The 6 Dos and Don’ts of First Drink Dates

Sugar daddy dating can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Our sugar daddy website receives tons of questions from would-be sugar babies and sugar daddies who are new to the scene and unsure of how to approach their first date.

One of the most popular questions we receive is regarding etiquette on a first date. However, there are different dos and don’ts depending if your first date is over dinner or if you’re just having drinks. A date where you and your potential sugar baby/sugar daddy are just getting drinks can be very different from a dinner date; in some ways it’s harder, in others it’s easier.

Sugar daddy and sugar baby having a drink

To help you calm those fears and make your first drink date a successful one, here are the dos and don’ts of first drink dates with potential sugar babies.

DO: Decide What You’ll Drink Beforehand
It might sound obsessive, but it’s actually a great strategy. Not only does having a “drink plan” ensure that you won’t get too drunk (more on that later), but what you order can actually say a lot about you on a first date. Having a drink plan isn’t obsessive – rather, it’s just being smart and planning ahead wisely.

DON’T: Drink To The Point of Inebriation
When it comes to sugar daddy dating (or any kind of dating for that matter), no good can be had from getting intoxicated early on in the relationship. Not only will your decision-making skills be impaired, but you could potentially turn off your potential sugar.

DO: Eat A Light Dinner Beforehand
Eating something light before you arrive is the best course of action. It not only aids in ensuring that you won’t get too drunk, but it leaves a little room in case you decide to move your drink date to a restaurant. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea, even if you’re monitoring and pacing yourself.

DON’T: Have Plans For The Evening
If you’re having a drink date, it’s a good idea to keep your schedule open. In a best case scenario, you both will enjoy yourselves and want to keep the night going, moving to a different location (and have dinner for example). You should most definitely keep your schedule wide open. Successful users of our sugar daddy website often times talk about dates that were meant to just last a few hours, but instead lasted for the whole night.

DO: Order Some Sparkling Water With Your Drink

Don’t hesitate to keep a glass of water handy to sip from. This will help combat the dehydrating effects of alcohol and help keep you sober. It will also keep you from feeling obligated to keep drinking when you’ve had enough.

DON’T: Leave Drinks Unattended

This is a general safety rule that everyone should follow, especially when meeting someone new or unfamiliar. If you need to leave for an extended period of time, it may be wise to order a new drink just to be on the safe side.

Sugar dating can be tricky, especially if you’re just meeting for drinks. But if you abide by these dos and don’ts, you can have a successful first drinks date. Have fun!

Do Platonic Sugar Daddy Arrangements Exist? [Video]

Contrary to popular belief, sugar daddy relationships aren’t only about sex. Sugar daddy arrangements are based on reciprocal respect, companionship, honesty and many other values that are sometimes hard to find in a traditional relationship. If you’re a young, beautiful and intelligent woman thinking of becoming a sugar baby, but aren’t sure about the whole intimacy part, you might want to try to become a splenda baby. Here are some tips from Katie to help you find a sugar daddy, even if intimacy is off the table:

Video transcript

You might have noticed that nowadays, everyone assumes that sex is part of the deal in a sugar daddy/sugar baby match. And that a sugar baby who thinks she can have a platonic relationship with her sugar daddy is living in fantasy land, right? But sex is never all it is; and sometimes, it’s not even part of the arrangement at all. Of course, the majority of sugar daddy arrangements do involve intimacy, but as no relationships are created equal there are some that don’t. Platonic arrangements are rare, but they are possible and there are sugar daddies that agree to such arrangements.

