A Real Sugar Daddy’s Advice on Detecting Fake Sugar Daddies

In this sugar lifestyle we are involved in, we meet all kinds of interesting and diverse personalities. There is a cautionary note, however: I always said that putting together good looking women, money and gifts, no strings attached relationships and possible extra marital affairs is a bit of an explosive mixture. This mixture can bring out the best and also the worst in men and women. Also, because it is really a casual dating style, people don’t feel like they have to take anything seriously. This in itself can lead to issues.

One of those issues is ‘fakes’ or ‘flakes’, both seen in sugar daddies as well as sugar babies (please note that there is a difference between fakes/flakes and scammers, the latter being discussed in detail in this article). Let’s focus on the sugar daddies for the purposes of this post. So how can one tell which sugar daddies are fakes and which are real ones? In a short few words: It’s difficult!

Salt and sugar

There are a lot of people out there who fall in 2 categories:

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6 Dating Clichés To Help You Win Over The Sugar Baby

When you use our website for dating attractive, younger women, you may be excited at the prospect of spending time with a special woman. You certainly want your first date to be amazing so that there will be many more dates to come. As you prepare for your dates , you may be wondering if you should follow standard dating clichés or step outside of the box. The fact is that dating clichés may have a bad reputation for being unoriginal, but many sugar babies want to have a dream date with their sugar daddy. While some features of a date may be cliché, the fact is that they also are romantic and may be just what is needed to win your date over. Consider some of these clichés as you prepare for your date:

Sugar daddy pulling out a chair for his sugar baby

1. Acts of Chivalry
When a sugar baby dates a sugar daddy, she generally will expect to be treated well. Common acts of chivalry can go a long way toward showing her that you respect her and will treat her right. For example, you can pull out her chair when you arrive at the dining table, open her car door and offer her your jacket if she appears to be chilly. These are very small gestures, but they will go a long way toward impressing her, especially on the first date.

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How to Push a Sugar Daddy’s Emotional Triggers

It is crucial to please your sugar daddy and let him know you’re something special. As a sugar baby, it is your job to make him feel good and wanted. Are you not sure how to properly do so? Are you new to this type of dating and need some pointers? Our dating site in US has you covered. These tips will help you be a wonderful sugar baby for him, whether you are new or curious:

Pushing a sugar daddy's emotional triggers

Use Flattery – Everyone loves to be flattered now and then, especially sugar daddies. Tell him he looks especially stunning one day, let him know that the way he looks in a button up shirt is irresistible or ask him: “How did you achieve such success at a young age?”  (use the latter only if it’s true, of course). And laugh at his jokes, even if they aren’t too funny. But make sure not to butter him up too much. There’s a fine line between being genuine and fake, and he will be able to tell the difference.

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Dating Profile Keywords that are a Total Turn-Off for Sugar Babies

If you are single, there are plenty of dating opportunities online. However, it appears that some profiles really do stand out among the thousands of profiles that are online. Our top dating site attracts thousands of singles every year. Sugar babies looking for a sugar daddy browse the site for a profile that really strikes their fancy. However, there are numerous profiles that are a real turn-off because of the creepy words that are used. Let’s take a closer look at the top deceptive keywords:

Sugar daddy with Keep Away post-it stuck to his head

Romantic – On the surface, this sounds like a great guy, but think again. Sure, women love a little romance in their life, but this has all the signs of a man who is real trouble. Romantic might suggest that he is the jealous type, very needy, and requires extra attention. He will never take no for an answer. Romantic men turn into your worst nightmare. They are the potential stalkers of the world.

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First Sugar Dates: a Drink or Dinner?

If you met a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby on our top dating site for finding mutual beneficial relationships, then the next step is to go on a date. First dates are a good way to get to know someone of the opposite sex. However, it is common for a sugar baby/sugar daddy to be indecisive about whether to go out just for a drink or dinner at a restaurant. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of having just a drink on the first sugary date compared to going out for dinner.

Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy at Bar Having a Drink

Make a Quick Exit
Some people prefer to go for drinks when meeting a sugardaddy/sugarbaby for the first time. If you only go out for drinks and you don’t hit it off with the person, then you can leave after the drink. On the other hand, if you hit it off with your date, then you can suggest having dinner.

Get to Know Your Sugar Better
It is important to use the first meeting to learn more about your date. If you are just going for drinks, then you have available just a short period of time to get to know the other person. On the other hand, it is not a bad idea to go to a restaurant or bar for drinks, as drinks relax the atmosphere and allows your date to let down his/her guard, thus you can get a better sense of what he/she is about.

Good First Impression
Going for drinks can be a bad idea if you can’t control your behavior after a few drinks. If you act silly when you drink, then it could be a turn off to your date. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to make a good first impression so that your date will be more likely agree to go on a second date with you as well, so if you can’t handle a glass of alcoholic drink it is better to avoid such dates. Thus, a dinner date can accommodate sugar babies and sugar daddies whether you drink or not.

Wine and Dine
Most women enjoy being wined and dined. A sugar daddy who wants to make a good impression may want to suggest a dinner date. It is especially a good idea to go to dinner when your date is coming in from out of town.

Dinner is Formal
Dinner means sitting down at a formal table with a lot of space. Sometimes it can feel similar to an interrogation, because you are asking questions to get to know your date. Sitting at a bar makes for a more casual and comfortable evening.

A lunch date is another option for a first date; however in such cases, it is not a good idea to schedule the date on a week day.

What is your preference when it comes to first dates? Drinks or Dinner?