How To Ask Your Sugar Daddy For Your Allowance [Video]

An allowance and gifts are a big part of a sugar daddy arrangement, and we have talked a lot about this subject, starting with how to ask a sugar daddy for what you need and want to how much you should ask. But now it’s time to get into the specifics, namely how to ask for you allowance! Our sugar daddy dating expert Katie put together this video to guide you through the details. Hope it helps!

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What any Traveling Sugar Baby Should Know

We previously talked about what the advantages and disadvantages of a travelling sugar baby might be. Now it’s time to get into the specifics if you decided to travel with your sugar daddy. Here’s a question we received from Lizzie recently in this direction.

Lizzie asks:

“I am planning on heading off for a vacation for the first time with my sugar daddy. I am really excited about making this trip, but at the same time I am very nervous. I have never traveled with my sugar daddy before or been outside the county and I am full of questions. What do I need to bring? What should I be prepared for? Is there anything special I need to do before I leave? Should I leave everything to my sugar daddy?”

Sugar baby reading world map on packed suitcase

First of all Lizzie, congratulations on heading off for your first trip outside the country with your sugar daddy! One of the best perks of sugar daddy dating is when a sugar baby gets to head on vacation with her daddy. The best vacations will happen when you combine preparation with a sense of adventure.

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PowerMatch: Next Generation Sugar Dating

Finding the perfect match to spend your time with has never been easy than it is right now, and this is thanks to the new PowerMatch service available through the SugarDaddyForMe website. This is a FREE feature on our sugar daddy website that has been designed to connect members like you with other members who are already interested in you. With this powerful feature, our system will identify matches that are a good fit for you. Then, our system will send out the email you composed for this purpose to those members who match the specific criteria you are seeking, thus greatly increasing your responses and your chances to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby the fastest way possible. Why should you use PowerMatch? Because it’s totally FREE and it works! Continue reading!

Powermatch-SugarDaddyForMe's next generation online dating feature

Save Time
With the PowerMatch feature, you will save time searching for sugar babies or sugar daddies. Because we will send out emails for you to many other members who match your search criteria, you will discover that you are contacted by more potential matches with no time or effort needed on your part. All that is required to get started using PowerMatch is to write the email and subject line that you would like us to send out for you.

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Pre-Date Research: How It Should Be Done

After you’ve been contacting a potential sugar daddy or baby for a while, the next step in sugar daddy dating is to set up the first date. Before going on a date, it is important that you properly research your new potential companion.

Blue-eyed sugar baby looking through magnifying glass

The first thing you should do is to check the consistency of your past conversations with your sugar daddy/sugar baby. Has everything the person you’ve been contacting fit with who they say they are? It’s a good idea to re-read your e-mails at least once to make sure everything matches up. Additionally, you want to talk to your date on the phone before you actually meet. You can take notes and make sure that everything they said over the phone matches with everything they’ve said in messages. It’s okay to ask a few of the same questions over the phone as you did on-line. Experienced sugar daddies and sugar babies know that it is easy to forget information when dating.

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How to Create the Photo Gallery That Attracts Beautiful Sugar Babies

Beautiful women love interesting, attractive, rich men, and no matter what you look like or what age you are, you can make your photo gallery impressive to potential sugar babies. It does take some work; you shouldn’t just throw a random bunch of pictures into your photo collection. Choose only the best pics that depict not only who you are but who you want to be. Listed below are five tips on how to create the best sugar daddy photo gallery on SugarDaddyForMe.

Sugar daddy selecting photos

1. Put Effort into Each Picture: Hairstyle, Clothing and More
It really doesn’t matter if you look like a handsome celebrity or an average guy. What does matter is the effort you put into looking good in each picture. Comb and style your hair, trim any facial hair you have to look neat and wear clothes that you feel and look comfortable in. Perhaps the most important aspect of your picture is the smile; you have to smile, and try to do it naturally! Remember a smile is shown by both the mouth and the eyes! The work you put into looking presentable in your pictures is a major part of being able to attract high-quality, attractive, young women.

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