For example, recently we received a testimonial from one of our sugar daddies from Minneapolis who has admitted to us that he had both intimate and non-intimate relationships. This is what he stated:

I’ve been on this site off and on for many years. It’s the best of the sugar daddy sites. I’ve had several excellent relationships lasting from a few months to over 4 years. I’ve had relationships with women as young as 18 and as old as 50. I’ve had intimate and non intimate relationships. All of my past SB’s would still consider me a friend and I still meet a couple of them for coffee occasionally.

johnpons64, 70
Sugar Daddy from Minneapolis

Now, if you’re thinking that this type of relationship only exists with 70-year old sugar daddies, you are wrong. For example, after looking for like 5 minutes among SugarDaddyForMe profiles we found a 36 year old sugar daddy among our members who is not looking for intimacy in a relationship with a sugar baby. This is what he wrote in his profile:

“Did I mention I’m not looking for sex??! I’m just a regular, nice guy who is looking to have some fun spoiling a girl for real, starting right now. I make a good living and wish to help a special girl out. I *am* looking for extremely hot times, incredible amounts of sensuality. But… I don’t expect any sex. Any other activity aside from sexual intercourse that you’re comfortable with is fine with me, but no sex. I prefer to let that kind of thing happen naturally, so as not to spoil it by involving money.
want_2_spoilu, 36
Sugar Daddy from New York

Now, if you want a platonic arrangement, you must be totally clear about your boundaries. If a sugar daddy lets you know he expects sex as part of the deal, you are wasting time by stringing him along and thinking you’ll change his mind. Don’t bother. Move on, so you can both get what you want.

And be prepared to step it up, to bring your A-game. No sugar daddy is going to shower you with gifts and take you on exotic trips just because you’re pretty. If a sugar baby is not offering sex, she better be offering everything else.

And if you’re wondering how to find a platonic sugar daddy, there’s a very interesting post on the subject on Tumblr on Chi Town Sugar Baby’s blog. I’ll post the link below for you to review, but to sum up her advice is to find a sugar daddy who is “slightly awkward, not completely gorgeous, not totally ugly, rich enough to afford me, not rich enough to be super cocky”, as these types have potential to be your platonic sugar daddy.

To wrap things up, although platonic sugar daddy arrangements are a rare thing to come by, they do exist. So if you are a sugar baby, looking for a platonic arrangement, don’t give up. Just keep looking for that right sugar daddy to give you the platonic arrangement you want. And remember: a platonic sugar daddy wants you to feel like a princess, so he can feel like king.

Okay, well that would be all for today. For more interesting tips and tricks regarding sugar daddy dating make sure to check out the other videos from our channel. Bye!

Top Ten Advantages of Being a Sugar Daddy

At this point in life, you understand the rewards that come with hard work and you enjoy the success that comes with it. You are a man who enjoys the fruits of your labor without guilt. You sleep well at night. But could you sleep better? Is there something else out there for you? Is there a challenge you have not yet taken on? Have you thought about the advantages that come along with dating a younger woman?

Let’s face it, you are a man with goals, drive and ambition. You enjoy the single life or perhaps you even enjoy marriage but just want a spark to reignite your world. That spark can come from younger, adventurous women who enjoy dating rich men and you can find those ladies on our sugar daddy website.

Sugar daddy and sugar baby showing thumbs up

While the advantages of these types of relationships may be obvious, it never hurts to take a look at them:

Below you’ll find ten reasons why more men are turning to our sugar daddy website:

1. This type of relationship is a time saver. Long hours at work make it difficult for some to be in a conventional relationship with its time demands. Some men can’t be full-time companions. Sugar babies understand they are not a wife. They don’t expect a sugar daddy to be at their beck and call. However, if you both want more then the possibilities are endless.

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A Sugar Daddy’s View on Single Mother Sugar Babies

Ok, I know the stereotype sugar baby that is fed to us through the media and the movies is a tall blond with large boobs in her early to mid 20′s and sure enough at least 50% of the sugar baby population fits that.  But that leaves another 50% of ‘other status and looks’.  And I propose that there exists a silent group of single mother sugar babies in the 25 to 38 age group.

This may surprise some sugar daddies but I can tell you I met a fair number of them. I didn’t necessarily have arrangements with them all, but at least we emailed, talked and even met some in person for further discussions. Through these discussions several interesting points came up, and perhaps a lot are unique to single mother SBs. And it is through these discussions that my attitude toward them changed.

