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Testimonials from Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

Thank you to all our members who shared with us their opinion about!

I really like this site. I've already met many people and found two sugar daddies on here. I would definitely recommend SugarDaddyForMe to other Sugar Babies

tiffany019 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Moreno Valley

I have enjoyed great success on this dating site. I have met some really great sugarbabies here. Some just friends and some a lot more. About anything a man can ask for can be found here. The hobby is growing and this site is the best in this field. The lengths they go to assure your absolute privacy is unmatched and appreciated. I recommend all my friends come here. Look forward to many more great times due to sugarfaddyforme. Thank You. Chase

Chase110799 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from lynchburg

Superlative! At last a sugar daddy website frequented by real people, with whom to exchange ideas, tastes, fantasies, desires, without encountering always scammers, fake profiles, or absurd claims. Of course, all is aimed to know each other in real life, but here on sd4m it is much easier, even as the search criteria are organized in a simple and clear way.I really appreciate being able to see sugar babies profiles from all over Europe in the same search, it saves a lot of time, and helps to make better choices.

batrax 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Brescia

SugarDaddyForMe Is the best sugar daddy site! I have met so many great people on the site. I am glad I joined and encourage all sugar babies and sugar daddies to join in the the fun we are having.

Kozie 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

This has been the best sugar daddy website ever-- I have met some of the most beautiful sugar babies and have had the time of my life -- im actually thinking of marrying the great woman I have met-- thank you so much for your site!

Jbigstrokes1 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Acworth

I honestly thinkg is the best sugar daddy dating site anywhere. I have had so muck luck and success on here its crazy. I havent found this many beautiful sugarbabies anywhere seriously. Thank you sugardaddyforme for making my life better 10 times over

Greg 35-year-old Sugar Daddy from Tempe

My experience on SugarDaddyForMe has been the best. I met some of thee worlds best sugardaddies on here. This dad dating website has given me the opportunity to pay off my bills and travel the world. My sugar daddies are nice and they only expect my company. They are truly gentlemen, and I would never have met them if it wasn't for the site. I love the fact that you can send kisses to people on here with little sayings. The way the site is set up is easy to use and really doesn't need improvement.

JT 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Philadelphia

Tremendous, met a sugarbaby on 1.5 years ago, still see her today

jep 57-year-old Sugar Daddy from calabash

I have met and dated some very attractive sugarbabies.

JKW 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Kingston

I was recommended by a friend who helped another achieve result, so I thought why not. My profile needs some refinement but a few views have said something is palpable here on sugar daddy for me. Customer Support has been utmost professional, friendly and understanding. I say roll the dice and take a chance just as I am.

deadbearrising 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Raleigh

Met nice sugardaddy with generous allowance!

laorc7 26-year-old Sugar Baby from NYC

This sugar daddy website is great. I have met several ladies and had a good time with a few. The sugar babies on here seem to be 1st class . is easy to navigate and had no prroblems with contact information. I would recommend this site to everyone who is looking for their special person.

Olderwiser505 60-year-old Man for Extramarital from Palm Harbor

SD4M is the best website for sugardaddies and sugarbabies. I have been a member since December 2012 and the experience has been very good. I estimate I have met over 100 Sugar Babies so far! I highly recommend your site to other Sugar Daddies that I know.

LasVegas247 61-year-old Sugar Daddy from Las Vegas

Absolutely love it....great selection of eligible sugar daddies :)

CP 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Saco

I think that this website is a great way to find your perfect match. I am a true witness that sd4m defiantly creates successful relationships. I myself have met a wonderful sugardaddy, who takes care of me and supplies all of my needs. This site is truly wonderful.

SB 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Philadelphia

I have been a member on SD4Me for four years. During that time I have had many wonderful experiences including everything from dates, to ongoing relationships. I have been very surprised that age difference does not make any difference with many sugar babies. This dating site has surely kept me young!!

Jim 61-year-old Sugar Daddy from South Windsor, CT.

SugarDaddyForMe has a great interface with great functionality and one of the best sugar daddy dating websites for people to post exactly what they're looking for. I think it has the right amount of limited access for non-paying members as well as GOLD members as this does provide a good example of the types of people who have interest in you, thus giving reason for signing on for a membership. I honestly thought sugardaddyforme website was meant exclusively for the "gold diggers" but after perusing the site for some time this is not the case. I would recommend this site to my friends or anyone looking to meet-up with someone and/or to help someone meet their soul mate...

Lambskin 48-year-old Sugar Baby from Phoenix

User friendly sugar daddy website, good customer service, easy to converse with other users.

CP 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Oklahoma City

SugarDaddyForMe is a pretty cool site. Ive talked to plenty of beautiful sugar babies on the site and hooked up with several of them. I havent had anywhere near as much success on any other sugar daddy dating site. Thanx SugarDaddyForMe your a the pimp!

mrb 37-year-old Sugar Daddy from Forney

I have tried different sugar daddy websites and is the best by far. The way it's setup is clear and easy to use and browse through the targeted "sweets" of your choice. I love that it gives so many options in which a person can contact another and show their interest.

Exotic kitty18 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Hampton

This is one terrific site! I've been on too many other phony sugar daddy dating sites where the sugar babies do not exist.! They have an employee who replies. I got the very same reply, word for word, from different gals. That is not the case on sd4me. every sugar baby is an individual, some rather naïve n others who are hookers . . . so be it. I do enjoy this site n find that I spebd too much time on it.

FORCUE 66-year-old Sugar Daddy from St. Clairsville

I never thought at my age I would be able to catch a sugar daddy but I was wrong! And actually made some life long friends...I have even been on trips to some great cities that I would not have been able to do if I hadn't been on this has been a positive experience and I would recommend it!!!

lisa 48-year-old Sugar Baby from atlanta

Although I am a 66 year old lady, there are still (from 10 younger guys) to older men getting to know me because of the quality and real pictures of mine that attract them, and by replying their messages, the more they will be interested in me. Seriously saying what they were looking for a woman. I have found (though not committed yet), two which I am still choosing who between them will be that lucky sugar daddy for me.

NJA 66-year-old Sugar Baby from Hayward

I have had a great deal of success on sugar daddy for me finding no shortage of available sugar babies. Most web sites fail to deliver what they advertise, but this one certainly walks the walk.

Oldflirt 59-year-old Sugar Daddy from Tulsa

It has been great, got a lot of feedback from some nice sugar daddies, met my current sugar daddy on sugardaddyforme

CRR 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Richmond

My time on this sugar dadddy dating site has been interesting. I have met and spent time with some wonderful sugarbabies that I would not have otherwise been able to meet. It is great when you are traveling to be able to find someone that can be your guide, is pleasant, and beautiful all in one package. A very worth while membership!

David 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Greenville, sc

I love the sugar daddy website. I have been blessed with a very special sugar daddy and we are still going strong. It's a great way to be treated the queens we are so with that being said, I so recommend this site step your life up a notch ladies.

DP 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Milwaukee

This is an outstanding website for Sugardaddies /Sugarbabies to meet up on and have a great time with one another. I have met many wonderful ladies on here and have have a great time with them. Good luck to all that try out this sugar daddy website it is really worth what your spending a month to be a member.

MUSTANG01 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from Murrieta

I would highly recommend SugarDaddyForMe for anyone looking for a Sugar Baby.

Spudguy 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Houston

I love sd4me! Best dating site ever!

KD 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Kansas City


pavati17 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Boca Raton

How are you, Sugardaddyforme? But I love young sexy women. Sometimes it has does not work out. I love I am addicted to Sugardaddyforme. But all in all I love Sugardaddyforme. I have my Sugardaddyforme Internet Options, so I love it! Thank you! Robert

lovestoryrobert 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from Charleston

I have been a member for almost 2 years on and off. I have met some fantastic gentlemen and am looking forward to what's to come. Your site is great!

LP1972 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Amherst,WI

It's been great, meet several nice ladies and have had a great time so far. I would love to meet my wife someday on here and I think I will.

austin2354 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from Gallatin

I Believe sugardaddyforme is The Best Dating Site Anyone Can Come Across. I've Met A Few Sugar Daddies From Here &&' My Life Went From Being 'Ok' To Being GREAT !

chiqkittha 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Balcones Heights

I think it a very good site for me and I hope to get a good person who would love and care for me and I believe it will help other sugar babies as well to find their sugar daddies too.And u guys are really doing a good job keep it thank u

Theresa Asiedu 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Athens

I believe SUGARDADDYFORME is the best sugar daddy dating site for you to meet you partner..

Martin 61-year-old Sugar Daddy from Hardingstone

This site has the best looking women if any site out there. The women are scandalously, but they're hot.

Lalasabi 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Sacramento

I've met some great successful guys on sd4m. All very different and unique in there own way. It's a great site to find that sugar daddy you're looking for. Other places it's scary because you don't know what kind of person you're talking to but in this site I feel pretty safe.

texansweetie 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Carrollton

Basically I was just trying it out just to see what it was all about. So far I love the site!!?? I instantly started getting hits it's great.

NS 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Sacramento

SDFM has been great for me. I have met many Sugar babies, and a few have evolved into long-term arrangements. Nearly all the sugarbaby profiles are authentic, and there is very little spam on this sugar daddy dating site. I'm a fan!

steaminhunk 41-year-old Sugar Daddy from Minneapolis

Great! Couldn't ask for a better sugar daddy website. I'm amazed at the quality of care given to this site. I'm thankful for being part of this and for the great people I've been given the chance to meet.

M1ssG1g1 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Anaheim

SugarDaddyForMe was one of the first sugar daddy dating websites I signed up for and bought a membership with. I've met and talked to a lot of very nice sugar daddies because of this site. I think it's definitely more active than any other sugar daddy website and I've encountered more real, genuine men on this site than the others.

AM 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Moline

i think you are a most accomplished Dating Site with regard to finding the correct match for ourselves..very versatile indeed pertaining means of contact and close contact and easy communication..i am happy to be here as a member for quite a long time..

singer2 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from Istanbul

in my opinion SugarDaddyForMe is better than most sugardaddy can read the full profiles.i have met afew sugarbaby male on this site.

FD 54-year-old Gay Sugar Daddy from albuquerque

Sugardaddyforme is a fantastic way to meet a sugardaddy that is interested in pampering a women. Its wonderful being taken to a nice dinner, shopping, a trip, a spa, or just a patio for some drinks. I like an upscale man and this site is perfect for my search for daddy! !

lisalou68 44-year-old Sugar Baby from Addicks Barker

SugarDaddyForMe is a pretty cool site. Ive talked to plenty of beautiful sugarbabies on the site and hooked up with several of them. I havent had anywhere near as much success on any other online dating site.

mrb 37-year-old Sugar Daddy from Forney

SDFM..Rocks...Even for a couple!!! We have hooked up with some great women.."sugar baby's"

TWISTEDFX1 41-year-old Sugar Baby from seaside

Just Great

Indyhans 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Dallas

I love the sugardaddyforme website bc as a busy woman trying to make my future I don't get out much so the site brings the men to me. I'm a woman with needs & desires so I need a man who can support me, spoil me, & get me what I want & sugardaddyforme brings me just that.

MS 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Charlotte

For the discerning gentleman who values his time, his talents, and his relationships, sd4m provides the finest avenue for finding a suitable and compatible sugarbaby. I have been able to find some outstanding ladies who have understood my time, my schedule and me to bring about the experience needed to appreciate life to it's fullest. Mutually beneficial, sugardaddyforme cultivates lasting and wonderful fiendships, and extraordinary relationships.

jj 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Overland Park

I absolutely LOVE SugarDaddyForMe!!!!! It has helped me meet numerous gorgeous and wonderful sugardaddies that absolutely love to spoil me!!! I could not be happier! Best membership I've gotten in my life!

Serenity Shields 20-year-old Sugar Baby from kansas city

Sugardaddyforme is the best sugar daddy website for connecting sugarbabies and sugar daddies

Benitamarie 19-year-old Sugar Baby from pomona

I have used other Sugar Daddy websites but I found that the ladies on this site are much more responsive. In just a few weeks I think that I may have found my sugar baby.

Softwaremagnate 62-year-old Sugar Daddy from Cypress

I've had the opportunity to connect with some very nice rich powerful sugar daddies. I found them to be very open and straight forward about what and who they are and what they want without games. Since I don't ask for money I don't know anything about that side of it. I do know they've been generous with their time for me.

mb 51-year-old Sugar Baby from Los Angeles

best sugardaddy site, strongly recommend it.

st 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from parsippany

Sugar daddy for me is the premier sugar daddy dating site for this lifestyle/ hobby. The way they assure your privacy is unmatched. Have met many top notch sugar babies here and look forward to many more in the future and all the memories for a lifetime. There is a match here for any gentlemans taste. Thank You. Chase

Chasenracin 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Madison Heights

I've received a lot more positive responses on this sugar daddy website than other sites I've used. I like that you can choose to allow or deny voice and webcam activity with the instant messaging and the security code you get for your private pictures.

CV 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Owings Mills

I'm very happy to have found "SugarDaddyForMe" for the site has provided me gorgeous sugarbabies for dates and companionship. I enjoy pampering my dates and showing them a good time. Showing them a new outlook on life and inspiring they're future.

nudist4u 64-year-old Sugar Daddy from Saint Petersburg

I have really enjoyed being a member of the sugar daddy community. I have met several very nice ladies on sugardaddyforme, and have developed some great friendships as well. I highly recommend the site to others. LKL

LKL 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Atlanta

SD4m has been a great resource, as I am very particular in the choosing of a sugar daddy

TrulySweetBaby 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Anderson

I'm still new to this sugardaddy dating but I've already spoken to a few and would really like to get to know them! I'm so glad I found this website for dating sugardaddies!

zainab zangana 20-year-old Sugar Baby from san diego

I have found SD site to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and probably most importantly, this site has met my needs and surpassed my initial expectations regarding finding, meeting and connecting with quality SB!

peterssecret 51-year-old Sugar Daddy from rochester, ny

A very positive experience , was able to find a sugarbaby exactly as I was looking for, not possible without SugarDaddyForMe's help.

Solanakey 61-year-old Sugar Daddy from Solana Beach

I love it!!

sexisammi2322 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Iowa City

Of the various sugar daddy sites, this is by far the best one in terms of both the quality and quantity of very hot sugar babies. If you can't meet someone you like hear, then you won't be able to anywhere.

centralnyman 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Ithaca

I have spoken to and met some amazing people - this is by far the best dating / arrangement site I have seen - I love it.

