10 Questions Never to Ask on Your First Sugar Date

It is always an exciting moment when you have that first meeting with a new sugar baby or sugar daddy. However, you have to avoid allowing the excitement to overwhelm your good judgment. There are some questions that need to be avoided during your first meeting (even your first couple of dates). Here is a list of ten questions you should never ask on your first date.

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1. How much do you want for an allowance? / How much allowance am I getting?
It is okay to mention that an allowance will be part of any future sugar daddy dating arrangement (preferably towards the end of the date), but specific numbers should never be mentioned on the first date, as the purpose of the first meeting is to see if you two click.

2. Do you have sex on the first date?
Having sex on the first date is a matter of preference really, however if a sugar daddy asks such a question it will most probably turn off the sugar baby. Don’t ask, just wait and see how the date goes and what kind of vibe you’re getting from your sugar date.

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Allowance & Shopping or a Mentor?

Sugar daddies are great for a number of reasons. In financial trouble? Need advice from someone more experienced? Sugar daddies can be the emotional and financial support you need.

Sugar daddy dating is great for those in need of a little more money. As a college student, you might be a little tight on cash from tuition or not working full time. You also might just want a little more shopping money. A sugar daddy can help you write that check to your school and ensure you’re able to finance the best college experience you have. You won’t have to worry about working 8 or 10 hours per day and studying at night after a long and tiresome day; instead, you can focus on studying hard and enjoying your prime time.

Single moms can also benefit from sugar daddy dating. It’s hard to find a good, well-paying career while having to take care of young children. You also have the extra trouble of only having one income to support your family. A sugar daddy can help you pay those bills and focus on your family. It’s a load of stress off your shoulders when you no longer have to work nonstop just to scrape by, losing the most precious years of your kids’ lives. It’s also nice to have extra money to treat yourself and your children.

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What is Your Sugar Baby Dating Strategy?

Getting your dating strategy together before you contact a sugar baby is vital to the success of your mutually beneficial relationship. And it will be ten times more efficient too than if you swim around confused in the sea of millions of sugar babies. In order to figure out what your personal strategy is to sweep young and attractive sugar babies off their feet we put together a series of questions you should think about. First and foremost, you have to remember that she is choosing you to spend time with. You want to impress her and treat her like the lady she is.

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1. What Do You Want Out Of The Relationship?
Knowing what you want out of a sugar baby relationship when you start using our website for dating is going to determine your success. Women need to know that you are confident in what you want. You may want a long-term arrangement, but you may also want a casual relationship for dates or travel. Let this be known clearly.

2. What Can You Offer?
Sugar babies don’t like low-ball offers. Their time and energy is valuable (as is yours). You should make your offerings attractive and appealing. You may want to offer allowances, gifts, travel or help with bills. You may want to offer all of the above. It is entirely up to you, but keep it negotiable and make it clear. And most of all stick by your word!

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Is Sugar Daddy Dating Overwhelming You?

Our top dating site has a strong reputation for making lasting connections between sugar daddies and sugar babies. However, we realize that the process of finding your perfect match can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Below are a couple common reasons why most people get a little frustrated with their search, as well as some easy solutions:

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Overwhelmed by Choices?

If you’re having a hard time sifting through the enormous amount of profiles we have on our sugar daddy dating site (over 4 million!), there are a few things you can do to make your search a little easier. Start by narrowing profiles by area. If you don’t find the person you’re looking for somewhere nearby, you can expand your search later. For now, try looking for people who live a maximum of 25 – 30 miles away. Once you’ve done that, you can start narrowing your results even further. A good way to start is by filtering out users who don’t have pictures. After all, you probably won’t get very far into a relationship if you aren’t physically attracted to them. From there, you can continue to narrow your results until you’ve found a manageable group to choose from.

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What is Your Sugar Daddy Target?

In order to gain the most out of a sugar baby lifestyle, you need to consider 2 aspects: (1) what makes you unique compared to other sugar babies (which we already discussed in a previous blog post) and (2) what exactly do you want out of the relationship and from your sugar daddy. As a sugar baby, it is important to set your standard before you fill out the profile on our sugar daddy site. Here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself in order to maximize your potential on SugarDaddyForMe and offline as well when going on a date with sugar daddies you met on our website for dating.

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1. What are you looking for out of a sugar daddy relationship?
All of the potential sugar daddy relationships that you can start on our website should meet a certain minimum criteria. However, if you are looking for a casual relationship, and you hook up with a sugar daddy who wants a long-term relationship, then you will not achieve what you want out of the relationship, wasting everyone’s time. Set a list of goals for the relationship and make these clear from the beginning so that everyone will be on the same page in the relationship.

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