Single mother sugar baby with child over gray color background

My first reaction when one single mom asked me for an arrangement? Well, I became a bit annoyed. She wanted an arrangement because she needed money for her family, obviously. However, from my side I felt like I would be supporting someone else’s child: the money I would be giving to her would go towards rent etc. But thinking about it, isn’t that really the responsibility of the child’s father? And where is he? He obviously had left her, they were not even married. So here was SD David feeling like a surrogate father replacing the deadbeat dad of this young child. I didn’t like the feeling at all, so I told her and declined the arrangement. Maybe it is something primal about mammals, that they don’t like to support another’s offspring. Afterwards I felt a bit regretful for what I did. After all, people do mistakes in their lives, and I have certainly had my own share of mistakes. It wasn’t her fault that the child’s father was a how he was.  I shouldn’t judge her for what was done TO her.  I didn’t call her back because I felt a bit embarrassed by the whole thing but I promised to myself that in the future if I met someone who I liked and would have had an arrangement anyway, I wouldn’t be deterred if she was a single mother.  That opportunity came in the form of a 38 year old divorced mother of two. Her personality was wacky and it kind of matched mine. So I took the plunge and during the year we were together I discovered the pluses that a relationship with a single mother can have:

1. She already has a family situation and she understands the ways of the world, having dealt with raising kids on her own. She certainly understood that our arrangement should not interfere with my own family time and she had an appreciation for what that meant to me.

2. Knowing that our time together was limited she tried to make the most from it, and she didn’t take it for granted. She was appreciative of everything I did and every second we spent together.

3.  Over time, we developed a good friendship because we had something big in common: we both had young children, and we could relate to each other’s family stories and hardships. Obviously can’t have that type of connection with a single 22 year old sugar baby.

4. I also mellowed out because I realized that it wasn’t so much that I was filling in for a missing boyfriend or husband. Single mom sugar babies sometimes just want to have a good time away from the daily grind, and to just experience certain things they haven’t in the  past since they became married or with child at a young age and therefore had no chance to live it up yet. You know, just to go on a date away from all the work at home and feel like a desired woman again. So I was glad to be able to offer her this little vacation of sorts.

So sugar daddies, next time a single mother asks you for some assistance, give her a chance she may surprise you!

About the Author
Sugar Daddy David Montrose has years of experience with sugar babies and sugar daddy dating. Being a sugar daddy himself, he knows everything there is to know about sugar babies (single mothers or otherwise). For more insight into being a sugar daddy, order his book “Sugar Daddy Diary” from Amazon. Check out his other posts on our blog here!


Send Gifts – Taking Sugar Daddy Websites to a New Level

Whether you’re a potential sugar daddy or potential baby, you probably know that sending the right gift at the right time is a great way to entice the other party to get to know you better. Starting this month our sugar daddy website offers unique, privacy-protected gift sending that can help take your relationship to the next level! Below is a detailed description of how to actually send gifts and what you have to do if you’re on the receiving end. Also we included several tips on how you can use this revolutionary feature to help you to attract your ideal sugar daddy or sugar baby.

Gorgeous, redhead sugar baby holding a present and smiling

Sending Gifts

1. Using the “Send Gift” Button on User Profiles 
You’ll notice a “Send Gift” button on user profiles. Press this button to instantly access a store packed full of some of the best gifts available anywhere. If the member you want to make an impression on has created a Wish List, you’ll see it in the store. Choose a gift for the member that you want to get the attention of and continue through checkout. You may also write a message to the member which will be delivered with your gift. Next, just press “Buy Now” and the rest is magic.

2. We Contact The Lucky Recipient For You
The sugar daddy/sugar baby recipient is notified of their gift by message and email, and is prompted to enter their delivery address if needed, which will never be revealed to the buyer. For digital eGift cards, the recipient receives a link to redeem the gift online. Sometimes it pays to send a gift before meeting the member you are attracted to and want to impress, and now you can!

3. Your Privacy When Sending Gifts
Your privacy is critical to your experience and we understand that. That’s why when you are sending gifts; you won’t need to reveal your real name or any personal details in any way. Only your profile username and any message you write will be revealed to the recipient, and your personal details will not appear on the packaging or anywhere.