David 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from Arlington

I think it's a great place to find your sugar daddy or mommy. It's me.

cutiegirl2619 20-year-old Sugar Baby from arvin

This is a Great sugar daddy dating site! As a standard member I have had several Beautiful Gold Member Sugar Babies contact me to meet. I have had success locating Ladies who are looking for the same type of relationship that I am looking for. I have recommended this site to other guys that I know will benefit from it and I recommend it to you too!!!

Dave 51-year-old Sugar Daddy from St. Clair Shores

Sugar daddy for me has helped me find a lot of sugardaddies that are willing to take care of me financially

Tasteful21 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Bond Hill

I wasn't sure if this site was really real. Then I tried it out. I had several messages just after a few days after making an account. If you don't like the sugar daddies you don't have to talk to them and that's a great thing. Having a choice. I am happy and I can't wait to meet more great sugar daddies. Sugar Daddy For Me really rocks!!

CEN 20-year-old Sugar Baby from louisville

This is a pretty good website for dating and finding true love, I met my current girlfriend on this site. Our relationship started out as a Sugar daddy but grew toward marriage.

AD 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Atlanta

My exspierience with the sugardaddy website has very good to me I am very GREATFUL and look forward for sugar daddy's to keep on helping me with everything I want.

La 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Pittsburg

Since joining sugardaddyforme I have deleted my account at other "SD" sites I was on! On "SDFM" I receive double the emails comparatively! The Gentlemen (3) I have met on here were 100% legit SDs! (One moved shortly after we met, the other was too far away to see regularly) Another great thing about sugardaddyforme is in the name itself! The gentlemen have a clear understanding that this isn't a dating site or hookup site!! There is a true understanding of the logistics of the sugarbaby/sugardaddy relationship!! For that alone I say THANK YOU!!

crzydiamond 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Fayetteville

By far and away the most professional and well designed site for matching SugarDaddies to SugarBabies. Great features with an easy to use interface. Oh, and the babes are plentiful and smokin

Dave54321 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Redmond

Great opportunity to date successful sugar daddies that are educated, adventurous, and generous! This is a much more selective clientele than you will find on other sugar daddy dating sites...the support is good... Features useful.... Great website

Sugarbabyblue00 51-year-old Sugar Baby from Star

I have had very sweet and kind gentlemen contact me. I'm on a quest for one special sugar daddy. I think I'll find him on here.

Sweetblusouth 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

SugarDaddyforMe is by far the most professional website for dating of it's kind. The site navigation and support is unparalleled. The sugar daddies I have met have been the nicest and created some of the best times I have ever had. There are tons of available dates locally which leads me coming back to the sugardaddy site over and over again.

PK 41-year-old Sugar Daddy from Howland

Very successful in meeting Sugarbabies, the quality of the responses is high. Profiles on Sugardaddy for me are genuine

Biglumber58 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Tallahassee

This is one if not the most amazing dating sites to meet people and make real connections. My experience has been amazing since I have started using it. I am satisfied with the site and it makes meeting great people looking for the same thing I want in life so much easier.

CC 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Austin

I would like to say I love this site. If you are a true SD like me :) then you should have no problem what so ever meeting a Sugar Baby on here. I spend 6-8 months out of the year traveling and this site has introduced me to some very beautiful women all over the world.

visio1972 41-year-old Sugar Daddy from USA

I love! Since I have made an account wonderful things has happen to me. I have met a lot of great people who are kind an caring I have only had an account for a week an I have experienced great things I think this is a good website an one of the best sugar daddy dating sites out I give this site a 10 as a rate because its great

20prettyblack 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Norfolk

It is a very good website for dating sugar daddies. I have talk to some good gentleman on here and I would recommend this site to some of my friend

sexxyplus 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Poughkeepsie

It is a fantastic way to meet genuine and desirable people with similar relationship goals ! The search capabilities let you find exactly what you are looking for. Being able to selectively reveal your pictures through use of a code allows you to share more intimate pictures with those you are actively considering for a deeper connection. I have been quite satisfied and feel membership definitely has it privileges

CF 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from Winston-Salem

I have dated a few sugardaddies on this sugardaddy site. They have really been quite generous and kind. The men that have messaged me have been really nice as well! This to me is one of best sugar daddy dating sites I have been on! To everyone that just signs up... Happy Hunting! There is always someone out there for us all! Why not give Sugar Daddy For Me a try!!!! Thanks!

ISM 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Thonotosassa

I love the sugardaddyforne site. It is the best one! There are many sugar daddies !!!

sweet_woman 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Hailey

I've met 3 sugar babies so far and am currently dating one. She is a beautiful, young woman and we have hit it off extremely well. Thank you Sugardaddy for me

timco32 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Holladay

I like my girlfriends to be lively and smart, and both apply to the gals enrolled at Sugar Daddy For Me. Most are quite friendly, and quit to respond to my offers to "go and do" for fun and experience more than lucre, and to the benefit and enlightenment of all. For example, I have been to, and ernjoyed a mutual good time, at events from the Opera to the Derby movies, and from the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club to the VD Derby Gals, with sugarbabies I have met on sugar daddy for me. Gentlemen, be flexible and without a preconceived agenda. I am, and it works out VERY well!

migace 68-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Diego

I loved this sugar baby-sugar daddy dating website. It gives you a lot of choices. It is very easy, convenient place to find a real sugar daddy.

AM 27-year-old Sugar Baby from New York

This is the BEST of all the introduction and websites for dating sugarbabies I've used! I've met some ladies here who were fantastic companions. I can be as selective as I need to be, and my Sugar Babies really did tack good care of me. The member fee is comparable to other sugar daddy dating sites, and in fact, less expensive than a couple that I've used that promised much and delivered little. There was one lady in Galveston who was more exciting than I could have imagined. I travel a lot, and meeting a beautiful woman for an evening out or a weekend in is easy on SD. Even when I couldn't arrange a meeting with a young lady in London, she was gracious and kind. I certainly must see her when I'm there again! I couldn't be more pleased with!

topshooter2010 59-year-old Sugar Daddy from Tycho Crater

Sugardaddyforme is the best dating site ever.

tutta1977 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Port Arthur

So far my experience on sugar daddy for me.... I love it.... it's great everything about this site is great..... all the features work perfectly... the people are very respectable...I love it.... it's just right for me.... :-)

loveangel25 27-year-old Sugar Baby from southbend

I enjoy the site, it's easy to use and navigate. There are similar sugar daddy dating sites I've visited which are much harder to navigate and offer nothing for basic users. All things considered I would recommend it to my friends over any other.

FC 40-year-old Sugar Daddy from Auburn hills

I have met several women, from this site. Some experiences were great and others not. Relationships ensued in most of the situations ranging from a month or two to several years. The site gives an opportunity for people to meet understanding that a sexual relationship is desired and expected. Thank you SugarDaddyForMe for providing these opportunities to enhance my life.

Callen100 59-year-old Man for Extramarital from Greenville SC

SugarDaddyForme is a very promising and exciting dating site for sugar babies. I love it I never thought I would get so much of attention from so many sugar daddies

Domonique 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Cleveland, Ms

I love sugar daddy for me! I've had good experiences with every guy so far, so I'm pleased

Natalialove0347 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Cedar Park

like it very much, creates alot of real opportunities to meet sugar babies

PR 42-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chatsworth

Has been fabulous!! Have currently three sugarbabies competing to keep me in the sack!!

Doc423 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from Gadsden

When I sign up on sugardaddyforme I just wanted to see what happen. I have gotten so many email. I love it

Pinklady0821 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Clermont

I highly recommend sugar daddy for me.

Socksjake 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Houston

Having met about a dozen sugar babies and forming semi-permanent bonds with 2 over the last 4 years, I highly recommend this website for dating and their approach.

CaptMac1949 64-year-old Sugar Daddy from Dallas

I love it !!

Sexyjashley 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Cleveland

It is a great dating site! meet a couple of interesting sugardadies! I mailed them,they mailed me. I like sugardaddyforme cause it has a trial option also so if you don't want to pay anymore you can just cancel you membership. bottom line,the best website for dating sugar daddies.

AA 22-year-old Sugar Baby from London

Over all, I love it !! It is nice to have a site I can use to find appreciative women. I use it locally, and when I travel and need dining/social companionship. Recommendation: For advanced searches, have the ability to sort thru members who have not been on the site for a certain amount of time (ie: Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, etc)

GregS4Fun00 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Pittsburgh

Since being on I have learned loads of tips and tricks on how to succeed in the Sugar Daddy Dating World. The SUgarDaddyFOrme site helped guide me towards many rewarding experiences in finding a compatable Sugar Baby. Has have helped me succeed in getting what I wanted and needed from a prospective partner. I have tried everything from NSA dating to live-in arrangements and everything in-between. The huge number of available profiles makes it impossible not to find the right person. With the 3 Day Free Trial Membership at I was able to see if Sugar Dating could help me meet the type of person I had been lacking in my life. There are many other Sugar Dating sites to choose from, but has proven to work. I have met so many awesome girls I couldn't even begin to talk about all of them. It's just like being a kid in a candy store... the biggest candy store in the world

David 59-year-old Sugar Daddy from Hollywood

I love this website for dating. I get so many compliments. exciting conversations and more.

summersuga 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Saint Paul

SD4M has an interesting mix of sugarbabbies on it. To be frank when I signed up I had expected that there would be a lot of escorts simply looking for clients I was pleasantly surprised that you seem to screen out these girls. I was even more surprised that many of the girls I have met are simply sweet girls looking for something more than a hook up with a guy and who are NOT seeking a financial arrangement. Over all my experience has been very positive and I have meet some absolutely wonderful sugarbabies here. What I have been most impressed with is that many of the girls are truly receptive to dating and having a relationship with an older guy. If you are an older guy who is looking to find a younger girl SugarDaddyForMe is where you want to be.

steve33773 61-year-old Sugar Daddy from Largo

This is an amazing site. I've met lots of young educated sugarbabies. We help each other out and in the end we are all better for it.

Robotarms 35-year-old Sugar Daddy from Edinburg

It has been fantastic.

AM 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Echo Park

I absolutely love this website! I've had nothing but great experiences since I've been on SugarDaddyForMe.

smiles9973 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Finley

The good ... I have met some great sugarbabies here for both short term and long term sugardaddy-sugarbaby relationships. After about 6 months of enjoyment I have entered what seems will be a long term sugar daddy relationship. We have great chemistry and I am truly helping my lady to gain the education needed be a success. The bad - As the site says - experience taught me, simply refuse to send money ahead of meeting, no matter how good the story.

buizman1 68-year-old Sugar Daddy from Bloomfield

I have met some exciting sugar daddies online and in person. I have actually kept contact with someone I met for years. It has its ups and downs but I would absolutely recommend the sugardaddy site to anyone looking for something real and fun.

SweetNLookin333 50-year-old Sugar Baby from Somewhere

I think it's an amazing website for dating with great potential to meet great sugardaddies who work hard to spoil sugarbabies one of the only places where chivalry isn't dead . I've received lots of messages. All very kind and respectful I feel its a more direct approach to dating or casual meeting in today's society. Sugardaddies on this site seem to know exactly what they want and know how to get it and vice versa so far I'm very pleased with the site and have recommended sugardaddyforme to a couple friends and would recommend the site to anyone anywhere!

HSGB 24-year-old Sugar Baby from toronto

To tell you the truth, my experience on Sugar Daddy has been great. I have sure enjoyed meeting a real variety of Sugar Babies and if you checked with all of them they would tell you that they have enjoyed their meeting me and that they sure enjoyed what we did together. I do look forward to many many new great experiences and who knows I might even find the woman I would love to spend the rest of my life with. Oh! and perhaps all my money with and on her. Here's to the great times in my future. Thank You PS: As of this wrighting I am having some trouble getting the sight to respond to my trouble shooting messages, about my inability to get on search. This is real disturbing thing to me. Because of the sight not responding to my five messages explaining the trouble.

knightsin 66-year-old Sugar Daddy from Winter Parl, Florida

The SugarDaddyForMe website provides what no other website can offer, personal ads for hundreds of thousands of potential partners covering nearly every corner of the globe. With so many choices, finding the right sugardaddy or sugarbaby is easy, even for the most discerning. I was shocked to learn just how many people have listed themselves on SugarDaddyForMe. For the first time in my life, I have the freedom to be as picky as I want.

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great website better than all of the others great success in meeting women on here easy to use website, and love the fact that you can really chat w someone on here easily would love search options on favs, and in the mail boxes, both sent and recieved.

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I think its amazing it's way better and easier to find a sugar daddy on cause we all have an idea of what we want and how we want it. My experience has been great and I've got to talk to a couple of sugar daddies(: And you get to choose if you continue the relationship or not your the boss if it don't click with one they're more out there!

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I have just signed up for sugar daddy for me. A good friend of mine told me to sign up for it & to give it a try due to her good experiences from it. So I figured why not!? What do I have to lose?! Nothing, just have everything to gain!

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I've been on this site off and on for many years. it's the best of the sugar daddy sites. I've had several excellent relationships lasting from a few months to over 4 years. I've had relationships with women as young as 18 and as old as 50. I've travelled, paid rent, tuition, car payments, allowances. I've paid tuition through dental school for one sugar baby. I've had intimate and non intimate relationships.All of my past Sugar babies would still consider me a friend and I still meet a couple of them for coffee occasionally.

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The website has the largest collection and best quality of members. I'm about to start my third Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship off the site - in the last 5 years!

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SugarDaddyForMe is a fantastic site. When I first joined the site I didn't know what to expect but I actually love it. I have met some really interesting sugar daddies off of this site. People up here are actually serious about the kind of relationship that they want. You don't have to worry about spam and frauds. Anything thing that you need help with, the staffs are only an email away.

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I think it's a great website. It's real unlike most I have been on in the past. The site is easy to use not complicated. The sugar daddies on the site are not rude and disrespectful like the other sugar daddy sites. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE I LOVE SUGARDADDY.COM!!

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I am on several Sugardaddy sites and I like the lay out of this site. It is easy to use and the sugar daddy for me site is in my opinion hits the market for sugarbabies as well as sugardaddies who are looking for this type of a relationship. There seems to be more women on the site than the others and I have gotten more replies to my ad from this site as well. All in all I give SugarDaddyForMe a very high rating.

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SD4M is great

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I really like the SugarDaddyForMe website, after being divorced for a few years this has been a breath of fresh air. I have found several ladies to chat and go out with, and it was very easy to navigate the website. The website is very intuitive and easy to use -- there are a lot of features that really help "break the ice" and get conversations started. Thanks SugarDaddyForMe !!

