How to Ask for a Platonic Arrangement?

There are lots of kinds of relationships within the sugar daddy-sugar baby dynamic. While most people think of the traditional relationship, which is similar to any dating or romantic relationship and involves some level of intimacy, some couples enjoy a platonic relationship. If you are interested in a platonic arrangement, it can be intimidating to find the right way to approach this sensitive topic. After all, your daddy may want something completely different. Here are some tips to asking for a platonic relationship from sugar daddies.

Silhouette of sugar daddies

Keep the relationship balanced and equal
Relationships go both ways. That is, each person gives and gets something from the relationship. In a typical sugar relationship, the sugar baby gets taken care of financially, and the sugar daddy gets a relationship with an attractive partner, which is usually like a typical dating relationship, complete with physical intimacy. Before asking for a platonic relationship, think about how it will impact the dynamic of your relationship. What can you offer to ensure that the relationship remains balanced and equal? It is important to establish a connection and show your date your true value. A sugar daddy may be more willing to accept a platonic situation if he or she enjoys your company.

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How to Impress a Sugar Baby on the First Date

A good first date is the stepping stone to a blossoming relationship. As you probably already know, first impressions tend to have a major influence on a person’s perception of you. If you want to really impress your sugar baby, you don’t have to juggle puppies or do magic tricks or anything like that :) , but you can ask the right questions. So, here are the top 5 questions to ask to impress your sugar baby on the first date:

Sugar daddy juggling puppies, sugar baby looking surprised

Would you like a bite of my dish?
This question can have a very positive impact on your date. By offering the sugar baby a taste of your meal, it shows that you are a very unselfish person. Sharing food actually allows people to develop a stronger bond. In most instances, your date will leap at the opportunity to sample your dish, especially if you took her to a fancy restaurant and you ordered something she never tried before (and didn’t have the courage to order it to avoid eating a whole serving of something she doesn’t like).

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How to Dress When Meeting Your Sugar Daddy

Whether you’re going on the first date with your POT or on the Nth date and you’re attending a special event you might be nervous about how to act or what to wear. Of course the best advice is to be yourself, but there are a few extra steps you can take to ensure a mutually rewarding experience. Below are three things you should keep in mind when crafting the perfect look for your date.

Sugar babies in different clothes

Know Where You Are Going
In the realm of sugar daddy dating, it is common to attend staunchly formal dinners and other paparazzi studded events. These men are looking for young, attractive women who can carry themselves gracefully in social situations. Part of this social grace is dressing appropriately for the function you are attending. For example, it would not be appropriate to attend a movie premier in ripped jeans and tennis shoes. Regardless of the occasion, a good rule of thumb is to showcase one physical feature at a time. For instance, if your décolletage is on display keep the rest covered.

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Allowance Do’s and Don’ts for Sugar Daddies

After the initial meeting and communication between the sugar daddy and the sugar baby, comes the time for ‘the talk’: The allowance talk, that is, which is a crucial part of mutually beneficial sugar dating.

So now that the allowance has been settled, you have to live up to your end of the ‘bargain’. Note that this applies to both sugar daddies as well as sugar babies, since the very definition of mutually beneficial relationships is exactly that: ‘mutual’.

Allowance in an envelope from a sugar daddy

Allowance is not a license to steal, and also not a license to treat people badly. I have received emails from blog readers (sugar babies) that indicated that once the sugar daddy gave the allowance he felt entitled to treat the woman like property. Not cool! After all, we sugar daddies want to keep getting dates, be the better person, and keep being thought of as gentlemen and knights in shining armor, right? So we should keep it simple and, most of all, keep it straight. Along these lines, here is a quick list of allowance do’s and don’t for sugar daddies:

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