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Testimonials from Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

Thank you to all our members who shared with us their opinion about!

I have met some nice guys on here. I find the website easy to manuver.

Robert 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Phoenix

I NEED to thank SD4M! I've been so blessed since joining this site! The SD's on SD4M have all been kind, clean, and serious about helping me out. I probably wouldn't have met these men otherwise, had it not been for Sugar Daddy For Me, due to my busy schedule. The staff is always reachable also extremely helpful! I even get sent lists of new members in my area by the SD4M staff. Sometimes the SD4M staff will also send me the availability schedules of SD's that are serious about meeting close to my area. Which helps me out tremendously because I, a lot of times, am just too busy to research the SD's my self. I'm very grateful for the site and it's staff. I tell all of my friends about Sugar Daddy For Me and will continue to use this site myself.

Arichia 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Hammond

I have received a really good response to my profile ., This site allows a great opportunity to meet people from all different areas..this site has a lot more activity than other sugar daddy sites which is good as to give chances for more active dating.. I am glad I joined this site.

redbonesugarqt 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Frazer

Great website and outstanding SBs!

GS 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from Honolulu

In my experience on sugardaddyforme has been an all around good one! I've met a few gentlemen off this site and have been impressed, I thought this site was going to be like the rest, No. This site was able to connect me with the man of my dreams. Thank you is an understatement.

ST 36-year-old Sugar Baby from Henderson

Not really sure. Haven't had much experience with it yet.

John 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Auburn

excellent way to meet young women

KA 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from Cleveland

Well I very much enjoy this website. I did meet a couple of sugar daddies and I enjoyed their company as well as they did mine ;)

bbwcandy 27-year-old Sugar Baby from West Palm Beach

I signed up to the site with some degree of skepticism at first, but it quickly dissipated as I started to receive emails from the most beautiful sugar babies. I met some wonderful ladies here and I continue to have friendships with many of them. I have met a flight attendant, a couple of college students, a school teacher, and a fashion model. They all have something interesting to offer, and it is fascinating to get to know them.

elgrandioso69 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Jersey City

Its a very neat site =) lots of potential.

EAM 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Gettysburg

For me this is this best of ALL dating sites! This site allows me to search for younger women that are looking to travel or that like to go on shopping sprees and maybe do fun things that they have always wanted to do. I like the local section that I can search for girls within a couple 100 miles from me .

stanmac7 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Greenville

This site is amazing! I have been on for about a week and talked to so many people. I have been out on couple dates with great guys! And I have a couple more set up. I don't have time to search for anyone cause I can barely keep up with my emails.

GF 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Cumberland

Sugar daddy is a fun and easy way for me to meet the men that not only do I like but treat me like a queen.

eshapeachie 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Cherry Hill

I enjoy using it. I have met several interesting women on here of all ages, races and sizes.

San Diego 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Diego

I think it's great. The quality of people on the site is very high. It's the best of any of the other sites.

A L 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Jacksonville

It is my favorite website for meeting fun women. is horrible. I do not like the type of women that frequency that site, they are nit as young minded and looking for fun. Your site seems to attract women that are younger that are looking for a mature, established man that has a career and who is looking for a younger woman that is looking to experience the fun aspects of life. I have been a member of SD for years and have met many, many beautifu l, fun, down t o earth women. I get many many more responses on this site than any other site I have tried so far. I like it, and do not mind paying the 30-40$ a month, that is what I would pay going to a bar and trying to meet there. I have been an SD member for four years now because I like it so much

BF 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from Jefferson

It is a wonderful website that creates room for unimaginable opportunities and the site can make you meet people that can make your dreams come true.

loverencha 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Vienna

I enjoy Because I have some nice guys on here and hope to meet more in the furture.

Carla Murphy 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Grand Rapids

great website, have met a few very beautiful ladies on this website.

livingud83 30-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Diego

I have had a wonderful time on this site. I have tried other sites only to be disappointed. The caliber of the clientele are second to none. I have met many wonderful people and made my SD/SB connection in a very short amount of time. Satisfaction guaranteed, no need for other sites!

chevygirl169 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Miami

Two very satisfying, short term relationships by using SugarDaddyForMe!

FB 30-year-old Sugar Daddy from Peoria

It's amazing! Within an hour of creating my profile, my inbox had over 30 messages!

MJ 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Tulsa

while being on this site I have found the men to be honest about themselves not like other sites where they lie and not who they say they are I am enjoying meeting the men on here and would recommend to family and friends.

TB 51-year-old Sugar Baby from Tacoma Wa

This is a very good site. You seam to know where everyone stands on a relationships that might happen.

IS 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Ocean View

Hello I'm new to the site but so far so good loving it

KB 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I love SugarDaddyForMe because the woman here are more beautiful than you can find any where else. They are all down to earth and extremely friendly. I don't think that I would go anywhere else.

Liquid3584 29-year-old Sugar Daddy from Modesto

I like this website because it makes finding a friend/mate a lot easier. Someone that wants the same things you want. Also it's less judgmental because their on the site looking for the same thing half the time. And I love to be treated like a lady not a trick or a piece of meat. There's a difference between that and being easy, or just a gold digger. And here, a lot of men get that! :)

IM*JUST*ME 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Oklahoma

It is the best site i ever been on its very professional very classy women I will find my future wife on here if you want to find a very sexy woman sign up on this site it's the best I know I'm on the site myself.

Edward 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from Pittsburgh

Sugardaddy site for me is a site full of matured mind,no kidding around in the site and the members go for what they want.i haven't actually met anyone physically there but I believe in time I will not all about dating every men there but is a matter of getting who and what u deserve.

tonia03 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Newark

I love sugar daddy for me it's the best place to meet rich nice daddy's

PB 21-year-old Sugar Baby from San Antonio

It's a great site and I have met several quality women on here that I have maintained great relationships with over a long period of time!

hlthcreceo 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from Dallas

I've been contacted here at Sugar Daddy For Me more than at any other sugar site. More opportunities to express opinions/feedback. There are more free options for me at Sugar Daddy For Me as well.

EH 41-year-old Sugar Baby from Fort Lauderdale

its a great site to meet people in your city that are interested in you and with good conversation s

chocolatemomo 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Milwaukee

this site is awesome and i rocommend it to any gentleman looking for younger ladies!

FJ 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Toppenish

Great site. Great results

KW 19-year-old Sugar Baby from San Pablo

I enjoy this site very mature intelligent men that chat with me from time to time. Finally a dating site for adults.

sadiequinn1 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Denton

Sugardaddyforme is the best place to find a sugarbaby. Easy to use, plenty full of attractive girls ready to give you all that you need like a man.

JB 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from Los Angeles

I love it here!! I have met so many good people and had so many great experiences. I am so happy to have found this site. It has changed my life and I am well on my way to being happy and secure. The men here are very generous and sweet. I love getting to know them and getting pampered in return. Thank you SugarDaddyForMe!!!