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It's a wonderful website for dating and exploring your options. It's a life changing site as well because your life is exposed to new experiences and confidential at the same time. When you meet someone off sd4me its worth it because you gain even more than what you currently own. Just tell them what you want and its all yours. The parties are to die for even more

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It is a pretty easy website where you can find many different types people that will can satisfy what you are looking for. Of course with any site one has to be careful. It does seem so far that there are many individuals who are true to who they are, which is great. I have not been on the site very long but I know that I am not uncomfortable. No matter how honest a person is you know that there will be no surprises and you know what you are getting into. Whether you are looking for fun, companionship, a serious relationship, or someone to connect with. This site has it all and who wouldn't be happy about that. It almost like going to the mall and every level has a different verity and you just can't get board.

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What a great site - I have found 5 different Sugar Babys over the years on here and together, we have had a great deal of fun (not all at the same time). The local search works best for me. Except once I found a young lady on this site in a city I was visiting and we enjoyed the week while I was there and we both had a blast. Honestly, having a Sugar Baby is the best way to go. Perfect.

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I have been a member for almost 2 years on and off. I have met some fantastic gentlemen and am looking forward to what's to come. Your site is great!

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Very good sugar daddy website. Like anytging else you have to be careful about people you interact with as there are possible scams, but I have met some amaizing high quality sugar babies.

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I know I just sent in my statement, but I forgot to add that I have recommended your site to several friends who are signing up as well!! xo

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I think sugar daddy for me it's a wonderful place for dating rich men and to be able to meet with them is just awesome!

L R 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Wetumpka

On a scale of 1 to 10 it would be an eight or nine, not perfect but good. I travel a lot for work and fun and have found interesting sugar babies in most of the cities I search. As with any experience the more I connect the better it is or easier it gets. I’ve learned to “weed out” the ladies that are just looking for strictly the $$$ and home in those sugarbabies that want to treated well, wined and dined more of the GFE if you will. While a bit more pricey than other sites, definitely worth the money. But as they say you get what you pay for.

asweetdaddy731 66-year-old Sugar Daddy from Oklahoma

It has been good have meet a few sugar babies from sugardaddy for me it's been exciting I just wish they where not so greedy but that human nature but some of them have been kind of rude I over look that too

dennis407 59-year-old Man for Extramarital from East Orlando

Excellent source of attractive and sexy women for dating.

MrBig2 62-year-old Sugar Baby from Daytona Beach

I think that this dating site is amazing, I am a single mother who is trying to make it through college and am loving the opportunity to meet sugar daddies. I have met with one sugardaddy off of this site, and we have kicked it off...

Cheerygurl1287 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Springfield

have talked with and met a few amazing young sugar babies ;)

jp 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from Brewster

I've met and dated many beautiful sugarbabies. Great site. Some fakes but not too many. Best Sugar Daddy website I've found yet.

TS 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Nashville

From all the different sugar daddy dating sites I have seen or heard about or been on, sdfm to me seems the most respectable and in a lot of ways most helpful in getting people together. I have been down and out for some time, and the site is my chance to meet people who may be able to help me varies ways in getting my life back together. I haven't as yet been able to become a member as I am waiting on a paycheck, but I can at least still see those who have viewed me and are interested and can make a calm rational decision who I might like to become better acquainted.

M H 44-year-old Sugar Baby from Harrisburg

Sugardaddyforme has been very good for me and I have recommended to my friends and they have also done well. I will continue to recommend this site to more of my friends. I use to be on sugar but I really like this sugar daddy dating service much better.

Kala808 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from Riverside

I do like the website. There has been a few hiccups along the way with billing etc, but they were smoothed out quickly. I have met a few of the ladies and I find them fun and interesting. No longterm sugarbabies yet. I am sure to find one.

cyburnyte 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Wichita

I have met two sugar daddies and they have treated me to good. So my experiences was wonderful. I have told my friends to try this website for dating sugar daddies.

C.T. 33-year-old Sugar Baby from lawton

There are alot of scammers on the site, it should be easier to report them, other than that, I also have met some great girls!

Alan5679 51-year-old Sugar Daddy from Morristown nj

Great sugardaddy site!!!

It 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Maryland

the site is very good I've had a pleasant experience

ursula88 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Brooklyn

The sugardaddy site is really awesome and I'm really glad that I can be a part of it.

Mizz. Black 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Dallas

it is a very good website for dating beautiful younger sugarbabies and I would highly reccomend this site to all the gentlemen who are searching for younger ladies.

fj 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from yakima offers a wide spectrum of sugarbabies of various ages, backgrounds and interests. While some are specific about financial support, many are also looking for establish relationships for a number of different reasons. I have met many females matching my particular interests. Some have become life long friends.

PalGuy4U 56-year-old Sugar Daddy from Coppell

I really enjoy this website I've met a lot of great sugar daddies

df 34-year-old Sugar Baby from New York

It gives you a wide variety of people to meet. There's no awkward moments if you choose not to meet someone. It's better than a blind date cause you get to see pics. Chatting and getting to know someone before going on a date. No pressure in meeting anyone. I have met some interesting people here and continue to enjoy it. I recommend this site to anyone who wants a specific person in their life.

sb 41-year-old Sugar Baby from Jacksonville

I did not know there were so many young sugarbabies looking for sugardaddies. I am not a member yet, so I have not enteracted with any of the young sugarbabies yet, the way the site is set up looks great.

Jo71603 60-year-old Sugar Daddy from Pine Bluff

I've tried other sugar daddy sites, most are scams, seems to have more real people that actually respond.

stevieboombatz 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Humble

SD4M is a great sugar daddy website and by far my favorite. The sugar daddies on this site are really of great quality, usually really adventurous and well rounded.

kmbrly2831 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Valrico

When I work the sugarddyforme site consistently it truly does work!

xxldawg 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Addison

The website is very well structured in that it promoted honesty and rejects illegal activities. What I mean is the concept of being a sugar daddy is in itself to me a concept of honesty. By that I mean, a lot of ladies date men for intrinsic reasons and ladies date men for others. This cuts all of the lies and prevents people from being lead on foolishly by the other person and also opens up communication to a level that two adults can speak their mind and say what they want a fact that is very very difficult for people to achieve on a "normal" relationship.

AP 32-year-old Sugar Daddy from Anaheim

I have found a wonderful Sugar Daddy! We have wonderful relationship! I am new to the site and already have a vacation scheduled and met with my "Daddy"! We have a blast together!

Sammie6188 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Pittsburgh

I love the sugar daddy for me site so much iv"e been on and off for some time now and plan on continuing my membership.

klassigirl 34-year-old Sugar Baby from sacramento

Excellent companions on SugarDaddyForMe to choose from. Im sure I will find a sugarbaby here. cheers and keep up the good work!!

Chris 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from Newcastle Australia

I like the site, but Iv found you have to be very careful here. ALOT of the sugar babies on the site want nothing buy money. Iv been asked alot for money, but they wouldnt tell me why. Iv learned to be very careful and not send any money to anybody, without a valid reason and for sure not out of state. Overall I like the side alot, but as I said before Im carefull. Iv had and 18 year old tell me she was 37 and and 21 year old living near me tell me she needed money to keep here apartment. On the up side Iv met some real nice ladies, but I dont want to get married again lol. I think your site is super, and Im going to keep my payments up. One thing I think is that you could contact members say 5 day before there payments are due that will allow members to make payments on time and not miss them.

gunboat67 56-year-old Sugar Daddy from Fort Mitchel Alabama

I've been able to meet some great sugardaddies, travel to places I have never been before, and get help paying for college. You know the instant you're with the "real deal" and they make it so easy to have a great time and establish a good connection. These are established men so you don't have to be afraid meeting someone from the computer. I'm very glad I signed up!

Missy 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Fort Lauderdale


LaylaFlowers 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Ft.Worth gives an important way for SugarDaddies/sugarbabies to find each other. I believe that in our lives, too many biases exist that hold us back. Here, people can get what they need at that moment, but may not need in the future. When a person needs something to help him/her with or in life, that person will get it. If not, it was not needed. Your site is proof of that to me. I have met 3 sugar babies on here and have had important relationships with each of them, and remain friends with them.

LANaughtyGuy 66-year-old Sugar Daddy from Los Angeles

sugardaddy for me is a safe and aFfordable way to meet new people ive meet a couble of very nice sugar babies

dyal 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from Knoxville

It's very cool dating website. I would sign up again.

fdb 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Lawndale

I sincerely believe it is a very good site and offers a great sugar daddy dating service -- I like that there is a sizable number of people of interest in my city that are also often online more than other websites for dating sugarbabies that I have vistited

AO 40-year-old Sugar Daddy from Orlando

sugardaddy for me is a very good website bringing the young and old together making life easier its the best ever I have never come across a website like this am so happy sugardaddyforme bridges the gap between the young and old

Janet 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Memphis

I have had a great experience on SugarDaddyForMe

trimgetter 36-year-old Sugar Daddy from Riverside

I enjoy SD4M, and have been a long time member.

rb 68-year-old Sugar Daddy from Pittsburgh & Erie

I believe SugarDaddyForMe is an awesome website for dating sugardaddies! I have only been a member for a short period but I have received many delightful responses to my personal ad.

A.J. 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Toledo

Its a great sugardaddy site. Helpful in finding the right connection with the right sugarbaby that I want to date or meet.

JMM 59-year-old Sugar Daddy from Calgary

I never thought at my age I would be able to catch a sugar daddy but I was wrong. And actually made some life long friends. I have even been on trips to some great cities that I would not have been able to do if I hadn't been on this site. Sugar daddy for me has been a positive experience and I would recommend it !!!

lisa 48-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

I'm finally living. Enjoying being wined and dined by sugar daddy. Who knew that life could offer so many opportunities.

Beststuffsofar 46-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I've met some wonderful women on this site, it's a very useful platform.

fishguy717 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from jacksonville, florida

great place to met like minded sugar babies.

gh 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Spring

I think it's a great place to find your sugar daddy or sugar mommy. It's me.

cutiegirl2619 20-year-old Sugar Baby from arvin

although I am not a gold member on SugarDaddyFOrme I was contacted by a couple of real interesting sugar babies who are serious enough to let me have a contact number. I cannot say that I had a relation but it was my fault for not calling. this is the best honest sugar daddy site I have seen, and the choices are real.

counto 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from beirut

I am still searching for someone that meets my standards, I'm not the desperate type, I believe in fate, and if fate brought me to site, I'm game. I guess, I don't mind giving as well as receiving as long as it mutual, and not one sided, and as long as your willingly want to know me, you can reap all the benefits. I enjoy meeting new ppl, and this sugardaddy site has plenty, I hope I get to meet them soon.

angelstarforyou 40-year-old Sugar Momma from Calumet Park

I love the sdfm site!!!

sexyniqu21 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Toledo

Fun to see ladies

phxranger 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Southfield

I love this website for dating because it has fast results and I have a potential sugar daddy.

JQ 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Arlington

Great site! Lots of eligible sugar babies!

northwest99224 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Spokane

I feel that sugar daddy for me website is user friendly and gets straight to the point on the profile page of the person your looking at. I have had some great conversations with sugardaddies who have a level of intellectualism that is stimulating to me. I now have a casual relationship with a sugar daddy I met on this website, I have recommended this site to my friends, one of which is now a member.

AE 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Edina

I have had an amazing experience on this site. I never thought that I would have enough courage to talk to these sugar daddies, but I have. The sugar daddies on this site have given me a renewed sense of appreciation. I recommended this site to several of my friends, they are enjoying the sugar daddy dating as well.

LNH 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Oakland

i love the site its great

djh 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from oak park


SAILORG 56-year-old Sugar Momma from MYKONOS

It is great has lots of sexy sugar babies who like to chat.

cutephil 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Kalamazoo

i really liked the sugardaddyforme website

naga232 28-year-old Sugar Daddy from Hazelwood

This dating site is so nice. I met a good sugar daddy here who is my friend now and maybe a partner! :)

sensualbaby21 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Manila

SDFM is the best place to find a future husband!

a special love 41-year-old Sugar Baby from LA

Sugardaddyforme site in terms of content is very user friendly and easy to navigate The sugar babies are young of course but seem to have a mature outlook Most of my experiences with at least a dozen have been very favorable

Bond0000777 63-year-old Sugar Daddy from Douglaston

I've had an interesting first week. I had to sort through all the non members and now I am finding truly inspirational sugar daddies. The knowledge and experience these men have to share with me is truly humbling, and you are offered beautiful dates on top of it :-). I'm enjoying myself a lot!!

two4_one 22-year-old Sugar Baby from fredericksburg

Sugar Daddy for me as the name implies,has something for everybody and you can find real people there.Is so much fun on sdfm and promise you will surly find your match.

judy4luv 24-year-old Sugar Baby from New York

I have been a sugar daddy for over 10 years now. I have been in 8 total arrangements. Three of those arrangements came from sugar babies I found on this website. There is no doubt that you have to sift through fake profiles, scams, etc, but I would assume it would be the same on any sugardaddy site, but the fact is, this site has numerous genuinely interested and classy women to choose from and the site makes it possible to go through the process easily in finding the right one. Thanks.

vegasfun4uni 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Las Vegas

I think the site is very interesting and the sugar babies have a variety of personalities. I feel sdfm gives a sugar daddy the opportunity to meet women who fit his style and personality. Overall, I think the site has a lot to offer men and women from all ethnic backgrounds with different styles, expectations and desires.

Amaman77 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from Manhattan

Great site if you know what you looking for there is all type of sugardaddies good ones liars abusers so far I am very happy it is working good for me I don't know how to thank SDfm words are not enough

Nqobile200 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Manhattan

My experience of It's been great! No complaints.

Julie 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Philadelphia

pretty good sugar daddy site. have some contacts so far,will see if it leads to anything.

vf 56-year-old Sugar Daddy from port st lucie

I like the idea behind the sugar daddy for me site, where people can meet just for the companionship - or maybe even find love in the strangest places. It's also a serious sugar daddy dating site, which I like - as members feel more safe and taken care of using this site So far I have got some msg, and I do look forward to get to know more people out there :)

NorwegianLatino 27-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Stavanger / Norway

Great website for dating - fun and easy

embabby 19-year-old Sugar Baby from North Hollywood

Pretty good experiences, met several SugarBabies

MC 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Omaha

I have yet to take advantage of what I feel is the best feature of this site as opposed to other sugar daddy dating sites, the invitation to sponsored parties where one can meet and greet other members in a classy-but-playful social setting. I WILL attend one SOON.

