massage classes. Think about inviting him for a private demonstration of your massaging skills in a room full of scented candles, exotic body oils and soothing music. It will surely be an experience to remember.

Plan the perfect getaway!

Has your sugar daddy been stressed and frustrated about work or other issues lately? Take initiative and prepare the perfect getaway vacation for the both of you. But first, make sure he is free for at least a couple of days, then get in the planning frenzy. Take him somewhere warm and relaxing where the service is excellent and you don’t have to worry about anything else but having a fun time.

Are there any other ideas for surprises you might want to share with us? How about telling us the best way you surprised your sugar daddy?

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One thought on “5 Ideas to Surprise Your Sugar Daddy

  1. 1. Buy new sexy outfits/ lingerie and do a private fashion show (don’t forget the shoes and thigh highs / pantyhose)
    2. Write him a poem or short story.
    3. 50 shades of Gray
    4. Private picnic (the more secluded the better, bonus if it has a private water source).
    5. Learn Belly dancing or Pole dancing for his private enjoyment.
    6. Learn his favorite hobby.
    7. Plan a tour, walk, hike (a physical activity) of a place he will like (i.e. art museum, walk through rose garden, hike on a mountain or lake trail).
    8. Learn what he likes (i.e. My SD likes Hawaii so I ordered him a special money clip from there for his birthday)
    9. Respect him and his privacy. He is here for a reason and you are replaceable.

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