TL 36-year-old Sugar Baby from Boise

I have used sd4m for several years as a way to meet attractive women when traveling. By using sd4m, I have met several women with whom I have had long standing relationships. RL

RL 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Minneapolis

I have met several nice ladies off of your site over the years. Since they are on a SD site, they understand the rules of the game, and what I am looking for. I also developed one long term relationship which is ending amicably, and which was a positive experience overall.

kdoogie 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Jacksonville

I think the website is a great way to meet local sugar daddies and ive gotten so much mail already its amazing.

ZA 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Los Angeles

I think its awesome. U meet new ppl. And get to travel and try new things.

SweetDrkChoc 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

After more then a decade of internet dating on several sites, "Sugar-Daddy-For-Me" is the easiest way to meet women. Unlike other sites, the women's photos on there are real and their descriptions of themselves are actually factual. The women are honest and more tyhan willing to meet one. And, most often I in meeting up with the woman on here, they are even even prettier in real life than their photos. (WIth other sites, such is sadly often the other way around.) All of my steady relationships on here have lasted at least one year. And, I am still friends with each of these women. Also, I have found the women on here to be sexy, warm & responsive. So, in my own opinion, "Sugar-Daddy-For-Me" is the very best!

Marty 63-year-old Sugar Daddy from Louisville

SDFM is fun and exciting. I interacted with a lot of nice Sugar daddies because of SDFM! I would totally recommend this site to other sugar babies!

TR 28-year-old Sugar Baby from NYC

I think SugarDaddyForMe is a great website for meeting real people, whether you are into casual dating or looking for serious relationship. I have been a member of this website for about 10 years and have met two women on this site with whom I have had great and lasting relationships with. One relationship lasted 4 years and another for 3 years. I have also done the casual dating thing on this site and once again it is a great site for meeting real people that are fun and with such a varieties of personal backgrounds and personalities. All of my experiences on this site have been great, customer service is awesome, and I have never had a bad experience with this site. I have dated a lot of women on this site, I met two great women as I stated earlier, and have met hundreds of women just chatting and getting to know people. I have tried other sites and most of them suck, they have fake profiles to attract people to their sites, and a lot of other rip-offs out there. SugarDaddyForMe is not just limited to traditional sugardaddy and sugarbaby relationships either. There are so many different types of people and personalities that you will meet on this site, each with different relationship goals and needs. Just like in the real world... I would recommend this site to anyone looking to meet new people, or that special someone, to get to know and hopefully spend the rest of their life with.

Jason Campbell 42-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Diego

I think this is brilliant. I had a sugar babe many years ago and we met the old fashioned way. There's no doubt that younger women want to achieve things in their lives and guys my age want to hook up with younger women so this is a natural. Great job!

techtravel 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Calgary

i have met some interesting men,I havent been on line for awhile because i met a sugar daddy and we spend a great deal of time enjoying one another, i met a friend for life!!!!! Thank You Sugar Daddy.

NR 49-year-old Sugar Momma from Salt Lake

Used it in Florida & loved it! I even told a couple of my buddies about it & know they are on board too.

MrdiscreteMi 38-year-old Sugar Daddy from Detroit

I think Sugar Daddy for me is an excellent website for connecting! I have connected on this website! I've had members to contact me and we made a connection!

Johney 60-year-old Sugar Daddy from Memphis

I like the website, It's easy to work with

juicylips791 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Philadelphia

I love this site theres so many interesting guys on here.

TopClass001 19-year-old Sugar Baby from La

I like the site. There are some quality women on the site.

SM 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from Hopkins

I have a had a great time on this site. I have met some wonderful people. I have never had a problem with this site. I would recommend this site, for anyone looking for quality people.

2013writer 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Orlando

I have enjoyed the site for a while. Made a few friends and enjoy the company of a beautiful lady that I have meet on this site.

pat59 60-year-old Sugar Daddy from Fruitland Park

SugarDaddyForMe is BY FAR the best dating website to meet like-minded people. I've tried others out there and believe me, they are a total waste of time. Stick to a proven site with great customer support to find that true win-win relationship you're seeking.

YoungSuccess 35-year-old Sugar Daddy from Minneapolis

I like sugar daddy for me website it helps you find good friends meet people you can talk to i suggested some of friends and they also like it two thumbs up

msthicklove 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Des Monies

i have had a great time with sd4me its being nothing but a goodtime all types of sugar babies on here this is what it is site i would and told everyone i know about it

nvgenut 37-year-old Sugar Daddy from Las Vegas

This site has been very educational. I love the men here and the women are all beautiful. Heck I even get hit on by the women.

stylishclassy 49-year-old Sugar Baby from Walnut Creek

Great website with many great beautiful women

FEB 60-year-old Sugar Daddy from Columbus

I love the way this web site works. It is easy to find sugar daddy's in your area. I have been on seven dates with Fun, intelligent and wealthy men.

Nicegurlxox21 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Camdenton

the best from all the others

greek-sugar 53-year-old Man for Extramarital from Athens-Greece

the sugardaddyforme website is an awesome place to meet pretty women it is one of the best dating websites out there and the women are very friendly

blessup 21-year-old Sugar Daddy from North Hills

I've tried other sites and discovered that sugardaddy is the only one that provides me with the quality of men I am interested in meeting. Why waste time trying to weed thru the "toads" to find your handsome Prince when sugardaddy has them right here all in one convenient location! I highly recommend sugardaddy regardless of your age race or geographical location. They're great about letting you know about members who are matches to you which saves your precious time rather than clicking thru an seemingly endless blur of lackluster profiles the other sites seem to have. Life is short so make it sweet with sugardaddys! xoxoJen

Jen 48-year-old Sugar Baby from Tucson

I have enjoyed a few meetings from the site and made a few good friends because of this. In all cases we both recieved what we wanted and had a very enjoyable time doing so. Very relaxing and fun.

JK 48-year-old Man for Extramarital from Kershaw

There are endless amounts of women to choose from on this site. I have found connections that ranged from short term to long term.

sweetascanbee80 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Mobile

Very nice selection of men. Seems like the site really wants the member to meet in real life. Met a very nice man so far.

FK 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Los Angeles

i have had the opportunity to chat with and meet several beautiful women and have had a good time.

Bigjake224 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from St Louis

I have enjoyed making a few friends, connecting with a few more. the perfect match has not presented himself yet. I have to thank SDFM for the chance to look for him in a safe and discrete environment.

Blondddee 56-year-old Sugar Baby from Flint, Mi

This is great website who help for us to find our Sugars)))

TO 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Kharkiv

Easily one of the best if not the best sugar hook up sites available. I have met and had arrangements with 3 young ladies on this site so far and will begin a search for my next one very soon.

Jeff 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Mesa

On SugarDaddyForMe I've had some great experiences. I've found one sugardaddy and we've been together for almost a year. Our relationship is more than I could ever hope for.