A.C. 44-year-old Sugar Baby from San Francisco

i am still in the process of looking but from what I've seen....u have all bases full ,,,lol

rm 41-year-old Sugar Baby from sudbury

Damn cool sugar daddy dating website / had a problem a month ago -other than that -been totally cool

Boootyweiser 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Cedar Rapids

Been a member a long time, From time to Time I have become a "Paid" to pick out a girl, but then I let to go while I keep her. It then comes to a end. I look and then I join again when I fine someone new. .. over and over..

Don 59-year-old Sugar Daddy from Cleveland TN

New to the SugarBaby sence but I like the hunt. I have yet to meet with a SugarDaddy because I'm on vacation but looking forward to it. I have to recommend the site to my friends. :)

SG 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Ontario

Great way to potentially meet decent sugardaddies who are willing and want to pamper you.

Mm 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston Lake

it's a great place to meet sugar babies and find people that fit what we both are expecting

JE 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Magee

Unlike many sugar daddy dating sites, the people that use SugarDaddyForMe are REAL. I have yet to encounter someone that works for the site or is on the site to "stimulate" or "enhance" your dating experience. This is a real plus in my opinion. One does not waste time by conversing with someone that you will never meet and the use of the pictures displayed under the name are not even theirs to claim. All the sugarbabies that I have had the pleasure of conversing and meeting were true, and real. As for the bad side, I think the Customer Service area could use a little help as response time seems to be somewhat long. This is especially annoying when one is at a loss as to why they are not allowed to contact anyone. I would recommend the site to anyone that is looking for an online dating site.

yldrice 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Yorba Linda

I love this sugardaddy site and I think its a better way of putting things so you can get straight to the point of what you want.

sweetheart1420 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Fort Wayne

All sorts on this sugardaddy site. Sugarbabies lokking for money, which is alright knowing what this site is for. Really a lot of nice people on site. I like how it works.

TO 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Fort Smith

I love sugardaddyforme, nice selection of sugar babies and very easy to manage and search through the site!

Tydaddie 35-year-old Sugar Daddy from Downingtown

I have met a few gentlemen, but I'm still looking for the right one for me. I've had good and bad experiences, such is life, but I've found that it's better to have a very honest conversation up front about what each of you expect. I would like for the website to make pictures mandatory, at least one. Also, more SD4M events would be wonderful, especially in the Southeastern region. My tip to all new Sugar babies: Never do anything that you are uncomfortable with, as a real gentlemen would never ask or expect you to.

MF 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Columbia

I really like this site as I am a single parent who just needs the little help of a nice guy who wants to help likes to travel and shop with a lifetime gold member ship I know I will find that right one for me!!!

lovejadarayne 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Oakland

SugarDaddyForMe is the only site that doesn't make you jump through hoops to actually communicate with sugar babies. I could set up a bunch of dates and two of them were just what I was looking for. I meet them on a regular basis now.

Fpg 23-year-old Sugar Daddy from Sunnyvale

I have had a couple of nice views and look forward to my first meet to sugar daddy soon!

edmund5 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Angelo

Its been great I have meet a lot of great sugar daddies look forward to meeting more its a great online dating site and I'm enjoying it

trashana 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Milwaukee

I met a great sugar baby on this site. We spent about a year together before work schedules, both hers and mine, started keeping us apart so much that we went our separate ways and parted as friends.

Tallguy006 62-year-old Sugar Daddy from Bell Canyon

Its been a great experience using this sugar daddy website. Get to talk and learn things about different people around the world. I know I made a good choice by choosing this website for dating, make friends , and maybe some day meet the right sugar daddy for me.

Stephanie 22-year-old Sugar Baby from El Paso

It is a great website for young sugarbabies like me looking for dating older men who are really about their business thanks SugarDaddyForMe for this opportunity...

Ucherishme 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Dallas

I tend to stay on this sugardaddy website as opposed to a site such asPlenty of Fish as there is a better looking crowd here for starters. There is too much hoopla and talk on a typical approach. Let's face the facts, not many want todive all into marriage anymore, as there are too many legal risks. If you work a lot and do not want to mess around to muchwith meeting for empty awkward dates, this is the place to be. There are fakes everywhere, including bars. If you're willing to give some of what you earn in life, you can be rewarded . :)

19knight21 40-year-old Sugar Daddy from Kalamazoo

I've only been on the site for a little least than a month but I love it meet a couple of SD that are pretty cool

Baby_love_me 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Hampton

the website have been so good so far, I like sugardaddyforme because its a place to meet the right people not bad people, for now I am still waiting for the woman for me, but I enjoy being here

kesdo 30-year-old Male Sugar Baby from herne

as of today the website in itself is outstanding! I get an overview of everybody that has contacted me. i'm pretty particular about who I choose to contact and spend my money on. so for the present time I do not plan to upgrade until I am convinced there is a woman who really needs financial help. darrell weese

darrell 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from rochester,ny

Very good online dating service lots of sugarbabies active on site. I have already met 2 women in my first week and have 3 more dates set up for next week

Ttexpatriate 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Humble

I think its an awesome place for people to meet who enjoy this particular lifestyle.I met a really great guy, but he was in Afghanistan... so we lost touch. But the experience overall has been great..

DT 43-year-old Sugar Baby from greenville, nc

Still new, and although I am not a paying member, the opportunities on SD4M are making me seriously considering paying for a membership.

Trident8720 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Deering

It seems to work well for me. I have met a lot of sugar babies in a small city.

RR 56-year-old Sugar Daddy from Odessa

A great place to connect with sugardaddies seeking to connect for companionship, fun, friendship, or love!

AJ 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Fort Myers

Well for starters im not a paid member although i've been active on for years and it's the best sugar daddy site ever hell if I had the money I would pay to meet mr action himself this site has made me realize my self worth just by meeting a few sugar daddies on here I mean I really love the fact that a man or a woman can be generous and take you places you could not ever imagine going to I have high hope and expectations this site has brought me joy and realizing that it's not always about the money but when you find security and stability with love and trust I mean you have to trust in order to make it to that wanna give stage rite humh it's just a plus

givemeu 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Dallas

Meet a few women and we are friends.

smshorty69 50-year-old Man for Extramarital from Grayling

I have not been very long on SugarDaddyForMe, but what I have experienced seems like it will be a great experience altogether!

LovelyLioness85 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Tempe

I love this site and I have got in contact with quite a few sugardaddies but unfortunately have not met any yet but still looking of course. All of the sugardaddies are respectable and some are not but that goes with all sugar daddy sites.

Brandi 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Fort Worth

The site provides a vast range of available females in search of various venues. Some young ladies use it as a business in which to cash in on naïve rich men by asking them to pay for sex. While others seek sincere relationships massaged by successful guys wealth

ja 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Wilmington

Great website for dating sugar babies. Easy search. Allows you to view profiles without a paid membership. This is great if you are trying to decide between the various sugar daddy dating sites.

strtovr2013 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Coaldale

I think the site ,for what it is set up for, is great.... There are a ton of other sugar daddy sites that offer the same benefits, but cost much, much more more.... On the whole, I have found it to be a good site for meeting the type of sugar daddy I am looking for...As with any computer site,you need to be cautious in giving out your personal information, but safety is something the site takes very seriously...I have run into a few "spammer" profiles, but when I let the site know, they were quick in shutting them down.... I have met several sugar daddies from this site, and all were as they claimed to be......I enjoy my interactions here, and have recommended it to my friends, both male and female....

Sensual&Sweet 54-year-old Sugar Baby from Reading

The number of available women is amazing. You have to learn how to detect the scam women sometimes they can be very convincing but just keep your plan of sending nobody money until you meet. More quality sexy women than any other website and the ease of signing up is top notch. Any city, Any State, women are available for what ever situation you may want. Thanks SDFM

luvs2eatkitty 45-year-old Man for Extramarital from Birmingham, Al

Good site but one needs to weed out a lot of game players. Beyond that it is a great place to meet someone that fits one's goals. One has to weed out game players in all situations and not just on this site so it is not the fault of this site. Keep up the good work you offer.

Micco 64-year-old Sugar Daddy from Brooksville, FL

I love this website. I have met some good sugar daddies on here and have established good friendships.

Amazon811 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Bridgeport

I really like your dating site. I have corresponded with a couple men that seem to be just right for me. One of the best things about your site is that your matches (at least for me) don't make you feel like a mattress waiting for them. Some men on other sites are terrible. These men make the site in a whole look bad.

cherishbeth 40-year-old Sugar Baby from rochester

I like this site I have meet some nice young women here.......and been with my sb that I did meet here for the last happy 6 mo,

tx 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from alverado

I am just new in this site and I've noticed that a lot of sugar daddy members here were more active than on the other sites...I can receive messages and kisses everyday being a non paying member..I am so thankful I was accepted in this wonderful sugar daddy site...I am sure I will be able to find the sugar daddy for me..good luck to all of us..

diyosa_2009 48-year-old Sugar Baby from Philippines

Love the website, I've tried several other sugar daddy dating websites, but always come back here. Very intuitive and easy to navigate.

ChanceaM43 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from Ames

It's been good there's actually real sugarbabies so it makes it better its all about Being there real

Rv 23-year-old Sugar Daddy from Ventura has been an awesome website so far. I have met many very interesting, attractive, successful sugar daddies and continue to come in contact with more and more each day. The only issue I have with the website so far is how slow it makes my internet browser. Other than that, two thumbs up!

ER 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Tallahassee

I have enjoyed meeting new sugar daddies that have been up to my standards. This dating website has provided a great opportunity. Thank you!

blknwet5 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Hampton

Works very well/Had great experiences

jn 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from Orlando

This site has some of the best selection of sugar babies who are serious about meeting potential SDs.

DS 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Sacramento

I really enjoy the website. The amount of different types of men is perfect for anyone to find there type.

ladyjanexo 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Taunton

I have not been using it so much but I can see is a very great sugar daddy website have ever seen in my lifetime

ayoest 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Cheyenne

i think the site is a very perfect website for dating where you can fine a perfect partner for yourself in life

johnsonlove01 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Antonio

SugarDaddyForMe has been a blessing for meeting young women. I have had the good fortune of meeting at least five women. One, is a real sweetheart and a steady lover. I am cautious because there are scammers and sometime Nigerian or Ghanian women who I try to avoid. Overall, if a guy wants to find women for serial relationships, this site is golden.

Buteo 64-year-old Sugar Daddy from Warner Robins, Georgia

I have only been on for a week now. I immediately started to receive emails from members. I am able to view profiles privately. I feel safe on the site as I communicate with members. I have communicated with some interesting sugardaddies so far. I can tell members as much or as little as possible. I work so much and I still struggle. I just need to meet a gentleman that I can share a friendship with and lift some of my burdens. I feel in control because I have plenty of choices available. I use the site on my phone so I can view my emails and info from anywhere. The only suggestion I have for the site is.... to provide more options/questions on profiles so we can learn more about one another. The questions can be optional as members fill out their profile. When u have so many choices it would be great to have more info up front. Thanks.... I'm sure that I will find the sweetest sugar daddy on!!!!

Nicole3206 44-year-old Sugar Baby from Lafayette

It is a wonderful site I have spoken to many sugar daddies. Its great, I just wish I could actually meet someone in person however I'm not a quiter

wonlorraine 54-year-old Sugar Baby from Berwyn

The Sd4m website is great. Have met a couple of really nice sugar babies here, and it's worked out well for them and myself. I like the search options, quick email, and it allows the profiles to have a lot of photos posted…

Brian 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Sah Jose

I love this site I get to meet new people and chat and make friends and get great advice and I would recommend to others

boxer123 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Auburn

So far I have come across 2 scammers! On a sugar daddy website you expect girls that are interested in you for money, but when a girl demands money before you even meet up for a date? well!

biggjake567 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Scranton

sugardaddy opportunities are satisfactory. The sugardday as presented by SD4M, seems to be a very good match for my want and interest.

FB 46-year-old Sugar Baby from Sydney


MSCONDA1 45-year-old Sugar Baby from MINNEAPOLIS

I've had a paid membership on for almost a month, have corresponded with many sugar babies and have met face to face with two. There's a pretty broad spectrum of looks and personalities here. Of course, you're not going to click with everybody, but that gives you the opportunity to find out what you really want. Pretty sure I'll have my sugar baby fairly soon.

Charlie 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from Milwaukee

The side is done very well and keeps, what it is promised It works very fast Only the search within countries should be more specific! For example countries within Europe cant be searched, its necessary to Look on sugar baby profiles in coutries, whats a wasting of time

robby_968 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from bucharest

I love the site! It really opens doors to new friends and lasting and meaningful relationships. I have met a friend for life. I mean some can be mean, disrespectful, and harsh I guess that's everywhere you go though. Overall though I think things are going to get very exciting!

MM 26-year-old Sugar Baby from fort campbell

I like it

JAB 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Saint Louis

The site is very easy to use and the sugarbabies seem transparent about their intentions.

nashvilleh 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from Nashville

In my opinion SugarDaddyForMe is the best place to meet nice influential people who are genuine and sincere. While I haven't yet met the SugarDaddy that's right for me, I can say that I've met and spoken with some of the nicest guys here. I'm determined to meet the SugarDaddy for me so I'm going to hang out here for as long as I can until I meet my dream date/mate! I love

Satinvelvet856 57-year-old Sugar Baby from New York

So far I have talked to a lot of great sugar daddies on and I'm still on the hunt for someone to catch my eye but I really think this is a good sugar daddy dating site and I enjoy being on it and the people on here

Shysweet 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Adelphi

I have found using sugardaddyforme to be a great experience in jump-starting a conversation with several beautiful sugar babies! I have dated only one sugar baby, which I did so for almost 2 years before choosing to move on, with a few women of my choice!

Romei6998 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Dallas

Haven't had any luck quite yet, the sugar daddy website is very easy to use, easy tools to search. E-mail is also very user friendly.

lnghairdntcare3 30-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Forest Lake

I'm currently still searching for a sugar daddy match, but customer service is quick about correcting any problems that you may have. I really like this sugar daddy website!

chefbaker 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Columbus

I love sugardaddyforme. It is exactly what you make it, whatever you want it to be. I have met great sugar babies and I've met bad ones. I've known for sometime and I've known for a moment. You live only once!!

bluecollaratl 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from Atlanta

I think SugarDaddyForMe is great, although I wish there were more women in my area subscribed on it. I do love the experiences on with the women who I've chatted with from this site though.

needingmassage 35-year-old Sugar Daddy from Cedar Rapids

My first time trying this sugardaddy site, so far I've had great results!

