Travelling for Your First Sugar Date

One of the many joys of sugar daddy dating is having a partner who can afford to pay for you to travel. However, a sugar baby who is traveling to meet a sugar daddy for their first sugar date should carefully consider some basic tips in order to make sure the date goes smoothly and that safety concerns are addressed.

Asian sugar baby thinking of travel, money, relationship

One of the most basic things to keep in mind even before considering flying out in a strange city to meet a man you haven’t seen before is that you should get to know him as much as possible. Exchanging messages on our sugar daddy website is a great way to do this. You should also speak on the phone and, if possible, text message a good deal before you actually consider meeting him. This will give you an idea of the kind of man he is. You should never meet without having spoken directly several times. If something seems off, trust your own instincts, and don’t accept going to see him. Instead propose for him to come to your city for the first date.

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Body Language Tips to Drive Sugar Babies Crazy

As a successful businessman you have probably mastered the art of non verbal communication, during negotiations or to build trust; flirting and dating are a little bit different but the basics are stills the same. I am going to give you a few tricks and with a little practice you will be able to drive your sugar baby crazy, no matter how shy you might be around beautiful women. Especially if you’re a little bit shy, it is important that you practice these skills, in a mirror, until they become second nature:

Four facial expressions of a sugar daddy: annoyed, smiling awkwardly, angry, happy

One of the biggest and best non verbal gestures is a simple smile. What does a smile say about you? A smile conveys: happiness, confidence and openness. When your sugar baby says something that you find interesting or agree with make sure you smile. A smile is disarming and charming.

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Five Lessons From Real-Life Celebrity Sugar Babies

We all know them through the media: the glamorous, spoiled, and young celebrity wives of older, rich gentlemen. Dating rich men sure has its benefits, as you’ll read about in these five lessons from real-life celebrity sugar babies:

Sugar baby writing 1,2.3 on blackboard

Lesson #1: Always be the boss.

Let your man think he has the upper hand, but inside you know that you’re the one who runs the show. Think about the celebrity couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. He’s the world renowned famous and rich actor who is 23 years her senior. How’d she reel him in so quickly after his divorce? She played hard to get and gave the appearance of having all the control. Johnny Depp put a ring on her finger quickly and just recently sealed the deal.

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Don’t Ask What Your Sugar Can Do for You, Ask What Can You Do for Your Sugar

A sugar daddy website will always be the premiere place for sugar babies and sugar daddies to meet. In previous posts, we have shared many valuable tips on writing a hot profile that will increase your chances of finding the perfect match. We now would like to share more vital pointers that you should consider using. Experimenting with these new pointers can help you achieve more results with our site. For example, your profile should contain details on what you have to offer a sugar daddy/sugar baby. This will separate your profile from the other millions of profiles.

"I CAN" written on blackboard with line to fill space

Tips for Sugar Babies

A sugar baby has the responsibility of selling her unique skills and qualities. Wealthy men are always enticed to send messages to a sugar baby who knows how to put her skills and qualities into words. Let’s take a close look at a couple of examples.

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What to Choose: Sugar or Hard Work?

Many young women are looking for alternative ways to make money. Most of them are smart, pretty, and hard-working, but for one reason or another, find themselves in a bind and needing easy money. A young woman named Angela wrote to me for advice as to whether or not she should consider being a sugar baby, even though she has a boyfriend of over two years and loves him very much:

“Hey, so I was looking up some info online about being a sugar baby because I straight up got asked by a guy if I wanted a sugar daddy… I am a waitress struggling through college and debt, so an opportunity like this sounds great…. expect the fact that I have a boyfriend of 2 and a half years that I love. He doesn’t know, and would be heart-broken if he found out. I’m not a prostitute or anything like that, I have respect for myself and my boyfriend, but this guy is super tempting. He is significantly older than I am, and comes into the diner I work at very regularly and always tips well. I feel conflicted keeping this from my boyfriend, but we both are up to our eyes in debt and really need it. We have plans to move in a few months, which is also going to be expensive. I’m nervous and can’t decide if it’s worth it or not. Any advice??”

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