What Is a Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby Arrangement and How to Negotiate Yours

The sugar daddy and sugar baby dynamic defies simple definition and encompasses much more than physical companionship and monetary gifts. Ideal sugar relationships are mutually beneficial, with both parties clear about desires and boundaries. No arrangement is made without both parties accepting. Each sugar daddy dating relationship is different from the next one, and yours will depend on your partner and “the terms” you both agree on, not to mention your personality. Nevertheless, sugar daddy arrangements of all kinds would benefit from following the tips below.

Once you find a sugardaddy or sugarbaby who you are interested in pursuing, you will need to (for the lack of a better word) “negotiate” the arrangement. Negotiations don’t necessarily need to happen on the first date, though, and they most definitely shouldn’t be business-like. It is important to keep in mind that you should postpone such discussion until after you two discover if you both click and both decide such a discussion is desirable.

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Who to Trust in Online Dating?

You wouldn’t fully trust a person who you just met at the bar, right? The same is true for the online dating, even if he/she has a honest smile and a witty profile. Full trust has to be earned, and you probably agree that you have to know that sugar daddy or sugar baby for a while before trusting them entirely. Whether it takes a couple of phone calls or several dates for you to feel that you are getting to know the person, that is for you to decide. But it’s not a good idea to blindly trust someone you just met until you’ve gotten to know them through conversations and taking your time. In a sugardaddy-sugarbaby relationship, there’s a huge amount of trust that can develop over time, but there’s no shortcut to that level of intimacy.

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When you meet someone on our sugar daddy website, the connection should be solid before moving on to the next step. Make sure you take some time to find common interests, chat a few times through email or messenger and have a phone call or two before setting up the date. Don’t jump from viewing a profile directly to a first date without knowing more about the person you’re meeting. Sugar babies want to be sure they’re meeting a generous gentleman, and sugar daddies want to make sure the person they are meeting does not only consider them as an ATM.

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Your SugarBaby: Real Deal or Waste of Time?

When you come to our top dating site for sugardaddies and sugarbabies, and you’re looking for a sugarbaby that is worth your time, you have to keep a lookout for the signs that you are talking to someone who is actually willing to meet you and with whom you can have a meaningful relationship. Believe it or not, there are some precautions that you need to take to make sure that you are dealing with a real, live sugarbaby who is actually willing to meet you and be in a relationship with you.

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Real SugarBabies Talk Live!
When you meet a sugarbaby on the site, they are obviously looking for a sugardaddy who is going to take care of them. You are obviously on the site to do just that, but that does not mean that you want to throw your money down the drain and get nothing in return. The sugarbaby who talks to you by phone and is able to carry on a conversation, is much more likely to be legit than someone who never talks live and is all tease by email or text. The woman who can hold a conversation with you is more likely to be real.

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What is a Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby?

Some people say that relationships should be all about love. But the truth is that there are many kinds of relationships where love is not the top requirement of either person in the relationship. Sometimes, two people get into a relationship because it’s mutually beneficial. They both get something they want out of it, and they both are completely happy with the situation. That describes the kind of relationship that sugar daddies and sugar babies have. The icing on the cake is that love can bloom after a sugar daddy and sugar baby get to know each other for some time, and it often does.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating a Married Sugar Daddy

During our travels in the world of sugar daddy dating we all meet many different types of characters from various walks of life, some of which are single and players, others are married and with families.

Most commonly it is the sugar daddies who are married and the sugar babies who re not. So how does a 20 something year old sugarbaby deal with a 45 year old sugardaddy who is married with kids? Well, ladies think about the following: why are you in the sugar or mutual beneficial relationship lifestyle in the first place?

I think that most sugar babies are in this at least partly for the monetary and other rewards, which kind of makes sense if you think about it. After all, why would a 25 year old woman date a man almost twice her age? One such girl told me once ‘The only way I would do anything with an old guy is for money’. Needless to say, I never dated that callous sounding lady. I did appreciate her honesty though.

So we have established that one of the reasons why most sugar babies would date older/married sugar daddies is the monetary benefits, or gifts. But then, there are other women who just happen to like older men, and would probably date some of them even without the benefits.  And then of course there are those who like older, more mature men but also like the financial assistance and both factors are equally as important to this group of sugarbabies.

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