DW 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Indianapolis

Overall I love the website I have me 2 SD and I am very happy with try my outcome I recommend it to friends n they love just as much as me

REA 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Oxon Hill

Good site with a lot of sweet women. Fun and very rewarding. Good looking ladies. Active reliable site with great web service.

Johnny_4U 66-year-old Sugar Daddy from Houston

This site helped to find right man. I like it.

Daksy 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Brooklyn

I love this site, for a busy man like myself it is the perfect combination of fast search and quality people I have met a few women and will meet a few more

SS 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from Hyannis

SD is an interesting site that quickly shows you personalities of the wide variety of ladies on the site. I have found an SB a long time ago and we have a great relationship. Nothing regular but very satisfying for both.However, my curiosity always brings me back to the site and I can't help but notice differences in the way I get approached. Female members have the advantage that they can email any SD, which I think is a good feature. However, more and more messages are received where there is a missing subject or just a one liner like 'hey, how are you'. Something that never happened years ago. In the 7 years with the site, the one thing I miss most is the chat room feature. There was a nice group of regulars that became good friends and even visited on weddings and other festivities. However, the SD site never disappoints in attracting the most beautiful real ladies in many countries in the world. In short, very recommendable.

sugar1517u 51-year-old Sugar Daddy from Houston

I had a lovely time being here. It gave me opportunity to meet interesting man and to get to know them through the letters. Thank you to this website

Cherry73 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Frimley

sugardaddyforme is a great site. being a member have definitely change my life for the better. I am more confident in myself and my self esteem has grown. if it wasn't for sugardaddyforme, I don't know where my life would be.

AC 24-year-old Sugar Daddy from Orlando

It's a fantastic site. Easy to manage and browse. Nice set up. I've been having a great time on here.

Hergaderg 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Nuevo

It's worked better for actually meeting people than some of the other sites I tried. In fact, it's the only such website that I've continued to be a member of.

CG 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Ashland

This website is fantastic, I actually met and dated a sugar baby from here for almost 3 years. I am back looking again hoping to find another one. Keep up the great work.

andynpcola 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from Pensacola

I love it.

BekkaSee 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Baltimore

Every Sugardaddy's ultimate reference and go-to source for the finest Sugarbabys available.

chitownpaul 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chicago

I have found this to be a very exciting site with lots to offer for both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies in terms of expectations, special events, and local focus which has let me meet a couple of very interesting ladies.

AB 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from Austin is a great website i have met a wonderful man that understands my needs and is very sweet. idk where id be without this website!! THANK YOU SUGARDADDYFORME!!!

KP 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Winston Salem

Love it!!! All I can said!!! ;)

DA 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Tysons Corner

I think it's a useful site for people seeking to meet others in the older/younger dynamic. At least on the gay side, it's more about mutual attraction than it is about financial expectations (although there is some of that to be sure.) I met a number of interesting guys though the site and would not hesitate to tell anyone to give it a try. Customer service here is very responsive as well.

Ed 48-year-old Gay Sugar Daddy from New York

I've met some very nice women. Dated one for about a year.

GS 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from Minneapolis

SugarDaddyforme has been a fun and exciting way to meet some great guys. Looking forward to meeting that special warrior.

MWMS 53-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta


SAILORG 57-year-old Sugar Daddy from Mykonos, Greece


omytss69 50-year-old Sugar Baby from Omaha

Great site. I have made several friends on the site as well as sugar daddy relationships.

mgmsd 51-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Diego

Great website! Many Sugar Babies looking for a Sugar Daddy!

gearjammer123 51-year-old Sugar Daddy from Bakersfield

I love it. Keep up the good work.

DEEPSEX 2010 51-year-old Sugar Momma from Columbia

i love this site

usprinkleme 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Los Angeles

I think you have the best sugardaddy/sugarbaby website on the web! I have met several young ladies from your site and have had a couple of great relationships.

maxwellsmart 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Oklahoma City


SUGAR1111MAK 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Athens Greece

I love this site !!! There are alot of nice gentlemen on here !!! would to be all access member but can't afford being I'm a single mom of 5 children Not looking for anything serious but if it happens along the way even better !!!!!!!!!! I need my knight in shining armour to come rescue me ......

1908766 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Phoenx

Great site. Beautiful girls and women and lots of replies and girls showing interest without being contacted. I highly recommend this site. Norm M

Norman Milhon 59-year-old Sugar Daddy from Mesa

The website does a very good job of montoring real and fake profiles. I also like that pictures have to be approved before they are shown. I also think the website does not promote prostitution but provides a place for real relationships.

JM 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Rockford

Very efficient. Very good!!

RAP 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Tucson

I think its a great site to be a member of and there is alot of nice people on here and the site makes it easy to meet people. I have met a few ladies off the site and had a wonderful time.

bigsexy98 41-year-old Sugar Daddy from Witchita

I really like it. It fits my goals. There is no disrespect from the users. And there is a nice standard, so far I'm happy.

MG 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Nyc

This sight has great opportunity to not only meet someone to spoil you but also maybe even come across close friends for life with benefits that don't mind helping you along your way in life especially if your towards your goals in life.

Jessica 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Talbotton Ga

Had a great experience with SD . Most of the people I have communicated with have been genuine and honest. The dates I went on were enjoyable. would recommend the site.

Hankdaddy 66-year-old Sugar Daddy from Wilmington.Nc

I think it is a great way to meet people and have a lot of fun..

mojasmine3 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Greenfield

I think the site is one of the better sd sites I have used. There always seems to be a good amount of traffic and new faces logging in. I was able to meet a sugar baby on the site and have a successful long term arrangement with her. Unfortunately due to reasons outside of her control she had to move away to be with family.

jondagk 33-year-old Sugar Daddy from Roselle

I am a genuine fan of because of the many sugardaddies I have been able to meet, as well as all of the extravagant dates that came along with it!

bearhugz13 20-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Tampa

for me it's been pretty good.

SD 18-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Bend

I'm so glad i joined sugardaddyforme and i can't go to any other site. I hope to find the true love on this site. Thank you

timville 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Canada

absolutely fun! ;)

karinebabe 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Montreal

Mature, well to do SD

IL 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chicago

Meet some awesome and sex ladies on here...many of my fantasies have come true!

MRD 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Houston

It is my first time using this site and i loved it.

Abigail92 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

Well compared to a lot of other dating sites, it's not even comparable! For the very few times I've been on here, I find that it is very sophisticated! No complaints on my part!

