Is Paying Per Meeting A Good Idea?

A newbie sugar baby sent in the following question, and as I’m sure many sugar babies who are new to the sugar daddy dating world have encountered such a situation, I thought to answer this question through this blog post: “How do you feel about daddies who refuse an allowance arrangement, requesting a pay-per-meeting only?”

Jewelry and money on the table
While at first it might seem like pay-per-meeting agreements are a good idea, by agreeing to this sort of arrangement, you are selling yourself short. You might think it makes sense for a sugar daddy to want to pay per meeting, since he is paying for your company; this might seem like a fairer option than the traditional allowance setup. The issue with this sort of arrangement is that a request for a pay-per-meeting schedule sometimes reflects the man’s perception of your agreement, and it may not always line up with your own.
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Paying for a SugarDaddyForMe Membership – Is It Worth It?

Whether you’re a beautiful young woman tired of all the duds in the dating pool or a sugar daddy looking for a lovely lady to pamper and enjoy your time with, you’ll find that the benefits of upgrading to a paid membership may be just the boost you’ve been needing.

With thousands and thousands of profiles to sort through, online dating can be overwhelming and sugar daddy dating is no exception. Upgrading your membership will give you some incredible perks that will help you really get in the game and find just the companion you’ve been looking for.

Upgrade Your Life

Add More Photos

With the free (standard level) membership your profile is limited to a total of 3 photos. While this number of photos is enough to give other site users a reasonably good idea of whether or not you’re what they’re looking for, it does give you a distinct disadvantage as well.

In an era where cell phone cameras are the norm, most people have an almost endless supply of pictures to choose from. Paring all those photos down and deciding on just 3 that you feel are most flattering while also best representing who you are and how you look in real life can be a daunting (and time-consuming!) task.

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6 Tips to Make Your Sugar Daddy Profile Stand Out

Not making a connection with the kind of girls you want? Your Sugar Daddy profile may be the problem. Does it look like this?

“I’m a real SD – looking for a young and sexy SB to spoil. I’m a lawyer and travel for work extensively, so I don’t have time to dedicate to a full-time relationship right now. I’m not the average flakey guy on this site. I want to meet someone – the sooner the better!

What I’m looking for? Young, sexy, and interested in having fun.”

What’s wrong here? In a nutshell: wasted opportunity. It blends in with a hundred other Sugar Daddies, tells Sugar Babies almost nothing about the poster, and is unclear in the Sugar Daddy’s expectations. With a profile like this, you may attract a pretty face with bills to pay. Is that enough for you, or do you have higher standards?

Sugar Daddy Chatting On Dating Sites Using Digital Tablet

Don’t sell yourself short with a poorly written profile. Try these tweaks:

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5 Basic Fashion Tips for Sugar Daddies

One essential ingredient to impress a sugar baby is your fashion statement. It’s important that your outfit match the occasion. If you’re a sugar daddy entering the dating game or just want to add more style to your wardrobe, here are five fashion tips:

Men's clothes and accessories

1. The classic look. Add several classic looks to your wardrobe. The classic look is timeless and fits several affairs. You can wear it to early dinners, country club engagements, or dinner parties. Also, be sure that your look is well tailored to show that you take pride in your appearance. For example with a sports jacket, basic button down shirt, khaki pants, and Sperry boat shoes you are ready for any occasion.

2. Style. No matter what fashion style you select, be sure to choose brands that match your age. Keep in mind that though you may prefer your comfortable well-worn jeans and concert T-shirt, it may be best to set these aside and choose a fashion statement that fits the venue. For example, if your lady expresses interest in hiking, an appropriate look could be convertible cargo pants, mid-calf length socks, and a moisture wicking shirt. With this fashion expression, you are still comfortable and appropriate for the occasion.

3. Colors. Be sure the colors and patterns of your style complement each other. This process need not be overwhelming, but it will be noticed should you decide to sport a plaid shirt with black and white pin striped pants. You can avoid this fashion no-no by simply combining a solid color with a similar color. Let’s say you are attending a golf outing. You can sport your green and blue plaid shirt, but complement it with a pair of solid blue slacks. The blue slacks will complement the plaid shirt.

4. Socks and shoes. You may view socks and shoes as a quick selection, but did you realize these items can ruin an entire look? While boat shoes are not worn with socks, if your event consists of dinner and dancing, replace your everyday shoes and white socks with black, navy blue, or brown dress shoes with matching dress socks.

5. Physique. Your dates may not expect you to be in top physical condition, but there is an expectation when dating rich men. Therefore, dress according to your physique. If you tend to be more pale, consider tanning or if you should have a belly, be sure to tuck in your shirt. You can make the best with what you have. Because if you feel good you look good :)

With these five tips, you will be ready for most occasions. And when your date sees you strutting handsomely in one of your fashionable looks, she will be happy to be on your arm!

How To Break Up With Your Sugar Daddy

It can be troubling when a relationship you believed to be no-strings-attached becomes too intense. If you feel that your sugar daddy is beginning to ask for more than you can offer him, such as marriage or another comparable commitment, you may need to end the relationship. The same goes for someone who has become too needy, or even jealous of time that you spend with people other than him. What is important is to break off the relationship in a compassionate way and in a way that avoids shutting him out of your life completely. Sugar babies who find themselves in this situation may benefit from a few pointers as to how to break it off and still remain friends, perhaps even still meeting up once in a while and maybe even exchange gifts. These are suggestions that will help you break it off without making the situation any worse than it already is:

Breaking up

#1: Prepare Him For Bad News
Some advice I can offer is to preface your breakup by becoming distant for a few weeks, perhaps even a month. Sugar babies who lavish their sugar daddy with attention one day and break up with him the next are asking for an emotional outburst. After becoming distant, you must choose a time to speak with him in person, and be ready for the conversation to take a while.

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