BlondieBabydoll 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Lewisville

I like sd4m. I have met a couple sugardaddies that have been more than willing to help out.

beegirl4 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Tampa

Have met lots of attractive women but not one I want for a long term sugar baby.

GJ 66-year-old Sugar Daddy from Beverly Hills

SD4M It's well set up, and helpful.

Kp 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Alamogordo

I haven't spent much time one your site, however your web layout is clean and easy to follow

Bokonist 27-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Des Moines

Nice people. Some more serious than others. I have enjoyed the site so far, even when travelling.

John 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from Montreal

Had some good luck - even for an old fart.

Searcher65 65-year-old Man for Extramarital from Marietta

I have had the opportunity to meet some really great people on this website that I normally may have not met in person. SDFM has allowed many doors to open for me and I recommend this site to anyone looking to meet professional friends.

T.P. 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Dallas

I have emailed with some nice women but have not dated them yet. This is a good site.

John 64-year-old Sugar Daddy from Huntington Beach

Up to now - I've enjoyed the conversations I had with the SugarDaddies here. Most are very respectful and generous. I'm currently seeing somebody I met here and I'm crossing my fingers that it works because he is exactly what I was looking for.

BrazilianBomba 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Montreal

I like it very nice n easy to meet new sugardaddies

MR 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Magalia

The website is easy to navigate and extremely helpful. The only thing that I would alter about the website would be to add a selection within Advance Search to view Sugar Babies base upon their Hair Color. As far as my experiences go, I have had both good and bad experiences.

tobby30 32-year-old Sugar Daddy from Statesboro

this is good website and gives a very good platform to interact with the people who are interested in you.

Sanjay 30-year-old Sugar Daddy from Plainsboro

I really like the Sugardaddyforme site. Most of all I am really looking forward to the cruise. O never been on an event before but I like that this site has them. Really looking forward to going

karen 38-year-old Sugar Baby from New York

As a limited access person don't "really don't get a chance to talk or meet a lot of different people and the only person that I contacted with via email was one of the scanners that the site warned about. So at this point the site is pretty much like the others to me I've gotten better results on sugardaddytoday to be honest. ThanksThanks

mileniumlov 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Cleveland

had some good experiences but there are too many fakes there must be a way that you could start a verification program

ALPHAQUE 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from LA

so far so good

baddog76 40-year-old Sugar Daddy from Candler

I haven't found a sugar daddy quite yet but I love that the website is very "straight to the point" on what kind of agreement I am looking for.

SCM 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Worcester

I have enjoyed this site an have meet a few different men an they were amazing

ohio 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Newark

It seems good but I've only been on here for a few days.

AH 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from London

Great Site The only problem I have is the speed you site is real slow, slow!!

a1rebel 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from Orlando

I have met some very nice people with such amazing stories! I love this site

CL 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Adair

Good, easy To use search function could be better

sweethard67 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from Frankfurt

I have dated several women form this website, it does work.

rockettongue39 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from Fort Wayne

the site provides a very interesting platform for people interested in communications other than boring dating topics.

dirtygirljen 23-year-old Sugar Baby from NYC

I met one lady for one encounter There aren't many local ladies on this site

Paul 51-year-old Man for Extramarital from Brampton

I have been on the site for several years and have a couple of sugar babies in that time. My time with them has given me some very memorable experiences most good a couple bad. I am looking forward to many more experiences.

rf 38-year-old Sugar Daddy from Plano

Think sugardaddy for me it is very interesting

queenamina09 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Lancaster

Its cool site but afraid of scammers

Chicslover 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Manama

So far I have vegan conversing with several potential Sugar Daddy's. Everyone has been very respectful of my needs as well as expectations. My first date is next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

SS 27-year-old Sugar Baby from New Orleans

Had some lovely time on sugardaddyforme, all sugardaddies were gentlemanly at all times.

slinky29 44-year-old Sugar Baby from London

I think SugarDaddyForMe is where fantasy meets reality. There is good and bad fantasy and good and bad reality. I have met and enjoyed some beautiful women on the site. But, I have also run into a lot of scammers and users and those who I suspect pose as women but are really organised crime and demand money in exchange for a few fake pics or emails. Overall, I like it and I am very selective after being on here for over 4 years. Its a very efficient way for people to gey what they desire.

Frank 42-year-old Man for Extramarital from Mobile, Alabama

Its really not that bad, though I dont have the paid membership I have alot of fun

al 27-year-old Sugar Daddy from Mobile

Only met one sugardaddy and I we had a blast but soon stop talking. But lots of the sugardaddies on SugarDaddyForMe are sweet kind and not afraid to spend a dime ;)

lovelygurll 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Milwaukee

I really like this sugardaddy site and I plain on joining it this Tuesday.

Yamille 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Margate

I think it is a great site for mutually beneficial relationships between older men and younger women specifically and all others in general.

mrsugadaddy 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Beltsville

it will be a long search for the sugarbaby that is the right fit, but well worth it if you are willing to put in the time, effort and energy

e.d. 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from Dayton

Sugar daddy for me seems very helpful and safe. Kinda wish sugarbabbies didn't have to pay, but its still cool. Sugardaddies are respectful and mostly truthful. I've only met one sugardaddy in person, and that was a lil awkward since he wasn't what I saw in his pictures, but other than that I really like this site.

L.L 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Brooklyn

I've gotten to know a few sugar daddies from the site and I've had a lot of fun looking. It's only been a short time that I've been on the site but I'm sure I'll meet someone great soon, and then we can make each other's dreams come true!

T.A.R. 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Dover

The site overall is quite interesting. The fact that I haven't had any success on the site yet doesn't change my mind about the quality of women on the site. I suppose I am just a little bit over picky when it comes to another relationship. But I am one of those that believe in that saying..."I will know her when I meet her".

WildEyedKountryBoy 56-year-old Sugar Daddy from Dunnellon Florida

Very exciting different from the rest that invited me to view their page with an upfront fee which I founded frustrating this sugar daddy website gave me a pass which was refreshing they have real contact that was a new 50-year-old Sugar Momma from Hamilton

This is a great site to help you find your true sugar daddy!

sugababykaysie 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Barry University

The website is pretty good overall. However, the performance in terms of speed is always poor. You need to invest in faster servers or whatever it takes to speed it up. I also find that lots of the girls are scammers. Not a huge issue for me because I am excellent at spotting them, but will cause you problems over the long term.

rambo64 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from English

I'm happy to be apart of sugar daddy.. The converstion I have on here are great..

bonitaladie28 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Bridgeport

I enjoy it very much.I have chatted but not met anyone.

searchforyou 65-year-old Man for Extramarital from Adel

It has been great to meet interesting people

bigboybucksdot 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Mansfield

Hello my name is Lexi and I'm rather new to the site and the reason I say that is because I have had a profile with this website once before and loved it, actually that being the main reason but many others like many many great recommendations from either ppl I know amd trust very well and others that are either aquaintances or jst someone I met through a mutual friend but either way and no matter who it was they all had 99.9% of the same story just with all different experiences. I just love this site because of many other reasons like for an example not only does a person get to create a profile that's all about them, or do they chat with people in which they have never seen, met, talked to ever, etc but it gives that person a chance to find someone out ther either just like them or just happen to have a few or alot of the same things, same hobbies, maybe even the same beliefs, likes n dislikes, etc. its an overall great website.for anybody. come on everyone don't be shy..just try it!!

Arizona 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Phoenix

I think that Sugardaddyforme is a great site. It opens up opportunities for persons that are looking for that special someone or just to have fun. My experience with the site so far was great.

TD 26-year-old Sugar Baby from JA

It has been good to me.

Phenominal2 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Greer

I think SD4M is a great site. I haven't met many SugarDaddies or SugarMommas in person but the site has allowed me to get my feet wet. I believe that the site is doing a great job and that it provides the tools needed for me to be successful as long as I put in the work necessary.

TC 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Newport News

Well some of the women are great but you have to look and search for the right one.

BTK1964 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Philadelphia

I have only contacted a few members, and haven't found the one for me yet, but I'm hopeful. The members here are legitimate and know what they're looking for, something most dating sites can't do. It's nice to find a place that attracts no nonsense type people who get to the point without the games.

me3u2 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Oceanside

An easy and convenient way to meet people in the area and where I travel often. Met quite a few on here and had both good and bad experiences. Not into drama so have to weed out some of the messages but for the most part the encounters have been good. I have a few SB's for the past few months.

soccerfever 40-year-old Sugar Daddy from Howell

I like sugar daddy to come because gives you the opportunity to find what you want and only what you want by specifically choosing people that you want from each categorey. from my experience is on sugar daddy I found a lot of women that I ask for too much for too little mostly currency

pushka 20-year-old Sugar Daddy from Astoria

I love the site! It really opens doors to new friends and lasting and meaningful relationships. I have met a friend for life. I mean some can be mean, disrespectful, and harsh I guess that's everywhere you go though. Overall though I think things are going to get very exciting!

MM 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Fort Campbell

It is fine.

Julio 60-year-old Sugar Daddy from Marbella, Malaga, Spain

The reason that I originally joined this site was to look for a woman who wanted to enjoy a relationship that was based upon mutual respect, a bit of a better lifestyle, yet knew the challenges that providing it all entailed. I have found a few women who truly exceeded my expectations. Travel,shopping, great dinners and exceptional conversation. We always exchanged great thoughts and generated ggreat relationships. All still friends, and stay in touch often. Thank you

EH 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chicago

I have enjoyed this experience and met some very nice people. I'm still waiting for my prince charming though.

Kim 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Huntersville

i love the site, I don't feel like there are just creeps on here. there are honest to good people looking for a SugarDaddy - SugarBaby relationship etc. so its super nice to know that you can have that out in the open with all cards on the table as it were.

AFK 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Palmyra

Sugar Daddy for me is a site that seems to have the database to back up its claims. This being said the site is somewhat 'gltichy' and not as slick as some competitors sites.

bigdreamhunter 33-year-old Sugar Daddy from Center

SugarDaddyForMe is a wonderful dating site with many wonderful, attractive female members. But there are a few things missing from their personal data which I want to know: Specifically, whether they smoke, and their religious faiths. I want my sugar baby girls to be nonsmokers and preferably not religious. I haven't actually met any members yet. But I hope I will in the near future.

Yoshir7 62-year-old Sugar Daddy from Martinez

I have met some really nice sugar daddies..

Sunflower2322 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Monroe

I like the bios and layout of the site. Very easy to navigate.

Wowserwowser 46-year-old Man for Extramarital from Albuquerque

Some out going smart and hard working sugar daddies some that know what they want in life and go for it !!

Dboy4u 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Blue Hills

I like the site and Sugar Babies should be allowed to be members for free.

Bassman50 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chester Springs

Sdfme It is great, I love it.

sayuri2100 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Rockland

i had a great time when I first joined the site until my account expired and I couldn't pay for it anymore because I don't work. But I did meet interesting people and I do recommend this site to my friends.

pinklavender 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Los Angeles

I've had some good and some not-so-good experiences on the SD site. I have found there to be some fakers that seem to want to play games or scam their way into getting money from their prey. But I have met two wonderful ladies with whom I had very fulfilling and wonderful relationships.

TallCEO 56-year-old Sugar Daddy from Greenwich

I like the total access package but just wish there were more options of active sb in my area.

duke2k 31-year-old Sugar Daddy from Huntsville is good for those who are searching for someone who would like to find someone who wants to have a true sugar daddy that can provide support, assistance and a nice arrangement.

gush_nd_sweet 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Quezon

I like the site very much, just wish there was more options for payment plans, where I could either spend more or less to get features for the site

sugardaddyin757 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from nowhere

I love it I, think this site is very helpful to sugar babies and sugar daddies who want to connect and meet.

theharlequin12 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Buffalo

so far I have found it to be a great experience. I have had a chance to make friends with women from all over the country but, I still haven't found that special sugarbaby. contacting women has been very easy. I like the fact that I can view some of the mail I get and I can see the profiles of the person sending them.

manofhisword39 41-year-old Sugar Daddy from phila, atl, fl & la

Its really not that bad, though I dont have the paid membership I have alot of fun

al 27-year-old Sugar Daddy from Mobile

This site is a really great sugar daddy dating site but because I don't upgrade its hard to communicate with some members. I like the fact that if one person is a total access member a regular member can read and reply to their message. My experience on this site is not progressive yet because I haven't met anyone in person yet but I will not give up on this site because this is a place where peoples dream can come to a reality. Its an amazing sugar daddy site and I do love it here just having a little difficulty communicating but hopefully that can be changed. This is one of the best dating sites created and I love the entire setting here.

Takida 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Jamaica

I like this site,but new here so dont have much goin on here yet.i am lookin forward to meeting some nice females here,MB hook up who knows.

RUready0069 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Albany,NYi ki

SugarDaddyForMe is a wonderful sugar daddy dating site with many wonderful, attractive sugar babies. But there are a few things missing from their personal data which I want to know: Specifically, whether they smoke, and their religious faiths. I want my sugar baby girls to be nonsmokers and preferably not religious. I haven't actually met any members yet. But I hope I will in the near future.

Yoshir7 62-year-old Sugar Daddy from Martinez

I am thoroughly impressed wit the website. Its a great new way to meet new people. So far so good. I must admit at first I was a little skeptical but I'm actually enjoying myself. Fun way to flirt. Two thumbs up

jjh 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Memphis

I'm still new to the site, but so far so good. The sugardaddies seem much more honest about what they want from other sugar daddy sites and really in person too. I actually never knew other races/types of men were attracted to me. I suppose they feel more free to go for what they like on here and not be intimated by what other people may think or the way I might react.

EMC 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Plano

Nice people. Some more serious than others. I have enjoyed the site so far, even when travelling.

John 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from Montreal

I love this website for dating sugardaddies, it is simple and easy to use.

FJ 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Denton

I love this sugar daddy website, it is the only one I am signed up for because others are disappointing. I have had both positive and negative experiences with sugar daddy's from this site but its always an adventure. I appreciate having this website.

Countryonheels 19-year-old Sugar Baby from bemidji

Overall the site has more positives than negatives. Nowhere else is a man of means going to have such a variety of aspiring women to chose from. Not every meeting is a fit, but it shouldn't be. However, this site has provided a greatly needed resource in meeting the type of women that enjoy a lifestyle that can bring many material fun.

Louisiana 36-year-old Sugar Daddy from New Orleans

I was a little skeptical of this at first, but it has turned out to be a truly positive experience and I thank SugarDaddyforme for that!