Sylvie1977 36-year-old Sugar Baby from Casselman

Is a good dite to meet real woman that are serious about what they want and need from their daddy. I think the site has the idea of dating fast and easy down to a T. I have recommended this site to lots of friends

TDT 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Oak Grove

I join sugar daddy when my cousin referred me, I meant to gentelmen and they were both fantastic

I_am_leslie 50-year-old Sugar Baby from Taylor

my experience has been fun and interesting sugardaddyforme dating site keeps me coming back for more

SS 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Lasvegas

Overall it is a great site. It offers a wide variety of SBs to suit any taste. I met a wonderful SB on here 2 years ago, and I enjoyed every minute that we spent together. She exceeded my expectations, and I never thought that I would meet someone of her caliber on a SD site. Keep up the good work!

rodpimpin 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Charlotte

I really like the website it is so many cool people here.

pinklavender 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Los Angeles

Great site and ive met some great Guys. Still looking for the 1

Sarahb40 41-year-old Sugar Baby from Manchester

I think this is a really great site.I have met some really nice sugarbaby's on here.And I continue to see a few of them whenever I can.I never would have found them without this site.

thenuge1 42-year-old Sugar Daddy from Oakland

I have met some wonderful men on this site, and I would recommend the site to anyone looking for a sugar daddy. Everyone has been so nice and helpful.

KP 36-year-old Sugar Baby from Arlington

I have met some interesting & classy men on SugarDaddyForMe, and they sure do know how to take care of their "baby"!

VL 41-year-old Sugar Baby from Manchester

I have had a wonderful time meeting a lot of really nice girls. It has been so much better than dating in the "normal" sense. I hope to find one woman for a long term relationship (NSA) but so far I have just had fun playing the firld and getting the chance to meet perfect 10's.

DoubleTrouble51 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from League City

I like SugarDaddyForMe. There are many exciting ladies who have responded to my profile.

logan646 62-year-old Man for Extramarital from Morristown

i think this is the best site to those who are looking for a perfect match..

angel rain 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Philippines

I find it a very enchanting site to find darling babes

DuChef 65-year-old Sugar Daddy from Cobram

I really like SD site. It really opens my eyes to a whole different world. I'm a young mother and I need help supporting myself and my son. SD is helping me find men who want to help me better my life. Excellent site.

AllyJane 19-year-old Sugar Baby from San Bernardino

It's working out great for me!!

MS 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from Dallas

sugardaddy is a great site for dating . I have had many good contacts. I would advice my friends and others to use it!

race_ driver 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from Moerbeke

As a new member I find the site to have an array of interesting men.the variety is wonderful.the friendship possibilities are endless.i enjoy this site more then any other.there is no pressure here.bravo to the creator/creators of this site.i hope to upgrade soon to be able to get deeper into the site.thanks for such a pleasant experience.

SweetiePooh 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Troy

great for meeting attractive ladies

ryder11952 60-year-old Sugar Daddy from Boston

Great site! I have met a couple of very sweet Sugar Babies! Keep up the good work!

LJ 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chicago

I think that SugarDaddyForMe is a great site. It offers opportunity on both sides. I am not yet a paying member but based on what I have experienced thus far, I will be soon. Great variety and locations!

sunshinesara 49-year-old Sugar Baby from Bradenton

SugarDaddy is an amazing site to find people that enjoy being spoiled and having someone spoil them. I enjoy talking with the woman and getting to know them and going from there. I have gotten to know only aboiut 3 people on here, but it is a small start and looking even better day by day as i 'm getting to know alot more about them. I'm hoping to meet someone and either be spoiled or spoil them. I honestly enjoy this site and will be a longtime member!! BB

BB 37-year-old Sugar Daddy from Avoca

SugarDaddyForMe is an amazing way to meet potential SD's who truly wish to help you. From my experiences the men here really are out for your best interests! They will be there for you emotionally as well as momentarily.

Helen 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Orlando


Tammy Clemons 50-year-old Man for Extramarital from Omaha

I love SugarDaddyForMe and have had wonderful romantic experiences on this site as it has brightened up my day and my love life. If you want to chat with or meet some very beautiful girls and women I would recommend this site over all others. You will get results from local girls as well as all over the U.S.. It has brightened up my days and nights for sure. Sincerely, Norm Milhon

Norman Milhon 59-year-old Sugar Daddy from Mesa

I absolutely love this site. I have yet to be let down from any of the "Daddies" that contact me. I have even told all of my friends about this site and they have also fallen in love!!!!

msmorethan 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Paradise

I found this website to be great and better than any other sugar daddy website out there. I have met a few sugar daddies, however no luck on finding the right one yet. I have definitely recommended this website with my friends and they were successful in their search.

AC 27-year-old Sugar Baby from San Francisco

As good as any of the adult dating sites I've tried. Have actually met up with real women (attractive women, to boot!)

Mick94 41-year-old Sugar Daddy from Albuquerque

Easy to use. Very easy to get contacts and start the sugar fun!

Deebabygirl2 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Quakertown

I have met some very interesting and like minded individuals on this site. Thanks for creating such a terrific site. I would be lost without it.

wallmeister 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Winchester

Great website!

TS 38-year-old Sugar Daddy from Lafayette

best place where to find your mate and a good sugar daddy! i m super excited and i love this site!

V F 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Constanta

Outstanding. I have had 2 great arrangements in 6 years. Al the credit to you!

Texastraveler1 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Austin


JD 36-year-old Sugar Baby from Hollywood

Sugardaddyforme is a great service, which I utilized on and off for several years now. I find it useful because it provides a breadth of options for all kinds of relationships, from secretive dates to no-strings-attached or friends-with-benefits relations, all the way to long term relationships. I have met two women on this site with who I entered the traditional SB/SD relation, but ended up dating them for real in an LTR. I am now single again and enjoy using this service to find another great match. As long as a user knows what they want and is particular about finding someone to match those criteria, there is lots of success. I found that most women just want to be treated with respect and manners and are receptive to actual dating when that basic foundation is provided. The rest is up to chemistry.

ahlerwatz 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from Boston

just joined got a lot of responses, I like to so far

oregonsugardad 57-year-old Man for Extramarital from Medford Oregon

Met with great men better than all the other websites!

sm101 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

So far i have not had much luck in what i am looking for i do however like the site and hope with persistance i will find what im looking for

KRE 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Danville

its been a lot of fun

captainnice 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Goodhue

I like the web site I have met some nice Girls would recomend it to others to use at any time

brucesilva 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from Miami

Love this site. I am receiving great results!!

EB 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Pompano Beach

It's good to set me up on dates, and for the most part all of my experiences have been positive and have helped me out financially. It's been a great opportunity to really get spoiled and taken care of, which I have always wanted for myself. Things like shopping at Louis Vuitton or flying first class to visit my Sugar Daddy would have never been anywhere close to possible before!

Diamond Simpson 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Calgary

The website has been great and has really enabled me to cut to the chase with most potential girlfriends. I believe that the site can really connect people who are tired of the same old stuff, different day routine.

JF 34-year-old Sugar Daddy from Nashville

It has a lot of potential i love it

AS 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Independence

I've viewed some profiles of some quite interesting people. SugarDaddyforme is a good place to meet handsome men that know what they want and not afraid to reach out to it.

