Signs That It’s Time for a New Sugar Relationship

Sugar dating relationships, despite their financial aspects, are just like any other relationships in that they sometimes end. Sometimes they simply fail and sometimes you just have to let them go. You may date for a week or for months, but eventually it may just become time to move on. How can you tell when this time has come? Here are a few useful signs for deciding when it is time for a new chapter in your sugar bowl.

New chapter

First off, an obvious sign is that you simply aren’t happy. Of course, you can discuss any issues in the relationship with your sugar daddy/sugar baby and try to resolve them. However, if this approach fails, it may simple be time to start looking for a new arrangement. There is no point in making yourself or your partner miserable by continuing a relationship that is no longer enjoyable for either of you, because if you’re not happy chance are he/she isn’t entirely content either.

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5 Great Stay in Sugar Date Ideas

While traveling or going out can be great sugar date ideas, it can be equally fun to stay in and have a relaxing evening at home with your sugar daddy and surprise him at the same time. If you decide to do this, there are many activities you can plan for both of you to have a good time. Before we dig in though, you should know that these are all date ideas which should be planned once you and your sugar daddy have already been dating for a while, you are inviting him to your place after all…

Champaigne on ice and champaign glasses on the table, in front of a fireplace

1. One good idea for a stay at home sugar date is to have a dessert sampling. Purchase or make a variety of different deserts for each of you to sample. Good ideas for this include cheesecakes, pies, and various chocolates. For an added bit of fun, you can do the sampling blindfolded, by feeding your sugar the desserts one at a time while he’s blindfolded.

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Is Sugar Daddy Dating For You? [Video]

Recently the Daily Mail talked to several sugar babies  who were members of about their lifestyle, which caused quite some controversy. If you read the article, you might notice that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone and that there are some differences between traditional dating and sugar daddy dating. So, in order to clarify what sugar daddy dating really means and how it differs from traditional dating (and even traditional online dating), Katie made this short video. Watch it and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video transcript

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk a little bit about the main differences between traditional dating and sugar daddy dating, which has taken the world by storm lately. Since you’re watching this video, chances are that you’re considering sugar daddy dating and you may have already read a TON of opinions online about this type of dating. Some people have strong negative opinions about it, while others say it’s the best thing ever. So you might be asking yourself, who should I believe? Well, the thing is that, while sugar daddy dating isn’t for everyone, it might just be the thing for you! But before you start creating an account on SugarDaddyForMe, you might want to know how the world of sugar dating differs from traditional dating.

Well, I think one of the main differences between the two is related to communication. I mean let’s face it, communication is a huge part in any relationship, but when you’re dating someone in the traditional way, there’s usually a lot you don’t tell your partner right off the bat. There may be a lot you don’t tell your partner even once you’re in a relationship and when you start finding out stuff about each other that doesn’t mesh, it usually leads to serious problems. For example, having kids and settling down can be huge stumbling blocks for traditional couples. In a traditional relationship often each partner holds back, not wanting to love the other one more than they love them back and not wanting to give more than the other gives to them. A traditional relationship, by its nature, creates a dynamic that causes each partner to hold back their love and affection more and more.

But a sugar daddy relationship, by its nature, creates a dynamic that causes each partner to try to please the other more and more all the time. It is understood and accepted by definition that in a sugar daddy relationship the very nature of it is that the more you please and pamper your partner the more you will be pleased and pampered in return.

You and your sugar, will match up from the start because you have a compatible plan. You both know why you’re in it, you talk out what you both need and want and go from there. If you cannot give what the other needs, be honest about it from the start and just go your separate ways. Simple as that! No hard feelings and no time wasted.

In a sugar daddy relationship, each partner tries to please the other in whatever ways they are capable of and they try to do so more and more all the time because they know that the more they please the other person the more they will be appreciated and pleased in return. It’s the way traditional relationships are supposed to be but almost never are.

Also, with traditional dating talking things out often creates a problem, because there are always mind games where you or your partner are trying to make sure you can ‘land’ this one. Maybe you hate being called every day, but your partner’s trying to keep in contact, so you don’t say anything. Well, a sugar relationship doesn’t have those games. You both know what you’re in it for and why, so you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not for just to make it work.