Heather 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Rootstown

The website really helps to find the right sugar daddy. I've had good and bad experiences, but I guess that really just depends on who you encounter on here. You'll never know who you'll get. The sugar daddies I've met on here ended up being great mentors to me in the long run.

j4xx 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Austin

This site rocks! I have been on ALL the other sugar daddy sites and they were all slow with not much action and few new visitors. I get 10 times as many messages and dates on compared to any other sugar daddy site, and many more local women than any other site. That's why I am a GOLD Total Access member. This site rocks and the women on here are model quality!

Kingofdaddys 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Diamond Bar

I really like the site as I've been a member for several years and I've met a few really nice SB's and we've had a great time but the only thing that I don't appreciate is all the spam and fake profiles that are here...It get's so irritating that I can only pay for a couple months then I need a few months off...other than that I really appreciate this site... I'd love to get that lifetime membership...I already promote this site and have had several of my associates join and will continue to. Tastytony67

tastytony67 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Las Vegas

It's a great tool to network with the right people

Jmead93 20-year-old Male Sugar Baby from McAllen

Good website but more need to be done to clear out con artists/escorts.

cheektocheek 29-year-old Sugar Daddy from london

Great variety of sugar daddies of varying ages.

tiffyd061482 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Garland

I like how the sugardaddyforme system and operations are well organized. Precisely how the homepage is set up for an easy access to reading emails and editing photos/profile. Also like the unique feature of the schedule planner as it helps members understand each other's accommodations and schedules. A lot of potential as members are quite active and can contact you in many different ways. I am confident I will soon meet my sugar daddy on here!

A.H. 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Vancouver

Lot of fun and Interesting stories

Lb 70-year-old Sugar Daddy from Newport Beach

This is a great site to interact and meet great sugardaddies. Your needs will be taking care of as long as everyone agrees on good terms..

Sexipinkice84 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Raleigh

This is a good site. Ihave made quite a few connections on here

chamillionare 57-year-old Sugar Daddy from cincinnati

I'm still new to it but I've had got the chance to talk to a few different sugar daddies. Have not met any yet. The site seems to be great.

Kaydence23 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Jacksonville

I am just a beginner but I like this website! I have met some really nice sugar daddies on here and have been very successful so far..

kl 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Union Pier


turdburgler 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from Bayonet Point

i've met some nice women on sugardaddyforme,,,,but none near me for some reason...but I know that will change...

Charbroil 60-year-old Sugar Daddy from charlotte,nc

I think its a great website for dating. It cuts out the guessing game. I haven't had a lot of luck meeting my sugar daddy per say but there is definitely a ton of potential.

danielle1018 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Gainesville

its been a good experiences for me ive meet some real good kind hearted guys on here

t.d. 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Las Vegas

The site is simple and that's fine, it does what it should. It hasn't changed much in a few years but it doesn't need to A couple technical issues: Pages load slowly on an Android device. When I click to navigate to s next page the progress bar moves 25% - 30% then freezes for 10 seconds or more before the next page loads The IM feature should work on mobile devices, even if that method doesn't include video The site is only as good as the people that join. Is there any way to do localized marketing? I would pay to get the word out if I thought it may get more women in my area to try it out.

Sir 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Madison Wisconsin

Love to meet new girls here. Still looking for that right one.

traveler288 57-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chocowinity

I really do like sugardaddyforme because it's a whole lot easier than normal dating. I also like it because it's better than all the other sugar daddy dating sites. My experience with this sugar daddy site has been a 7 on a scale of 10. Not because of the site itself, but some of the sugardaddies.

LadeeC 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Savannah

I was a little skeptical of sugar daddy for me at first. I remember an ad on the TV. I'm so happy that I decided to give it a try. All sugar daddies I talk to are very respectful. I think I will keep this membership for awhile.

Jessica 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Covington, GA

I like your site and its rules, adds some spice. Have so far not been able to afford some of the lively babes. Always hope there though

Eamon 61-year-old Sugar Daddy from Galway

you have a good experiences have been good. A lot of sugarbabies complain to me about other persons on the site.

Larry 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Las Vegas,NV

I love the SugarDaddyForMe site I have not been able to get full access to it due to financial difficulties. so far I love it!

Ashley LoveLady 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Las Vegas

I like your service, but have no experiences yet,

JJ 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Oklahoma City

I've met some great men on Sugardaddyforme....This site is awesome and helps you meet real sugar daddies!

sexxxbabi 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Fort Worth

Its a good site to get a hookup.

bear4uhoney123 55-year-old Man for Extramarital from Jennings

It's been really nice so far. I've chatted with quite a few sugar babies, but just haven't found quite what I'm looking for, yet... I'm sure I will though. The sugar babies on here all seem to be great people and I'm excited about meeting more that are the perfect for me. I travel a lot, to great cities, and I look forward to having someone that likes to travel with me and live the life and be spoiled like no other! Come find me beautiful young sugar babies!

206DaveSea 36-year-old Sugar Daddy from Seattle

SD4M is amazing,full of matured mind,though I haven't meet anyone in person from the site but I know with time I can get what I want from there.

tonia03 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Newark

I feel that this sugar daddy dating site can be a very good thing for women and men who are looking for a wide range of relationships. I have met a few sugar daddies on here that have possibilities into growing into something more but have not met him just yet. In due time.

thaitalian07 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Shalimar

your site is real cool but not really popular in only have 4 sugar babiew and 2 daddyw active...

pantremenos31 31-year-old Sugar Daddy from athens

So far my responses have been positive. I haven't gotten the "creepy" vibe from any sugar daddies I've messaged with and there was immediate interest for the sugar daddies.

EW 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Grover

A very cool website. Because : 1-a lot of sugarbaby, 2-sometime easy to contact. If I was living in usa …

max 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from martinique

I met a few sugardaddies that have treated me with respect and gave me the kind of arrangement that I really enjoyed and deserved. I enjoy my time meeting and talking with guys on here but the payments are hard. I still love this site and happy I decided to sign up and stay on. I had sugardaddies take me to dinners, give gifts, and treat me to maintain my hair, nails, etc. I give big thanks for with this because I have had difficult times with these things because I am still currently enrolled in school and unable to find a job because a lot of jobs in my area are looking for experience workers so its really hard to get by. I'm happy this site did and I feel if there is a way to help with girls that have these issues be able to still contact users on this website.. It would be better! :) Still.. I enjoyed my time on and I will continue to stay on and support!

T.I 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Bronx

I enjoy sugardaddyforme site, as there is a great deal of detail about the people on it prior to making gives me the opportunity to really choose a partner from a different perspective. I am a professional individual who was fed up and frustrated to always attract to my profile men who were unemployed or with hardly any means of support,to go on dates where we had to go Dutch or with men who had no idea how to treat a Lady.I am fairly new here but hopefully will give me the chance to meet someone of substance.I am a fairly selective person and really hope to meet up someone interesting and have the chance to travel and find interesting and well educated sugardaddies.

Campanilla 54-year-old Sugar Baby from sotogrande

The concept is GREAT! However , I must warn you that the site is becoming overcome with Prostitutes and Escorts! A violation of your stated Policy!

JRL 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Manchester

I have met some wonderful people and I really enjoy using the sugar daddy website.

tigergirl2013 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Herndon

I really like this sugardaddyforme site it has given me the opportunity to meet a sugar daddy to spoil me and take care of my need. someone to talk to someone make me happy and smile and I wish to do the same thing to them.

sharon20 21-year-old Sugar Baby from north Fort Myers

I have met some wonderful sugar daddies from this site.. Dated a few and have sugar daddy that is in Europe that I see occasionally..I would love to meet one sweet kind daddy for me to take care of though.I have had some scammers but report them immediately.

monicaj1899 55-year-old Sugar Baby from Phoenix

I think the website is quite well. It would be nice if there was a built in IM on the screen and not one that opens a new window.

southernchick19 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Canton

i like the experiences I run into.. the sugar daddies I meet are real gentlemen.

S.H 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Monroe

i love this site granted I haven't met anyone yet but not to many men like big women but I would tell others about this sight as a very good one

silvereyes1164 48-year-old Sugar Baby from south bend

I have enjoyed this experience and met some very nice people. I'm still waiting for my prince charming though.

Kim 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Huntersville

Well I like site very and hopefully I found what I'm looking for

pinkypg 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Elgin

It's a good dating website to use that has had some fruitful results. It does its job well.

cmag92 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Belleville

I have had a very good experience with the SugarDaddyForMe site.

Brooklyn2713 27-year-old Sugar Baby from milwaukee

I love this dating website and it has a lot of opportunity for finding the one you are looking for!! my experiences have been good so far and hope to get better with time!!!

miss_angel_26 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Lenexa

It's definitely an interesting sugar daddy website. They are quicker than most websites to approve changes to a profile or approving a photo. The fastest approval time was roughly ten minutes. So they are efficient and appear to be doing better than other sites as far as compatibility and their goal essentially,

Spicy&funlatina 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Orlando

like having access to sugardaddies. This is a great way to meet & find the right one. It is great that without being a paid member you allow sugar babies to respond to sugardaddies who are interested in meeting you. Money is so tight these days & this has helped me a lot.

sugarlined 50-year-old Sugar Baby from Clearwater

there is so many people to meet on here it would take a lifetime to go through all of them I like that..i like the veriaty of sugardaddies and its easy to use..

eye_kandi91 22-year-old Sugar Baby from west plains

I think sdfm is great I have many sugardaddies looking to meet with me. I'm going to meet one hopefully in the near future I'm so excited

sexyangel89 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Monticello

I love Sugardaddyforme its amazing everybody seem so friendly I just cant wait to find me that perfect sugardaddy

bigbaby2020 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Adelanto

I haven't had any experiences yet, I have been texting a sugar daddy off of the site. Things might get serious! (: plus my friends have had great reviews on SugarDaddyForMe, thanks!

Nicole 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Bryan

So far it is goinng really well for me I have met some sugar daddy's and it is going great. I love the site.

Amanda 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Portsmouth

I think it's a respectful sugar daddy dating site. I've had a couple of messages and the sugar daddies that have sent me messages seem to be honest about what they're looking for. I would recommend this site to anyone that's looking for someone to spend time with.

TM 51-year-old Sugar Baby from Sacramento

Its a great website to meet people works better than all other sugar daddy sites I have tried.

sensualtensions 35-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Texas

I think SugarDaddyforme is a loving site where you will get to meet REAL SUGAR DADDY FOR ME in person because I have met 3 Sugar daddies in the last 1 year I have been on the website so far.I will recommend this superlative to any Sugar Babies that are interested in meeting any Sugar Daddies out there.I am a real testimony of this great website.Thanks for being member of this website for life. Jennifer Lancaster

JENNIFER LANCASTER 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Fort Myers

What fun! Had a very good response from many attractive sugardaddies. Good find on the web out of many to choose from.

DW 52-year-old Sugar Baby from Asheville

So far I have made one friend, but there is not much feedback. However, I love this site. It is set up and easy to use. The members all seem like good people. Best sugar daddy site out there!

jicky77 62-year-old Sugar Baby from Mesa

Sugardaddyforme Its safe easy and fun

jnk 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Mobile

I love SugarDaddy for me...its a great site to find really nice sugar daddies to help you out at your biggest time of need and find great romance.I would recommend this site to any woman looking for a man to spend the rest of her life with.

GorgeousImTht1 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I have gotten some interactions with some pretty interesting people. I think this website is great.

A.W. 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Jacksonville

I think its a great way to meet sugar daddies from different places, each one has something different to offer. Sugardaddyforme brings beautiful sugarbabies like myself and successful men together. The information asked for is the ideal amount that I need to know about the person.Its great, ill continue to use the website the most.

Courtney 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Brodheadsville

Great Sugar Daddy Website

desirable250 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Los Angeles

the sugar daddy website is very good match up and useful

L A 27-year-old Sugar Baby from PHILADELPHIA

I haven't been on the site for very long but I have seen quite a few profiles that I'm interested in. I think sugar babies should be free and the sugar mommas or sugar daddies should be the ones who pay. Besides that the sites great!

C W 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Stockton

I'm just starting out, but so far I am enjoying my experience.

incutie1231 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Highland, IN

I like this website I have enjoyed talking to a few nice sugardaddies I have also talked to a few ones that asked for money or my bank info and quit talking to them right away but I have had a very good experience here

tm 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Sault Sainte Marie

I like it some sugardaddies are fake but I have met a sugardaddy he is really sweet and nice although I was scared to meet him he turned out to be great

RJW 23-year-old Sugar Baby from oklahoma

I Like that I can use instant messaging, post my schedule and search for horoscope signs. I don't looking at advertisement around the site as I'm trying to search. I've been on the site for two weeks maximum, and I've already met two potential men I'm seriously interested in.

:)sweetface:) 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Ottawa

I really enjoy this sugardaddy site.

eyez39 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Baton Rouge

I really like, I can know many nice sugardaddies

naiomim 26-year-old Sugar Baby from San Juan

SugarDaddyForMe is a great site to meet new people. Especially people who you wouldn't have other wise. The sugar daddies are great, I've meet a few sugar daddies they were very respectful and generous.

Tini-Princess22 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Ventura

I like it a lot just little curious of how the website really work.. but so far its nice.

sweetwater101 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Baltimore

My experience on Sugardaddyforme has been great. I've met a couple really great sugar daddies and have built some nice friendships over the last several years !

CL 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Manchester

I found a good sugar daddy which I dated for about 8 months and was a very good experience. After that, few potentials but nothing serious. A lot of fakes unfortunately, but overall, a good experience

steffy333 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Deerfield Beach

I'm fairly new to the sd4m site, but so far I've got no complaints. I have never had to use a website for dating but a girlfriend of mine suggested I try this one out just for fun, so I am. I've gotten several nice replies from sugar daddies all around the country. As far as the setup of the site I think its great, you can view pictures and detailed profiles of sugardaddies. I have recommended this site to some of my other single friends, and will continue to do so. Hopefully soon I'll be able to access the site further and can elaborate more

casha76 36-year-old Sugar Baby from Hutchinson

I'm positive it's a great sugar daddy website men message you instantly I love that

girl423 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Morristown

I just became a member on SD4M just a couple day ago but so far I am enjoying my self. there are many different sugardaddies you can meet and member ship fee are straight forward no hidden fees

at 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Memphis

I think its great that some people would connect with honesty instead of another regular sugar daddy dating site that would not be tolerated.

AnAngelsHalo 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Wellsburg

The sugardaddies are very Nice.

3781398 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Westfield

Very easy to use. Overall, a positive experience so far.