Teresa 42-year-old Sugar Baby from New Albany

Love the site !!! Very easy to navigate and the search engine gives amazing results ! Recommended to my friends . best place to find someone with like minded interests for a discreet relationship. Thank you Sugardaddy!

anime332 39-year-old Man for Extramarital from Texarkana

I've been on and off this site for 4 years now. I've had a lot of luck with it. Every guy I met has been very respectful and generous. It's easier to find a date on here compared to at a bar or on a restaurant. I recommend it to all my friends.

Flawless_One 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Chicago

interesting site...I have talked with several young women on here.....I enjoy how you have he profiles set up an how easy it is to use....customer service is great dealt with them a couple of times an issues were solved quickly

Sheldon 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chehalis

I'm not much of a writer! But I have enjoyed SDFM FOR years and have had good sucsess!

1SSOH 78-year-old Sugar Daddy from Aiken

I am pretty new to this site, but have received 10 emails of interested Sugar Daddies in my inbox during my very first week. I replied to all, but only two have continued to message me. I haven't met any of my potential Sugar Daddies as yet, but hope to in the near future. This site is very easy to use and the Sugar Daddies I have messaged with seem very friendly and sweet. Thus far, I am very happy using the Sugar Daddy For Me site and hope to find my very own Sweet Generous Sexy Sugar Daddy here very, very soon!

Lissy615 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Bronx

I believe that this in one of the most respectable social site out here and I have had and continue to have a nice time here. Since I have uploaded my photos I have gotten triple the response.

RDB 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Bay Saint Louis

SugarDaddyForMe is a unique type of website that provides me with an opportunity to meet a younger woman who is interested in meeting an older, successful professional like myself. I don't like spending time at bars/clubs and most of the women I've met here are tired of that scene as well. So this site provides an alternative to that, and I've been glad to find there's a lot of quality gals on this site who are just waiting to meet their match!

Tallattorney 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Diego

OMG! I love this sight, I have a blast on the sight I've met a lot of interesting people after all I'm a people person to the heart . That's my job to all my sugardaddys and sugarbabbys keep this sight going I love it

yoyezee38 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Oregon

I like the site. it is very user friendly and have met very interesting men on this site. some are serious and some just wanna play. either way they are upfront. Have nothing but good comments about this site!

gwensprofile 41-year-old Sugar Baby from Neenah

It has some beautiful Women and fantastic profiles.

richmarbella 54-year-old Man for Extramarital from Marbella


goodthing77 60-year-old Sugar Daddy from Macon

i love this site i have met some really nice men and some weird ones lol but i would recommend this site and have to my friends

onefinetigger 49-year-old Sugar Baby from Augusta

I love this site...met amazing people and continue to do so... I advertise this site to all my friends and clients!

happygirlxoxo 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Renfrew

It is a very good site. I have met a few ladies. Few sites are this good for meeting women. I would recommend it.

Rick 59-year-old Sugar Daddy from Las Vegas

I think its the greatest website ever! Every woman that loves to be treated like a queen and spoiled then this is for you, In return Your Sugar Daddy needs to be spoiled as well with his ideal (sugerbaby)

chelsea614 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Oklahoma City

Its a site with the most genuine women I ever seen on the web and one that it easy to find what you are looking for. I think its the best

princeakis 41-year-old Sugar Daddy from Thessaloniki

i think this site is great for a single woman or man. this is a great way to meet someone that you may fall in love with that will help you not only financially but for all other needs. you get to experience things that you only dream about. i personally love to dine out as well as fine cloths, and much more. its not all about that, its about meeting someone that you can relate to. someone new, and good looking, lets not!

TJ 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Lafayette

I have had great success finding and meeting women who want to be S.B. I have connected with one in particular and have been seeing her for six months.

HB 63-year-old Sugar Daddy from Darlington

I have really enjoyed the site. It takes work to find precisely the person you're looking for, but when you do, it's worth it. It has worked for me.

Richard 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Lexington

I like it a lot meet nice people from here its well laid out and if your life is not right its like u meet someone to come in your path and change your life forever. And with most its not all about sex its a spiritual mental and lifetime connection ... you can actually meet a mentor ur future mate and your lifetime partner so yea I really like it even though I hvnt found that yet but with patience comes greatness

BG 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

its good and worth while...i hope to meet someone soon.i met someone already and i hope its what i think.if it works out...well between the both of us...i will be convinced the website is the best.

jorgen 31-year-old Sugar Baby from New York

Has been more than I expected for I met someone incredible as well as made a few friends along the way. I found the site has a nice diverse mix of ethnicities as well as members seeking more than just a sexual encounter which I found quite comforting. I am proud to say that I met my sugar baby Ally here and that we are embarking on a more serious committed relationship. SugarDaddyForMe has someone for everyone within its online community. E.B

EB 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from New York

This site has allowed me to make myself available to the caliber of men and amounts of sugar that I enjoy. I've meet in person with a handful and the perks have been better than I could imagine! From expensive spa dates to limo car service and weekend getaways... I am highly satisfied with the results and would recommend;-)

MadamCPhyre 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Las Cruces

SugarDaddyForMe is such an awesome site. Anything your looking for is up there. The staff is there 24/7 to help you with anything problems your having. My experience on the site has been nothing but perfection. I met a couple of people who I was interest in. The last person that I met on the site was everything I was looking for. Even-though it was short term he was the most respectful person that I met. People on the site are legit and you don't have to worry about spammers.

queenlustybusty 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Newark

It is a fantastic web site i have been meeting a lot great people, amazing experience worth the membership !

J 28-year-old Sugar Daddy from Miami

i love this site meet all kinda of great men that have spoiled me to the fulliest

Seretha 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Dartmouth

I have had more success meeting SBs on this website than on several others I've tried.

SugarCat65 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Louisville

SugarDaddyForMe is a fun, interactive site that matches sugarbabies who want to grow in the world, see new places and learn new things with sugardaddies who have the means to let them do this. It can be a perfect match! Mayjud

FK 61-year-old Sugar Daddy from Milwaukee

I love this site. Ive met some very nice eell off down to earth men.

NU 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Lake Jackson

I think this website is amazing. Much better than, and others. Women are beautiful on here.

FourEverFun 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from Los Angeles

SDFM is the most productive dating site I"ve been matches ladies who are open to the SD/SB type of relationship..where both parties are typically aware of the aspects of such a relationship..whereas ..on other sites..there's a lot of posturing between parties when the lady is actually looking for the same things as those on SD..

mrtightlines 57-year-old Sugar Daddy from Denver in my opinion, a very nice yet descreet way to meet. Both parties needs are able to be fulfilled. Those who visit the site will be VERY pleased.... I am ;-)

Mscocolicious 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Detroit

I love it, I think it's great. I get a lot of messages from a range of different guys. I really enjoy this site.

