How To Create Your Perfect Online Dating Profile [Video]

We already talked about the mind frame you should have when creating an online dating profile and we already covered the basics with regards to what you have to do to have a successful profile on But now it’s time to go deeper into this issue, because we still find that the sugar babies and sugar daddies who complain about not finding compatible men/women have profiles that are far from perfect. So we asked sugar baby Katy to put together some more advanced tips in this regard. Enjoy and let us know your questions, comments or dating profile concerns in the comment section below ;)

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Sugar Daddy Dating: Selling Yourself vs. Being Yourself

Adult dating can be hard no matter the relationship. Do you aim to appease your sugar daddy or sugar baby? Do you aim to appease yourself? It is a veritable minefield where one wrong move will leave you either without a future date or with something you never wanted. But just how showy should you be? Of course, the best way to approach the date is a mixture of selling yourself and being yourself, but it’s also important to know exactly what each of those two tactics entails for the good and the bad.

Sugar daddy and sugar baby at dinner, drinking wine

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Sugar Vocabulary for Newbies

There are a multitude of reasons why young women express an interest in dating rich men and vice versa. Sugar relationships appear to work well as a result of both their upfront definition and the honesty they start off with. They often exist without commitments or boundaries, making them increasingly popular within the dating scene. Below is a list of common sugar daddy dating terms and how they are often used by both sugar babies and sugar daddies on forums and sugar blogs, including on our website for dating:

Sugar Daddy DAting Dictionary and Magnifying Glass

SD: “sugar daddy”; an older, often wealthy gentleman who seeks the companionship of a younger, attractive woman to whom he also offers financial assistance if/when needed. Sugar daddies can be either single or married, younger or older and so on.

SB: “sugar baby”; describes a younger, attractive female who believes that it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich guy, as it is with a poor one. She provides companionship, excitement, and various other things to her sugar daddy depending on their arrangement. Sugar babies come in all types of shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure: they are not gold diggers!

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13 Mistakes NOT to Make on a Sugar Date [Video]

Have you ever had a date which you think went great and yet he didn’t call you ever again or she didn’t respond to your calls or texts? Well, in such cases even if everything was fine on your end, maybe you have done something or said something that ruined the date for your sugar daddy or sugar baby. Of course, there are many ways you can ruin a date without even noticing, but avoiding these basic mistakes can make a big difference. Check out the tips in this video and let us know in the comment section if you have ever gone out with a sugar daddy or sugar baby who made these mistakes:

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What Makes You Unique to Other Sugar Babies?

Having a profile on our top dating site will make your life easier when you’re in search for daddy, but it isn’t enough. In order for the upper end sugar daddies to land at your feet, you want to make yourself stand out from the other attractive single sugar babies by showcasing your own unique traits and personalities. The following questions will help you discover your own true selling points when it comes to dating rich men, so get a pen and paper (or open a Word document) and scribble down the answers to these questions.

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