Suns3ts 36-year-old Sugar Baby from Austin

I like the options of blocking, hiding one's pictures and sending flirts or messages.

dancingh2odiver 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Tulsa

It's a good sight. I've had good experience on here

kn 34-year-old Sugar Baby from coweta

So far SDFM has been good to me. I'm very selective with the sugar daddies I meet and make sure they are looking for the same thing. Most of the guy on here (in my opinion) are looking for a long term relationship ( girlfriend) however they do not want to remarry or have kids. I'm here to have fun and go from there. I would like to find a sugar daddy long term for fun and to take care of me. My intentions on here is to be spoiled, taken care of and have fun.

KL 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Tustin Ranch

I meet a lot of friends.

rehot2 57-year-old Sugar Baby from Spingfield, MO

I think it's a great site to meet new people. I haven't met the right one yet, but hope to soon!

Ana98 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Rochester

Great site to meet interesting people..

Ellona 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Miami

I am amazed at the response I'm getting. The only thing that bothered me, is, when I changed my statement in the profile about me, you edited it. I don't lie and I don't like misleading these wonderful men about the fact that I'm fat. Ample is way too general a term. So I put it in my profile, and you deleted it. Do you really think I'm going to attract someone by lying?

NightOwl52 52-year-old Sugar Baby from Everett

I love this site even though I haven't actually met anyone yet but I think it is a wonderful way to meet friends , soul mates, ect

Jb 32-year-old Sugar Baby from phoenix

I like the site very much. I need more instruction on how to use the site where can I get that?

socnonot 75-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Reading Pa

I love the idea and actually think that, ladies, shouldn't have to pay to have complete access to emails and messages.

Carola2008 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Lisbon

I have seen some interesting profiles on here. The only thing is that I am not a gold member so I can't message them. I do like this site though.

HG 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Saint Cloud

great site. hoping to find mr right for me!

miamia101 48-year-old Sugar Momma from Hollywood

I like it a lot, but the downfall is that when I happen to reach out to the men they never respond. They seem so picky. I'm very open minded and I love all men of all sizes and races and I love learning about others. I just wish the men weren't so hard on us sugar babies.

Beautyqueen32 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Arrowhead Farms

I think it's a goid site. When you pay for your me membership it's better. I think it should be free for women.

cj 26-year-old Sugar Baby from college park

This is only my 2nd day so I'm not sure yet, but I have liked what I have seen so far.

LJW 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Tucson

I like this sugar daddy website, wish that you could email the interested party without being a gold member.

delawarecougar 44-year-old Sugar Baby from Bear

So far it has been good.

Cb 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Hoschton

It's a nice web site. I just wish I could respond to all the messages that people send me. I feel like I am missing out on possible connections by not being able to respond to certain messages. Over all I really like the website and I hope to find someone to hook up with. Thanks, Sharee

luvelyone33 33-year-old Sugar Baby from St. Louis

Well I like the website a lot and have enjoyed being able to talk to potential daddies. My only suggestion would be that if a member that is silver or has the ability to mail you, you can respond. I think it makes it pointless for silver members to send you a message and not be able to hear back. It defeats the purpose of communicating. Overall I'm extremely happy with the navigation and ability to meet new awesome daddies.

Foxdream111 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Syracuse

Great site hasn't work for me yet

Ss 21-year-old Sugar Baby from New york

I have had people who don't like big woman and I have had people send me crazy message and I have had real people that to fare away and really don't want meet up!! But I love this site

Queen_don_dova 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Texas

I like the way the website is organized and I like the different options for contacting SDs. I wish there were more specific questions on the profile pages to give an opportunity for more personality to show through on the profile. Overall an easy site to navigate and understand.

Maria 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

It seems like a great website so far. It is a little expensive for the sugarbaby though. I suggest extending the 3 day to a 1 month free trail for sugar babies.

E 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Boston

Sugardaddyforme is very useful. I am not a gold memeber so I feel a little more services could be free for better connections, but all & above great site! :)

jess 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Portland

So far my experience has been interesting. I've received a few messages from potential daddies, but my only concern is my personal safety when going from chatting to meeting. I an, however enjoying the site so far. I have never done this and am constantly being surprised.

Thixotic83 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Lakewood

Heyy.. Wel, I didnt have a date yet bit I do like the way the site is det up and the way the communication is going.

MirabelH 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Amsterdam

So farbi have met some interesting guys no disrespect but positive still have not found my soul mate but I love it very much

jb 49-year-old Sugar Momma from charlotte

Overall it is good. My experience with your services has been ok.

sd 36-year-old Sugar Baby from Terra Alta

Love the site,even though I haven't found what I am looking for. Maybe I will find that one person who I connect to soon.

lillygirl23 36-year-old Sugar Baby from evansville

I have found that most of the sugar daddies are real nice but I need one that has time every week for me...

sexy3131 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Phillips Ranch

I have met several wonderful men at I have enjoyed the site wish I could talk more on here.

lovesas 50-year-old Sugar Baby from Buford

I really like the site. I like the fact that you can reach out to gold members even if you are a standard member. I like the search options. I even like the fact that there are always a lot of SD/SB on the site. But as for my experience on the site it has not been the best. It is extremely hard for a SB to find SD especially if you are a SB of color. I have been on the side since 2010 and I've only met 1 SD and that was very short lived because I did not have the look he wanted. As much as I actually like the site and think its better than all of the other Sugar Daddy sites, I just feel if you're someone of color, you really should not get your hopes up about finding someone. NOT saying its going to be impossible, just saying it might be difficult.

S0 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Berkeley

I like it so far, but have only been subscribing for one month. After a failed marriage, I am looking for a man who will care for me in all aspects of life. I felt this site might aid in my search. So far its easy to navigate and pretty clear, although it should be manditory to have at least one picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. Otherwise great.

Jenn 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Baltimore

I enjoy the little experience I have had on the site. I wish I had access to more but I am unable to purchase at this time. It would be nice if members, paying or not, could correspond with everyone, Even if on a limited amount of times.

nikitaswansong 44-year-old Sugar Baby from Neenah

I have enjoyed the site. Nothing bad to say about it. So far, so good. Thanks for letting me be here. Still looking for my new man.I'm ready to be happy.

AL 46-year-old Sugar Baby from Dothan

It was been very interesting to say the least. Some of the men on here are very vulgar, however I have come into contact with some very respectful men who are really looking to mentor a young woman like myself and is very generous at the same time. Very addictive to say the least.

TM 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Irvington

So far my experience has been good I think you should have a free trial to let people try it out without having to pay and be able to communicate with others besides the ones who pay to have membership

LB 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Chula Vista

The site is ok I've met one sugardady things didnt work out

nina 23-year-old Sugar Baby from las vegas

Its a busy site which I like but I find odd is some men will message or favor me but when I reply than never nothing more happens. Although I have met and went on dates with two men from this site the last time I was a member on here I enjoyed both but I was not attracted to either one of them and still talk to one of them every so often. I believe this site is by far the best of its kind except maybe offering to verify members would make it better. Its not a site having to do with prostitution like most think. You can gain a mentor a friend or even a boy friend or husband many different oppertunities here of course there are also like all other sites the perverts that you have to watch out for but that something we always have to be aware of with online communities. Nothing new

Contreras 29-year-old Sugar Baby from BAKERSFIELD

I think this is a good site for the ones who is looking for the sugar daddys nd sugar mommas I know its a great site for me

Valeria butler 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Saint louis

Jm new to the site but Love the site.. It needs it own app.. Meet and greets such as cruises should also be here in California. instant chat or email should always be free..

J.C 37-year-old Sugar Baby from City of Industry

I like the site and it's easier to explain what I want from a man on here than on a normal dating site. I haven't met anyone in person yet but am chatting with a couple so I'm just seeing how it goes.

SF 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Stanton

i think it cool I meet a lot of nice guys through here. hope to meet the one of my life

tightone22 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Glendale

So far l have met a lot of nice people will continue on here for a bit

shynsassy1 58-year-old Sugar Baby from Owen Sound

wekk si far I have had good and bad experiences some were scammers that I had to delete of course and some were amazing and still are I am so glad for your service to weed out the losers for you client base before anyone gets hurt...that I appreciate the most but overall it has been a learning experiece

satinlady_2 63-year-old Sugar Baby from Ottawa

The website is fine but their are a lot of men on here that likes to play games.

sg 31-year-old Sugar Baby from rockford, il

Good site. Could be faster loading the site though

Vacountrygirl 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Harrisonburg

I like SugarDaddyForMe because it is easy to navigate and it is easy to find the type of people you are looking for on it. I have not personally met anyone off of this site but I am planning on it very soon. I do think that when none gold membership account holders try to contact/message sugar babies, that the sugar babies should be able to send a more detailed "kiss" back to them saying that no sugar baby can respond via message if they aren't a certain "status" member. The "kiss" says this is too vague.

CV 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Central

Great site just a little expensive.

DesireAlex 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Newport News

I am new to it so I have only met one persOn so far. It hast been a good experience.

wvb 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Rio Linda

So far I really like the website and I hope to find a nice sugar daddy to spoil me

beautiful4109 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Oklahoma City

I love this website other than the fact that sugar babies have to pay! Most of us are looking for someone to help us with paying for everyday things and the extra money just isn't there!

DL 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Stephenville

Well I like the website a lot and have enjoyed being able to talk to potential daddies. My only suggestion would be that if a member that is silver or has the ability to mail you, you can respond. I think it makes it pointless for silver members to send you a message and not be able to hear back. It defeats the purpose of communicating. Overall I'm extremely happy with the navigation and ability to meet new awesome daddies.

Foxdream111 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Syracuse

Have not met Mr. Right yet, but still hopeful!

totalapckage4u 41-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Worcester

I have gotten the most messsges from and I think it has to be one of the best sugar daddy sites out there but I do think that memberships should be cheaper for sugar babies. All in all though, a good site.

AS 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Ontario

Good website. Easy layout.

bluvudu478 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Branchville

great site,no experiences so far as I just registered......

Victoria 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Prague

Well I think that it's a great site even though I haven't yet found what I'm looking for but I have not given up hope yet. It's quite a few nice and pleasant men on here however there's but so much I can do when I'm not a full access member. So I think that may be part of my troubles also, although I don't let that discourage me because anything is possible. I just would love to be able to chat, meet and greet someone that I'm interested in and the feeling is mutual. So I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.

MZ.FYRE 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Newark

I have been on this website about a month or two and have met a few men that seemed legit. I still haven't met my Sugardaddy but at least the meetings didn't feel like a COMPLETE waste of time. I would recommend this site as I have not had any bad experiences. Hope every one on here finds what they're looking for including myself!! Xoxo

SB 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Woodland Hills

Well they are good at least the ones that are nice in all you win some you lose some

geekachica 48-year-old Sugar Baby from los angeles

I think this is a great website to unite sugar babies and daddies. I have met a cool guy off here. Most of the me are perverts but there are some gentlemen in the bunch.

Juscolormebadd 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Compton


vivianm1970 42-year-old Sugar Baby from abingdon

The sure overall is a good one I like the idea of the website because it seems that a lot of people benefit from it....I've been told that I'm a premier member but this is my second time registering to this site and I have yet to meet anyone exciting or anyone that seems to be serious.... But I guess ill just have to wait a tad bit longer!

Iloveme5588 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Oak Lane

It is great when you finally find one who is able to respond. It would be better if women were free on the site and just the men paid

AllofMe4You 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Birmingham

I think this is an excellent site to explore in what you are looking for in age range. I have been interacting with different type of guys. Unfortunately, I haven't had a change to go out on a date with that luck man. Hopefully, I'll get my change soon. Good things come to those who are still waiting .

T.J. 38-year-old Sugar Baby from southaven


RP 39-year-old Sugar Baby from detroit

I like the website. I do think that it would be easier if we could message people who do not have gold memberships. It came be quite frustrating at times, other than that I like it and enjoy meeting new people.

Sweetbabymama 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Eugene

Its a cool wedsite safe but I don't like not being able to message people on a standard sign up.

mspuff25 25-year-old Woman for Extramarital from Decatur

im not sure if me not having upgraded my membership is what has affected my hunt for a nice SD/SB relationship... but so far I truly appreciate whoever came up with this website... it was the best idea ecer!!! I never win anything so im not gonna get my hopes up high but if I do win this time I thank you in advance!!!!

honeyediva 24-year-old Sugar Baby from houston

I like the site very much. The only drawback is that many people do not answer when you message them and lots of people will view you. but not message you or can't message you.

tonianne_marie 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Ridge

i think its a great way to meet new people and i've had some conversations with a few good people but still looking for someone I can connect with and feel we can be good together

micka97_ 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I like the website so far

imb 22-year-old Sugar Baby from red lion

Its quite the experience! Everything I expexted. All though would appreciate the gold member shipship to find the partner I am looking for. So far one good success but disappointed it came to an end due to bad schedules. So hopefully I get this lucky gift of the gold membership to really find the partner I am looking for.

KG 27-year-old Sugar Baby from claremont

Interesting conversations so far, hoping to meet someone for a lasting friendship/relationship.

JET 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Westmont

I'm just learning how this site works , so far , so good

1diam0nd 50-year-old Sugar Baby from Kissimmee

I love this site. I have met a couple of sugar daddies on here. I really like that as long as one of the people are paying to be on here the other can message back. It is a very easy site to find a variety of different people looking for different things.

Froggy1983 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I find it useful and great

Mscinday 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Lakewood

It's a pretty decent site. They do try to keep you updated as much as possible. Suggadaddys do reach out. You can tell the good from the bad right off. I like how most of them are real and up front about what they are looking for so that they do not mislead in any way.

Kd 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Evansville

sugardaddy is a very good website and have a lot of wonderful men who like to meet and be a help,i have had a very wonderful time and successful progress and men who are really to spoil you with gifts and MONEY.

sweetlove1177 29-year-old Sugar Baby from koln

This site seems cool. I haven't been a member long enough to provide any real feedback or opinions. A lot of men contact me. But they don't all have an upgraded account. I want a sugar daddy-plain and simple. I joined to meet wealthy men. I don't feel the need to purchase services to communicate. If men are interested, they should pick up the tab. After all, it's a drop in the bucket to you, right?

fabchic11 41-year-old Sugar Baby from Phoenix

I haven't been able to contact many people on here, because I don't have a subscription, but I've gotten many messages from members. I like this website, it's easy to find my way around it, and to find exactly what I'm looking for. I've been in touch with one or two men from here, nice people, but I still haven't found the one for me - yet. =)

juli.anna 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Rio de Janeiro

I really like the site u just wish u could do a little more without paying for it.

s.l.g 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Portsmouth

it has been ok. the one or two people I have had communication have been really nice.

ap 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Woonsocket

I'm not sure if I've been on the site long enough to give good feedback. I've met a few nice gentleman, however I've yet to find a good match for me.