Mikkela01 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Tampa

SD is a great way to meet like minded girls who know what they want. High quality sugar babies who are sweet as they are sexy!

jtdoctor 40-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chicago

Pretty straight forward.Most of the ladies here tell you what they want and are straight forward. You site is easy to get around on. Your response time is good to questions asked. I have had good luck on your site with meeting ladies I find interesting.

JB 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Appleton

It has been an excellent experiance.

Mz.Sincere 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Phoenix

I think this is a great site and a fantastic place to meet women who are what I am looking for.

Steven 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Asbury Park

I started out on this site and at first I just chatted with a couple of SD, got busy with school and work, and didnt come on the site much for a while afterwards. Then I came online one nite, and I updated some photos and profile info...I started getting mail. I have met two SD from this site, and both were extremely nice, sweet, gentlemen, and giving/caring. I have on and off on-going "discrete arrangements" with my SD for almost two years now. And I like that I may have really found a nice man to help me out long term.

KD 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Tacoma

its great

dramma22 56-year-old Sugar Daddy from Calgary

SugarDaddy is the place to look for friends that want a mutually pleasing experience with others with a like mind. One could call it a buffet of delights!

DrRealGood 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Cincinnati

I just love this site... I think is the only good one I've used other SD sites but here I got a lot of messages, kisses and I met 2 a great guys... now we are just friends but my experience was great I've traveled, I was extremely spoiled and I enjoyed all the things I like (spa, shopping, beach, drinks,etc) I know I will continue using SugarDaddyForMe... This site really changed my life... I've learned so much this last years and I will always be grateful for that :)

NM 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Escazu

great website..............

sss620 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from Wellington

I love this site.I have met quit a few sugarbaby's on here,and continue to see a few of them on a regular basis.

thenuge 42-year-old Sugar Daddy from Oakland

I have had several positive experiences with this site, its unlike the other posers out there, easy to navigate and well organized.

Angela 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Salt Lake City

I think its great. Gives a man like me the opportunity to meet women who are more up front and down to earth. That's not to say things will work out, but it saves time and effort. Met a few women some I hit it off with some I did not. But the site is great.

ShugD 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Randallstown

SugarDaddyForMe has worked out well. It has real results, and is a win for both SD's and SB's a like.

LifeofFun 40-year-old Sugar Daddy from Brighton

I really like the site , I think it's a great way the meet my future SugarDaddy...

CL 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

Great website with tons of hot babes to choose from in all different age groups and natationalities.

AM 45-year-old Man for Extramarital from Irvine

Like the user friendly interface. The women are beautiful and friendly. I recommend this site to any one looking to have a good time. Join today.

sweetlou4you 35-year-old Sugar Daddy from Aliso Viejo

I get tons of e-mails from sugardaddys. It would be impossible for me to actually meet them all, but I try! It's a blast, and each new day is a new adventure. They buy me jewelery,clothes, and this week I am getting a new car! Next month,a new apt. of my own, rent free!!! This site TRUMPS all dating stes!!! Thanks S.D.!!!!

Kelly Hunt 46-year-old Sugar Baby from Garland

I really enjoy the site, it is very easy to use and the lay out is visually appealing. The features are great, search by user name or interest is definitely a nice feature. As for my experiences on here they have been really great, there are so many diverse and interesting men on here who are traditional gentlemen, very respectful but also a lot of fun and know how to treat a lady. I have recommended it to a few of my girlfriends and also a few of my financially successful guy friends.

A R 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Vancouver

SugarDaddyForMe has been a good site for me. I'm middle aged, divorced and busy with work, so I don't have the time it takes to be out and about chasing women. If I am going on a weekend getaway, I search women of my type in the town I'm heading to, and I get to quickly blow past all the hassle of beginning a relationship. No 3 date before sex garbage like I'm fresh out of high school. Really I don't consider it paying for sex at all. I'm paying so I don't have to sit in a bar by myself and feel like I'm jumping through hoops to find a cool chick to spend time with. Two different times I've been a full member of this site and 2 different times I have had success. On SugarDaddyForMe you don't get fake profiles and replies, like some other Adult Friend sites.

travelinman69 38-year-old Sugar Daddy from Central Jersey

Ive had a great experience

RS 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Kansas City

Great site, beautiful girls. Love it.

Jimbar1970 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Springfield

I love your site. I have met a really great guy and I look forward to seeing where this goes. I hope I found thean I have been looking for in my lifetime. Thank you very much for such a great expierence

thaitalian07 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Shalimar

I love your website. It is very user friendly and I have met a few very interesting men on this site! I even met a famous rock star so I am very happy with it!! It is nice that the guys with a Gold Membership can contact me directly even though I am not a Gold Member.

TxWildcat 51-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

Great opportunity to meet new people

JW 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Washington

You have a very good dating site !!!

Sweetlady WV 56-year-old Sugar Baby from Charleston

Well I haven't been on the website for a week and already getting attention, hits, and invitations with no pics up yet. I couldnt imagine if I did. This is my first time doing this and I'm not sure where it will take me but its definitely the real deal.

RB 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Birmingham

I've used SugarDaddyForMe for several months, with better results than I've had on any other site, including Match and another popular SugarDaddy site. I don't know about every single profile, but most of the SugarBabies here are real. I dated one for a short time, have communicated with several, and have had invitations to meet others. I recommend SugarDaddyForMe highly. Somehow, they manage to attract quality women who are genuinely interested in meeting... where other sites can often waste your time. Good luck guys...

JustOneSecret 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from Nashville

Sugar Daddy is a fun website. I did meet someone who I wouldn't have met otherwise and have very much enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with him. It's awesome to be able to meet people from all over the world!

Teslajunkietx 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Irving

There are a lot, i. e. a very large selection of women of many ages here of different interests and types on this site. Whatever the opportunity you may want, it exists here.

dutch8926 50-year-old Sugar Baby from Columbus

Great website, met a great girl. Having a good time together.

amanforyou45 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from Boston

It has been a great site for me to meet open minded girls.

raleighncguy69 47-year-old Sugar Daddy from Raleigh

This is a really nice site. I have met several men here that are really nice and treated me like a lady, and were very respectful. I have told several of my friends about it and they have joined too.

LonelyforFun 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Branson

Best thing in the 2000,

boling 26-year-old Sugar Baby from NY

The website is a great medium for people to find the situation or arrangement that they are seeking. I have met some great sugar babies and have been able to help many at times when they really needed it. I travel for work at times and the site gives me the chance to meet people that I would have never ever met otherwise.

PG 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chicago

I love it! Its great for meeting all the hot Sugar Daddy's out there.;)

BownEyesSweetie 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I like the site ,how it's layed out, I like the fact no matter where you might travel to you can look for a sugar baby. And an excellent selection of different types of woman I think its great!!

