How to Make Your Sugar Daddy Feel Happy

One of the most important things that sugar babies need to learn about sugar daddy dating is that every sugar daddy wants to walk away from an encounter with his sugar baby in a better mood. If you want your relationship with your daddy to be successful, you need to make sure you do everything possible to make him feel good when he sees you (and keep him daydreaming about you when he doesn’t). To help you out, here is a look at some of the best things you can do to make sure your sugar daddy enjoys the time he spends with you:

Daydreaming sugar daddy

Leave Your Bad Day at Home
It is crucial that you always leave your bad day behind you when you go to see your daddy. There is no better way to spoil your dates than by going on and on about what a terrible day you had. It doesn’t matter if it was really bad, your daddy does not want to hear about it. You will spoil the encounter, and you will spoil the relationship if you whine about your life all the time.

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Dating Profile Keywords That are a Total Turn-Off for Sugar Daddies

So you have become pretty excited about the companionship and opportunity that a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship can provide. Now, you are logged onto our sugar daddy site choosing your most stunning photos, adding playful captions and using careful wording to tell your story in the way that makes you most appealing to your potential sugar daddy.

You are about to get what you want, and it is hard to imagine anything going wrong at this point. But, of course, sugar daddies have standards, and there are things that raise red flags. Though each sugar daddy is different, there are some keywords that are pretty much universal turn-offs.

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If you would like to attract a great sugar daddy, you should avoid using these words in your profile.

1. “Broke”

If you are describing yourself with this word, it implies that you are in a financially desperate situation. A sugar daddy is looking for someone who appreciates what he has to offer, and who will pamper his needs as well. Therefore, someone searching for a sugar daddy out of desperation is definitely a turn-off. He is not using the site to become involved in any drama, and that is what a desperate person may bring.

Additionally, using it may attract fake sugar daddies who really have nothing to offer a sugar baby but are perhaps very familiar with that word.

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40 Year Old Sugar Babies Do Exist!

Today, I felt compelled to address the subject brought up by Denise in comment to a previous post. There was comment made by a sugar daddy about women in their 40′s not being respected for living the sugar baby lifestyle. In her disgust for this statement, she questioned the possibilities of an older woman entering a successful sugar daddy relationship:

“I wonder what the chances are for sugar babies who are 40 years old, and if they could be successful finding a sugardaddy. If they are single, have no kids and no intention to get married (therefore no threat of becoming clingy), just wanna have fun, good looking, well traveled, educated, etc. etc., why would a sugar daddy not support them or see them as a loser just because of their age? I read the following statement and it made me a bit upset:

‘And let me leave you with the following question, just to be the devil’s advocate: Would a man respect a woman who is 37 or 40, and who by that time is supposed to have figured life out, to be in a position to be a sugar baby? i.e. needing a man’s help?’

This comes clearly from someone thinking older women should not have sugar daddies. Any comments?”

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Sugar Babies: How to Solve the Top Awkward Situations on the First Date?

First dates can be a bit overwhelming, as you are not yet comfortable with the person you are seeing. You may not know what to expect, and this in itself is a bit unsettling. In order to meet someone you enjoy being with, however, first dates are a must. Here are some of the top awkward dating situations between sugar daddies and sugar babies and what you should do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Surprised sugar baby saying OMG!

1. Your date becomes very drunk on the first date and starts becoming loud where you are concerned someone may overhear your conversation. Do you:

a) grin and bear it and try to have fun anyway
b) try to leave before something more embarrassing happens

Answer: b) Your date may be nervous and scared about the whole prospect in dating a younger woman (especially one as beautiful as you), making him reach for the alcohol to try and hide his nervousness. If the alcohol gets a hold of him, however, he may spill more information that can be heard by others than he wants. In order to save him (and yourself) from embarrassment, gently suggest you go outside for some air.

2. Your potential sugar daddy wants to discuss monetary arrangements right from the start. Do you:

a) agree to discuss what type of allowance you expect
b) push it off to another time
c) a little of both

Answer: c) You can discuss it vaguely, but do not come up with a specific price arrangement. You want to get to know the guy and make sure you enjoy his company before talking about allowances at all. This is the fair thing to do for both of you.

3. Your date wants to know why you are interested in older men over younger men. Do you:

a) tell him you are doing it just for the allowance
b) tell him you enjoy sophistication and that younger guys aren’t mature enough to give you what you need from a relationship

Answer: b) First of all, if you are just doing it for the financial support, your sugar daddy arrangements will most probably not last. You should enjoy being with an older man if you want a sugar daddy arrangement to work for you. Be true to yourself as well as your potential sugar daddy and no one will get hurt.

4. You are not at all attracted to your date. Do you:

a) sneak away when he is not looking because you do not wish to continue the date at all
b) politely make up an excuse to leave
c) wait out the date in its entirety

Answer: c) If someone takes you out, you should stay until the very end since he took the time to buy you dinner or take you somewhere for the night. If you are not attracted to him, just do not make a second date. It is polite, however, to try getting through the entire date. You may find with a little more time, that you have a lot in common and that looks are not as important in the end.

5. Your date gets a little bit too aggressive for your liking. Do you:

a) let him know you want him to slow down a little
b) allow him to continue, it must make him feel like he is in control

Answer: a) Tell him you want to get to know him a little more first and that you enjoy the mystery of what is to come, so you would like to savor it longer by going slower.

6. You find out your date knows your parents. Do you:

a) Let him know you would like to keep your relationship a secret
b) Tell him your parents will understand

Answer: a) For now, keep it your little secret. Some people wouldn’t understand your enjoyment when dating rich men and you really don’t need your parents getting involved so early on. If things work out between you, however, you can then let your parents know.

What kind of awkward situations have you experienced while sugar daddy dating?


Why Other Women are Often Critical of Sugar Babies

As many sugar babies would be able to attest to, there is a certain level of criticism and outright hostility toward them from other women. This is particularly the case from older women, who have a mixed reaction of envy and anger when they see a sugar baby with an older man. We came across this article with an excellent bit of testimony to this fact from the perspective sugar daddy David Montrose, who you might know from the guest posts he’s been writing for And it made us wonder just why other women are so critical.

Three women holding wine glasses

One of the largest contributing factors to criticism of younger women who are dating rich men is simple jealousy. More frequently than not, of course, sugar daddies are older men. As such, many older women feel that a sugar baby is infringing on territory that should be left alone to women on a somewhat more mature status. Seeing a sugar arrangement can also make an older woman feel very insecure. She knows that the sugar daddy is able to date a much younger woman because of his wealth and social standing. As such, it becomes blatantly obvious that, given the same advantages, her husband, boyfriend, or a man she may be interested in would likely be doing the same thing. As any woman can understand, there are few things less appealing than suddenly being made to feel unattractive. This mental space is where a great deal of the hostility comes from toward sugar babies by other women, and this leads to comments like “she’s only dating him for his money”.

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