Sascha 31-year-old Sugar Baby from New York

Well I met a wonderful man . On this site but he lives so far away. So were just good friends now. But it is nice guys on here but there are many men that are full of games. Well am still searching for my King . I know he is out there somewhere.

J.k. 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Westland

It's a wonderful website. I've not had much luck with landing a Sugar Daddy just yet, but I do enjoy reading messages and sending messages.

HNC 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Olive Hill

I like it. I am not a paid member, and I would probably meet even more people, but right now, this is all I am able to do. I do enjoy the mail, and reading the many different profiles.

kat236 53-year-old Sugar Baby from Citrus Ridge

I do enjoy the website. I think it's straight to the point with providing information about the members. My experience so far has been most of the Sugar Daddies that contact me do not have any kind of access. I find it interesting that. Sugar Daddy would message you but not have any access for you to see their message or contact them unless of course the Sugar Baby gets the total access. I find that is ironic and a little off putting. Of course I can get the total access as well however doesn't that defeat the purpose of being a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship? I don't think the Sugar Daddies are getting that point.

LM 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Stafford, Virginia

The site is very unique and very true. The gentlemen on here are true to what they say on their profiles. I totally recommend this site to anyone, but ladies need to stay real and be truthful cause it hurts for us who are truthful and need help or just looking for love. Many young girls see fame and fortune and this site isn't about that. And so what happens the gentlemen become weary and more harder to get cause of wannabes, liars, and all the ones that gimmie gimmie. I love this site and hope to meet a sugar daddy that can help me get back on my feet after suffering 7 heart attacks, a stroke along with a pace maker. My finances are in red cause of my health.

LatinaSexKitten 44-year-old Sugar Baby from Miami

Nice site. Really helps when you don't have time or opportunity to date

ellimac 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Kingston

I think it a really good and a good site to really meet nice looking men;)

YMZ 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Phoenix

I was quite surprised to find done guys on here I'm actually attracted to and the site is easy to navigate.

Azma423 23-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Phoenix

I am very happy with the SugarDaddyForMe site. I have met some really nice gentlemen. The only problem for me has been that most of them aren't really interested in being a true SugarDaddy. I've had a lot of fun, though!

Incredible333 56-year-old Sugar Baby from Clermont

i really like the way the site is set up, although it is a bit frustrating when a sugardaddy messages me and I cant read it because they dont have a gold membership. After that though, when a gold member does message me I find it thrilling that I can actually communicate with the other person! I think this site is a great idea.

D.C. 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Brownton

Sugar daddy for me is a great website, I've had no problems with it, I only find it a little difficult sometimes when I want to communicate with either another sugar baby or sugar daddy and they don't have a silver/gold membership because then I can't write to them since I don't have a paid membership either. Besides that, the website is great, I've met a few guys that didn't exactly knew this was a sugardaddy/baby site or had the wrong idea of what it means so the dates weren't the best ones. I think they should be like a message sent to every new member explaining what the site its about and that they should respect the people that are subscribed to it.

G. G. 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Miami


vivianm1970 42-year-old Sugar Baby from abingdon

I enjoyed the website even though I haven't met a sugar daddy as of yet but believe that this website is beneficial to those that are sincere about meeting a sugar baby that benefits from this site. I thank you for allowing me to post an honest profile on this enchanting website maybe someday I'll be able yo meet one that would be a blissful meeting with a worthy sugar daddy someday. Sincerely chicababy 71

Chicababy 71 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Lubbock

I'm talking with several gentleman, but seems that some are online just to chat and not meet. I'm also competing against alot younger women, but still seem to get some attention.

Kitten62719 54-year-old Sugar Baby from Frederick

Sugaar Daddy For Me is a dating website that is dedicated to finding an elite group of men and women the opportunity at the love they've been missing and my experience has been that, meeting nice guys that want to be my knight in shining armor or my prince charming, even though I'm a skeptic at heart.

ELJJAMES 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Philadelphia

I have received messages from guys and I answer them back and I have yet to meet anyone, I enjoy most of them, I have found some scammers on other web sites and when I see them here, I report them, this is a nice website and doesn't need to be defamed.

fatbaby55 57-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

i have met a couple of nice men from here..we went out a few times but realized that we were not a good fit,parted as friends and wish each other good luck in our futures. I still talk to 2 of them..but I am looking for a athletically fit man that likes to be with a bbw lady that has a great sense of humor.. I will continue my search I no he is out that..

pippi_31 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Cologne

So far, its been very interesting, I did not know of your site until my secretary told me,

LJT 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Bache

I do enjoy conversing with the Sugar Daddies on this site. I don't think I am what they are looking for on here, because they don't really ask me to meet them. So I figure the Sugar Daddies enjoy chatting with a older woman but they would prefer the younger, shapelier ladies.

yvonne1955 57-year-old Sugar Baby from Grantsville

So far my exp on your site is great

trlangevain 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Apple Valley

It's ok--there aren't many gold members and most are married, but I have met some great guys on here.

Kitten 42-year-old Sugar Baby from New Orleans

I been in sugar daddy for years I like it. I been looking but haven't found anyone but I don't give my hopes up. I recommend this website to anyone.

older-men-lover 30-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Madison

it is a great concept and amazing website, only thing I dont like is that you have to pay to even message someone. you could keep all other benefits of upgraded memberships, but for non upgraded it should be free to message anyone that right there would put your website #1 an it wouldnt be a claim that your #1 like hundreds of others sites do, but make it a well known FACT! I love this site, do everything you can to make it better. my experience has been good.

tdg 23-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Graham

I have had several men reply to my ad I have met one guy who has talked but never helped me yet.

blueyedgurl87 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Wellington

My experience has been alright, but I would recommend it to others

Lalo_k 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Mc Donough

It is a good site, starts out you getting alot of attention but if you don't keep up with updating your profile, changing pics etc then the attention can wear off after a while.

T.J 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Kingstown

I think that you have a great site. I do find that the fallow through is pretty limited.

rw 35-year-old Sugar Baby from salt lake city

I believe this is a great site to meet great and real people. I have talked with a few but as of yet to meet anyone

Ladycheney 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Katy

I like the site lay out but,I wish there was some way to do some kinda back round check through your website maybe the members will pay for this to make it easier to believe will result in more dates. something to check in to see if they are who they are saying

sweetnsassy185 28-year-old Sugar Baby from winnipeg

I'm too short to say anything. for now it is ok

sonixv 44-year-old Sugar Baby from bydgoszcz poland

I have seen alot of handsome men (sugardaddie). I would love to meet new people.

chocolaterose92 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Yuma

I think the experience is full of fairy-tale that have the best chances to come true. I've only been on it for a few days so I'm not going to lie or make up stories about something that hasn't happened for me personally, YET!

sugababyme 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Detroit

My opinion of SugarDaddyForMe is neither great or horrid. I've been contacted by some very generous men, but I don't receive replys from some of the ones that I message back. This site offers great opportunity for sugar daddies to meet women who are looking to fill their needs.

HT 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Poteau

Sugardaddyforme is very useful. I am not a gold memeber so I feel a little more services could be free for better connections, but all & above great site! :)

jess 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Portland

SugarDaddyaForMe has given me a chance to look around and get more ideas of what I'd like to see in a sugar daddy. My experience with this site has been good and some not so much, I was able to find a couple of sugar daddies who did meet with me to talk and enjoy each others company. Although it didn't last long. I would love to get this free gold membership so I am able to talk to more members to get to know them and maybe, possibly become more or long term. Thank you for reading and understanding. Have a wonderfully great day/evening.

Pumpkinpumpkinlove 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Camby

New to sugardaddyforme I've see some interesting things on this site still looking for the right sugar daddy for me.... (fingers crossed)

xoChrisxo 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Batavia

I have been lucky enough to find one SD on your site, and although that is no longer, my fingers are crossed and my hopes are high of finding another.

allhotbutcool 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Iberia

I think that this site is good I have talked to some very interesting guys, some that are very sweet but haven't found one that sticks out from the rest. I heard about this site through a friend and that has lead her to her fiance and I was excited. So I got on and I am still looking but I have faith that this site will get me to someone that will be great for me.

perfect1fooreu 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Herndon

I like the site, really great idea, I've me a few very nice men. Would be nice however if there was a way to get rid of the Nigerian, or whatever scammers! Some of them you can pull up by their screen name on google and it will say scam artist. But I know it's hard to do such a thing. The women just need to sift through the low life's. but I really enjoy the site. Thank you so much.

fivetwo44 45-year-old Sugar Baby from franklin

I joined SDFM after being on AM for a while because I was sick of being asked to do it in the minivan!! lol! SDFM site is not as user-friendly as AM (I am very happy to talk with someone in more detail if you like - it would be great to help improve the site.) and connections happen much slower here - not to mention, SDFM is expensive and AM is free. However, the two Sugar Daddies I have experienced were absolutely AMAZING! Loving, generous, sexy, fun, and on, and on. I have enjoyed my relationships very much and they have made me feel so good about myself. Thank you so much SDFM!!!

saphirebuttrfly 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Saint Paul

There were few confusing cases when I met people here who had no idea what sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship about and been looking for a wife on this site, but in general I would call my experience very positive and exciting.

O.V. 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Paris for few days

Well, since I don't know how am I supposed to make a memebership from Europe without knowing how much it would cost in € I'm a bit sad that I can't get full access. But the site works for me even with the limited options I have. It just appeared to me that a lot of 'SugarMommas' don't know what a 'SugarMomma' actually is. And I'm quite surprised how many mails I got from women who actually seek SugarDaddies although I clearly say that I'm a male SugarBaby.

Utshenik 24-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Berlin

I like the website however I have not met my SugarDaddy. I have not given up and would like to continue my search.

sj 41-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I have received messages from guys and I answer them back and I have yet to meet anyone, I enjoy most of them, I have found some scammers on other web sites and when I see them here, I report them, this is a nice website and doesn't need to be defamed.

fatbaby55 57-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I've enjoyed the contacts I've had. Haven't found my sugar daddy yet, but still looking.

SilverKitty7242 71-year-old Sugar Baby from Bedford

Since I've been on I have talk to a few men who have good talk and really do want the real sd,sb relationship. I have also talked with a few liers and perverts to. Over all I say the site is a good site I wish it had more events on the west coast.

Krissy 35-year-old Sugar Baby from san diego

The sugardaddy website looks great

Chuladelight 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Amsterdam

i found the service useful and very informative. I'm still looking for the perfect sugar dadddy

ihess30 33-year-old Sugar Baby from sydney

I think the site is probably the best at giving sugar babies a chance to meet a sugar daddy. It's hard for me, or most sugar babies to contact a sugar daddy without having a upgraded membership and most sugar babies aren't really out to spend money on a dating site. Most sugar babies feel the money should be spent on them. I think a good idea would be to let sugar babies contact sugar daddies for free. Even if it is during a "happy hour" period or only on certain days. But that will entice the guys to spend that extra money to want to continue to contact these ladies, especially the one's who aren't will to give up contact information so quickly. Just a thought. I personally have had multiple people contact me, but I can only contact those members who have full access, which out of the twenty who have contacted me, only two of them had full memberships.

SimplyBeautee 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Moyock

I love the site. Its a little complicated at first, I think their should be a tutorial in the begining.

lovelystacy1991 21-year-old Sugar Baby from San Antonio

I have talked to a few men on this site and have met one. He was very nice. We went out to some very nice restaurants, but nothing ever came of it. I am still looking though. I have trouble asking people for anything, so I guess I'm not the best at being a sugarbaby.

groomer66 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Birmingham

So far my exp on your site is great

trlangevain 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Apple Valley

I just signned up a Lil lonely and bored thought it would be a good idea so far I enjoy the Company.

bekabug 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Denton

Hi guys, Enjoying the website thanks Would be good to see more results near my location in the uk if possible my search criteria is quite broad but doesn't bring many uk men up in the search even though I've selected the right country also I log on daily but don't get many views from different people how often do you rotate the results on the listings as I feel my profile is unsearchable. It would be good if the profiles could list more about the person and what their looking for whether u could have a survey which is required for people to complete when registering them. Favourite food etc or even naughtier fav position Also what type of sugar they are looking for I.e 3/4 times a month/ long term/ fling etc

Jess.819 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Oxford

Its ok, a bit pricey, but ok total access is ok

cowboys1980 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Irving

The few men that I have met were very classy men. They know how to show a girl a good time and know how to make them feel special. There were a couple bad apples in the bunch of course. A few were extremely weird, like asking me to partake in very strange things and some are really bad kissers lol. I also don't like it at all when married men are trying to pick me up. But I still have yet to find an amazing SD. ):

summeroflove 21-year-old Sugar Baby from West Palm Beach

I like the site just wish the layout was a bit easier to navigate

AE 27-year-old Sugar Baby from SF

This website is pretty useful for anyone. I love the website but not the fact that I have to pay in order to use it. I have found one guy however who I can really see myself with. So thank you !

CuteThick&$weet 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Balmville

I have talked to several Sugar Daddies but haven't actually met any of them yet.

mh 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Universal City

Well I like the website a lot and have enjoyed being able to talk to potential daddies. My only suggestion would be that if a member that is silver or has the ability to mail you, you can respond. I think it makes it pointless for silver members to send you a message and not be able to hear back. It defeats the purpose of communicating. Overall I'm extremely happy with the navigation and ability to meet new awesome daddies.

Foxdream111 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Syracuse

It's Okay

sz 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Astoria

Have had positive and negative experiences on the site. I find that alot of men here are all talk and no action. They want to email and exchange pix but when it comes time to meet, they are not serious at all. I have met a couple decent men here but still have yet to find my perfect match. I think that the site is great idea and love the idea of it. Hopefully one day I will have some success on here :)

Ms_Alysha 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Douglasville

I have meet a few nice people on this site, most a fake's and phonies but you can weed them out fast once you get the hang of what's really going on here, I have to say the few men I have meet on here were pure gentlemen and kept their word above and beyond, and this is why I stay on this site because once in awhile a good deal comes a long

dakota424 52-year-old Sugar Baby from Lake Ronkonkoma

It's a good website. So far I've talked to a few members but every time we've tried to meet something always comes up on their end to where we can't meet.

MR 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Las Vegas

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