2bfunwith 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from West Palm Beach

It's worked out well. I have had a few "arrangements" before I joined but this site makes it much easier to find SB's. I have connected with two SB's from here over the years. One was short term and only needed a little help. The other was long term and only ended when I transferred across the state due to my job. The search engine is top notch and the site overall is bounds above the other simar sites that I previously used. I do not see myself going anywhere else for a SD/SB relationship.

TD 42-year-old Sugar Daddy from Pampa

The question is...Are you looking for a connection? The whole site is designed to connect you to people and YES you CAN find what your looking for but "Rome wasn't built in a day", so keep that in mind. I've made a few different connections here and it can be real and fun all at the same time. You can chat, give gifts which are always appreciated, make connections which can lead you to maybe a little more. For me I like it for all those reasons and that it's instant your talking to someone it's jus weither you Click or not so I think I'd recommend you sign up take a peek and find out what you like about this sit

swagz 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Toronto

I meet wonderful men on this site!!! especially the ones that come in for a weekend or business events!!

saramargob 41-year-old Sugar Baby from Chicago

Compared to other sites, SD4ME consistently delivers exactly what one expects from the site - beautiful women who just want a sugar daddy and nothing else. It keeps me coming back.

monsoonseason 64-year-old Sugar Daddy from Washington DC

well its worked pretty good for me ive had the same sugardaddy for 3yrs so far we dont get to see each as much but thats why i look for others on the side so this site has been real good for me.hope to keep using it and doing good on it .i recommend it to friends who ask me about.lisa rodriguez

LAR 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Easley

It's great meeting men who already know how to treat a real queen. Less training more fun!

1sensualsistah 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

I have had two very good experience with Both of the women were very attentive and great companionship.

jamall90 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Cincinnati

I never thought that SugarDaddyForMe would find the right Sugar Daddy for me. But now i find myself with more interest on life and being able to enjoy every moment of it!

RNA 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Ontario

Best site for online dating.

issacking 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from Cocoa Beach

I talk to and have met along of great men on this website. I wouldn't use any other website for dating.

SK 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Cleveland

Ive been registered for this site for a few months now and my first experience was and has been the absolutely amazing. My sugar Daddy has genuinely brought out the adventurous side in me. He's shown me so many new and exciting things to do. Its never a dull moment with him and Im always looking forward our next adventure.

SweetNSassyxD 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Albuquerque

So far seems like a great place to meet pretty woman.

KW 30-year-old Sugar Daddy from Atlanta

It's so great, I have tried other sites for the last 3 years and most girls there either fake or scammers while I've been here for less than 4 months & have met few girls already

spoilme69 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Besty

The site helped me to find one of the most amazing men ive ever met. We had a passionate love affair for two years before his passing. Ill carry our memories for life. I will forever be greatfull to this site. Ive continued my search for the missing link in my life, but no luck yet. The love I found was a chance in a million that may never be recaptured. I wont give up trying though.

crede55 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

I ADORE this site. You have the greatest gentlemen in the world on your site and i've always felt comfortable and at ease with navigation and sending messages. I've recommended this site to 5 of my friends 3 of which are on here and I'll continue to pass this site onto others for all the joy it's brought me. THANK YOU SUGARDADDYFORME!

inferiority 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Jersey City

The site is quite active compared to "conventional" sites such as match or plentyoffish. It encourages both the men and women to be very up front about what they are looking for, and what their expectations are.

Alabamajoe22 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from Montgomery

have been very excited with SD4 maybe 15 replies. exchanges back and forth. met 3 girls, saw 2 of them, unfortunately were very flaky ones!! will keep on trying! a good one must be out there for me!

JP 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from New Orleans

I love this site met some really nice sugar daddies...

CM 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Radcliff

SugarDaddyForMe is easy to use, light on the distracting ads, and it offers variety of interesting ladies close by. I met my new sugar in just a few days.

SFS 58-year-old Man for Extramarital from San Francisco

I had great experiences on this website.

WM 42-year-old Sugar Daddy from Hackettstown

I think it is a good website & I've met people on here that has turned out well.

UrDreamgirlNow 53-year-old Sugar Baby from Palm Bay

I love the site!

cutiemara 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Canton

Pretty good site have not had any complaints

joecoal 34-year-old Man for Extramarital from Drayton

Excellent. I feel like the women are real. I have met a couple and while nothing has Been long term. I have had some fun relationships. Responses are 50-50. Some women do respond. Others do not. That's fine. The site is great and I keep coming back

TM 38-year-old Sugar Daddy from Fort Lauderdale

I absolutely love the website I have met and chatted with a few great men and I look forward to the sugar daddy cruise and its just been an all around delight meeting people. So thank you very much for coming up with such a great website and experience for us single people.

AJ 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Antioch

nice website with nice staff and professionally sweet

divintydp 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Chiago

I chose the site because you dont have to hide your agenda. If a man only wants sex he can be upfront about it. If a woman only wants money she can be upfront as well. I have tried several other sites but this is by far the only one where both sexes can be themselves.Like any dating site you will run into crazies but you learn to weed thru those with experience. I have met some classy women , who really want relationships and those who only want a good time. I am a firm believer that there are only two kinds of men , that will not give or spend money on a woman "" A MAN THAT AINT GOT NO WOMAN " AND " A MAN ANIT GOT NO MONEY "

DREAMMMDADDY49 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Dallas is a great website to communicate with higher income level individuals.

HP 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Lexington

well this site is super awesome,,i actually have met some guys and it has been pretty good,, :D

chucky90 22-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Mexico

I love this site! I've met some wonderful people and I've had a lot of fun! Some of the women have become lifelong relationships! SDFM is the best. you have the best quality members compared to other sites. I like your site for its intent. I think that there are a lot of other sites that try but yours is the best. Unfortunately, as with all online sites, not everyone is here for the same purpose. I'd love to see an update that makes your site faster (its slow) and perhaps to freshen the look.

BW 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from North Brunswick

This website is a great opportunity to meet a SugarDaddy. A lot of members who really wanna meet and treat you like a princess. I like it here, a lot of functions, easy to use. I`ll met a few members, had a lot of fun drinking coffee and going to know each other.

kiska74 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Darnestown

I have made many friends here. There are opportunities that are unique to this site.

JP 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Minneapolis

I have had great experiences and met some very fun and exciting women here on the site. I have especially enjoyed getting to know them by chatting first and establishing chemistry.

CE 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Seattle

So far I have had a wonderful experience.

IL 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Chicago

Love the site and all the different options to meet hundreds of people. Inbox is never empty. Lots of opportunities

SB 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Coppell

Really good site. the pop out windows allow for better viewing of photos to get a better idea of what an individual looks like. Age preference for the ladies to specify could help better identify possible ladies.

aguy30004 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Atlanta

Well I actually love sugardaddyforme, I think it's a great website and I have had awesome experience meeting sugar daddies.