4. Keep Showing Your Appreciation
When a good thing keeps getting better, sometimes it pays to keep rewarding your sugar. Should you determine that frequent spoiling is in order, you may wish to treat a lucky SugarDaddyForMe member to regular gifts such as spa credits for monthly salon services or weekly 1-hour massage sessions. Just select “Subscription” when choosing your gift and the lucky recipient will keep receiving your gift at the interval and duration you have set, with payment charged separately for each gift. This is a great way to keep your potential sugar baby wanting to keep you happy because you are continuing to keep them happy with regular monthly or even weekly gifts.

5. Try it Today! Send Your First Gift!
Break the ice with a new sexy member, or follow up with the perfect “thank you” after a great date or even a first phone call, or supercharge your relationship with a surprise gift that exceeds expectations, and see what happens. We predict smiles and many kisses.

Receiving Gifts

1. Using the “Wish List” Button on Your Profile
You’ll notice a “Create Wish List” button on your Members Home Page after you login, in the Control Panel. Press this button and you’ll instantly see a store packed with thousands of luxury, designer, brand name products and feel-good items for your choosing. Find items you simply *must* have and press the HEART icon to add them to your Wish List. When members visit your profile and press “Send Gift,” they’ll be able to purchase items for you from your Wish List. Now you’re ready for someone to make your day and then some!

2. Your Privacy When Receiving Gifts
Your privacy is critical to your experience, and we understand that. That’s why when receiving gifts, you won’t need to reveal your personal details to the buyer in any way. If a member sends a gift before they have met you, and does not provide your delivery address, you will simply receive a link that opens the store and allows you to provide your own delivery details. Your delivery details are kept private and are not shared with the buyer. When the gift arrives, you’ll notice that the package was sent from a product vendor, and does not in any way advertise this sugar daddy website.

3. Create Your Wish List Today!
Add some of your favorite items to your Wish List now, notify some of your favorite members that you’ve added items to your Wish List, and see what happens. You might find a great new relationship.

Additional Tips for Sugar Daddies

Because the daddy/baby relationship depends on your spoiling your sugar baby, your sending of gifts at just the right time is especially important. But figuring out what the right time is can be tough, especially when all you know of your potential baby is her online profile.

1. Send Gifts From Her Wish List
Clearly, you wouldn’t want to preemptively send her something without knowing what her tastes are. This is why many sugar babies have a wish list on the site. If you’re interested in a sugar baby, you probably realize that there could be many other daddies interested in her as well.

This is where wish lists can help you – say you’ve messaged back and forth with a sugar baby and want to make an impression. You can scroll through her wish list and send her something she wants – maybe it’s a spa day, or a luxury bag, or something to that effect.

2. Send a Gift to Speed Up the Relationship
Maybe you and your potential sugar baby are planning a meeting soon. It’s not uncommon for online daters to hesitate right before meeting someone they’ve been talking to. In order to remind your sugar that you are 100% serious, it can be smart to send her something from the site store to remind her how serious you are. You may even want to attach a brief note saying how happy you are that you will finally meet in person soon. This can provide her with enough impetus to overcome her hesitation and meet you.

This will set you apart from other daddies – they may talk a good game and promise the moon and the stars, but if you send a gift before she meets you in person, you will set yourself apart.

Additional Tips for Sugar Babies

1. Set Expectations From the Start
With all the options out there, it’s important to cut to the chase and set expectations from the start. Maybe you have an appreciation for the finer things in life, and with your Wish List, now you can express your interests without saying a word. The items you choose say a lot about who you are, what you like, and what you expect. With expectations out of the way, now you’re on the fast track to getting exactly what you want… getting spoiled like you deserve to be!

2. Return the Favor to Show that You’re Serious About the Arrangement
While your role in the relationship may be to just receive gifts, sugar daddies online may be understandably cautious. In order to show your sincerity and commitment, you may want to send your daddy a gift to indicate how serious you are. Clearly, it won’t be as huge as a spa subscription or diamonds, but sending something will help him realize that you are sure about being his sugar baby.

Essentially, gift-giving that protects the privacy of both parties can help further the relationship before you meet. Start today!