Okay, so another big difference between traditional and sugar daddy dating is that most people who take on the sugar daddy role aren’t your average workers. They’re successful executives who have a broad scope of knowledge and they’ve experienced the world. In traditional dating, you usually end up with someone from your area who has experienced basically the same things you have. Now, what good is that going to do you if you’re looking to expand your world? A sugar daddy can show you what the professional world is like and give you honest help with what to do and not to do. They may even be able to help you network when you’re ready to start or further your own career.

Plus, sugar daddies being the successful men they are, they also help sugar babies with a very important aspect. As you might already know from experience, one of the biggest things that traditional couples fight about is money. Who spends it, who makes it, how it’s spent, is it saved, and so on. Such arguments don’t take place in sugar daddy dating, because beside luxurious gifts and pampering, a sugar daddy also provides financial support to his sugar baby usually in the form of a monthly allowance.

Also, with money questions and problems out of the way, the dates will be a lot more extravagant than in traditional dating. For example I know many sugar babies who turned to sugar daddy dating, because they got fed up with guys for whom the idea of a date was to bring a KFC bucket to her house and leave her the leftovers. That will not happen with a sugar daddy. Most men in sugar relationships spare no expense when they take ladies out for a night on the town. So sugar babies, prepare to be bedazzled, ‘cause after all the expensive restaurants and surprise weekend getaways at prestigious resorts, your idea of a date will change forever! Believe me.

Okay, so another thing that is completely different between sugar daddy dating and traditional dating is the notion of a successful relationship. In traditional dating the so-called “end game” is exclusively related to the “M” word, marriage. I mean it’s basically the best possible end; you marry the person and settle down to share your lives, who could want more, right? Well, some do want something else. Don’t get me wrong though, marriage isn’t out of the picture in sugar daddy dating either; but it is much more flexible. For example, if you prefer a no-strings attached arrangement that both of you enjoy, why not? Or if you just want to make a lifelong friend without those messy ‘ex’ issues, that’s possible too! It depends on what you and your sugar are ultimately looking for.

Also, what if you’re looking for a sugar daddy, but have a boyfriend too? In traditional dating, it’s hard to experience other people the way you’d want, without hurting the other’s feelings. Sugar dating can be monogamous, or it can let a sugar baby have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend on the side. Also a sugar daddy can date only one sugar baby or can have a girlfriend as well. Sugar dating conforms to what you and your sugar decide on together. As long as you’re honest and open, you can make arrangements to enjoy whatever style of relationship suits you both, whether it’s monogamous or more open ended.

And lastly, with sugar daddy dating you can still enjoy things that come with a traditional relationship, like intimacy. As in any relationship, you can agree with your sugar on when the time is right for you to take the relationship to that level.

In the end I guess sugar daddy dating is very similar to traditional dating, that is if you subtract the mind games and the pressure to commit from traditional dating and you add benefits like extravagant dates, added financial support and professional gain.

Well, that’s it for today everyone! Until next time, remember: live the life you want not the one people are telling you to live. Ciao!


The Best Advice for Small Town Sugar Babies

Sugar babies aren’t confined to the biggest cities in the world. There are beautiful young ladies in even the smallest of towns that seek out sugar dating relationships. The problem, of course, is that sugar daddies are frequently residents of metropolitan areas. So, what is the small town sugar baby to do? That’s what our sugar daddy website member Pam is asking herself:

Small town sugar baby looking at big city map

“What should a sugar baby do if the local guys are limited in number and generosity? There’s only a few dozen guys in my small town on sugardaddyforme. What can I do? I’d consider going to the next city over, 5 hours away, but its population is 5x bigger and has a much stronger economy. Anyone have advice for the travel issue? Should I put that bigger city as my location on sugardaddyforme?”

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7 Questions to Test Your Compatibility

One of the best things about sugar daddy dating is the thrill of it all. However, there are some things even in this relationship that shouldn’t be left to the imagination. Here are a few questions that should have answers early on to see if you’re truly compatible for an amazing sugar arrangement:

Sugar daddy and sugar baby each holding one big red puzzle piece

1. “What kind of arrangement are you looking for?”
Make sure you’re both on the same page on this, even before you actually meet. If you want an LTR (long term relationship) and they want an NSA (no strings attached), you’ll save yourselves some drama and time by ending it now.

Potential answers: long term relationship, no strings attached, traveling partner, discreet.
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