CM 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Stamford

I've been on them all and I give this site a B+

SB 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from Rancho Palos Verdes

Your site is easy to use has all the rite info and search options .all around easy access good quality adventure DD

DD 59-year-old Man for Extramarital from Graceville

Nice site to meet great people and communicate. I like it a lot.

Foureverdezired 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Bellflower

Sugar daddie for me is prob the best site I've been on.There are actually real sugar daddies on here who want to spoil you. It's great fun and a good laugh I really do love this site

Porcha123 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Liverpool

I think it is a wonderful website. I have only had a couple of dates so far, With Beautiful young women, but it definitely works.

AS 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from Indianapolis

I appreciate the honesty and forthrightness of the ladies (and gents I suppose) on SugarDaddyForMe. We all know what we're here for and the opportunity to be as upfront and frank as possible avoids many an unnecessary heartache I'm sure. I'm quite sure a few folks here have found the love of their love and married, but I'm also quite sure the discretion provided has saved thousands more marriages already in place. We all have needs we could go on and on about, but privacy is first and foremost in this day and age, and SugarDaddyForMe provides it in spades. We're all adults here. Let's have fun, be safe and make all our dreams come true.

Mani42 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from Pinehurst

I think it's a great way to meet people and you have so many options! I love this site!!!

KY 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Indianapolis

I love it. I met my wonderful daddy through here.

satans cupcake 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Birmingham

This site helps older men find younger women

cockynfunny 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from Tacona

This is the best site who connects people with same interest and it helped me to meet couple of great friends. The only problem I have with this site is that it is really slow and the chat doesn't work on mobile phones or tablets!

KF 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from Boston

This website is amazing I've met a few wonderful people and recommend it to all my single girlfriend's.

babygrl1987 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Irvine

I think this is a fun and exciting way to meet smart ,wealthy sexy men! I think this is new world dating at it's best.

L R 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Wetumpka

Love the site there are many beautiful women! Wish I had the extra money to be a full paying gold member!

MrVmax 63-year-old Sugar Daddy from Pickerington

met a couple sweet Princess'

samtheman2 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Amarillo

Great way to meet people in your town or around the world! Excited to have as many adventures as possible.

CL 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Columbia

interesting. I guess you can say there is something for everyone on here

JB 34-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chicago

great place to meet

RKH 53-year-old Gay Sugar Daddy from Florence

Great website

SoftSultryVoice 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Texas

It is my connection to some of the great ladies in the area and having a pleasure of enjoyment between us.

LB 37-year-old Man for Extramarital from Princeton

Overall good

JC 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Springfield

SugarDaddyForMe is a wonderful website to find a good and responsible man to be so proud of, all the events hosting latel by SugarDaddyForMe are going to be great and opportunity to hook up my own Sugar Daddy. Keep it up and keep our dreams come through.

Somdi 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Belmont

The site is great! have met some great people on here! very respectable gentleman.

Oklahoma 56-year-old Sugar Baby from Guymon

Its a great concept and well executed. Congratulations!. NSA type relationships is a prevailing form of relationship in todays day and age among couples who would love to have a friend with benefits but still have a space that allows to have their own lives. The user interface is easy to follow and seem to be working well. The only thing I would suggest is watch out for scammers. There are women here that do not look like they really want to find someone for SD/SB relationship, but rather asking to send them money even before they see the man. I think they are scammers and I watch and guard or at least warn a man to be careful.

Compasitor 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from LA

I'm on a number of dating sites. I've met more women on this site than all of the others combined. Except for one unfortunate exception, the women I've met on SD have been very attractive, friendly, and eager to please.

paradoxical55 57-year-old Sugar Daddy from Pittsburgh

Sugar daddy for me is a great site you meet potential older gentlemen.

MD 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Cheney

I have come across some wonderful ladies of all ages here, just haven't found the right one for me just yet. Thanks for your website!

DE 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Denver

I love how easy it is for me to use. I love the fact that I meet someone on here ans soon it's going to be our four year anniversary. He does spoil me rotten:)

FC 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Scranton

so far it has been good, wish there were more woman for Extramarital but it has been good so far!

soltaz 54-year-old Man for Extramarital from Lake Worth

I feel that after using several other dating sites SugarDaddyForMe is by far the best one that I have ever experienced. The guys are very respectful on here and I have made several friends on this site and I have not had any problems on this site at all. I am not able to upgrade so that I can get the full effect.

FH 51-year-old Sugar Baby from Macon U

Initially good response and good selections of SBs.

NashDash 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from Westport

i love this site it has been very good to me. great members to search from and lots of email im am very excited everytime i log on

TM 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Sanbernardino

I really do like met a couple of people off here that are cool very active great response love the website love the different envirnmonents and people.

BLK 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

I like it, and it has been mostly positive

MA 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Cleveland

My experience on this site is excellent. I found my match and we are still together until now. He is a gentleman and such a loving, caring and generous gentleman.

fitness11 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Folsom

Have had two wonderful matches that each resulted in a 4-6 month arrangement. While they were significantly different, they were each very rewarding. I am looking forward to finding another match here.

Nozombie2 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from Riverside

i like it

J B 37-year-old Sugar Daddy from Edison Nj

Most of the time it's hard to find what you are looking for but sugardaddyforme helps me find what I want and more

bethshines3 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Mesa

Great opportunity to meet great men in one place! I was lucky to meet a very nice person with whom we ended up for 2 years! Thank you)

LM 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Kiev

enjoyed my searches

lookingareyou 55-year-old Man for Extramarital from Grand Haven

There are lots of pretty ladies.

joeschmokc 38-year-old Sugar Daddy from Kansas City

I have found some of the most interesting men on here. I would say that I really love this site.

M S 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Dallas

I think it's great. It's hard to meet the right kind of woman to spoil that understands this relationship.

Tomdaddy 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from Montgomery

This is a great site. I have enjoyed being on here and meeting new men.

HY 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Spring Valley

I met a few guys on here. Ones who were sweet and ones who just weren't for me. This site is wonderful wish I had more time to be on It.

Sunrisesuprise 19-year-old Sugar Daddy from clifton

I really enjoy sugar daddy for me because you get to talk to a lot of new people. It is fun easy and never boring.

sweetassugar 18-year-old Sugar Baby from San Diego

good place just wish there were more sugar babies in my area

biman269 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from lake mills

I have enjoyed this site so far

brandyfthecat 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Edmonton


elefand 33-year-old Sugar Daddy from volos, greece

Well it was Great! Was super! Glad they have a free trial to see if the site is worth it, and I like that you guys personally answer the emails instead of most sites sending auto emails.

FWAETI 18-year-old Sugar Baby Male from San Antonio

get a lot of feedback from women that fit my profile.

TC 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from pittsburgh

I love this site!! I came on sudardaddyforme site to find a sugar daddy to help me with paying for my school loans. I'm currently a student, that's majoring in pre-nursing and I don't get too much help with financial aid. I'd came across a sugar daddy who's very helpful! Not only are he helping me with my school loans but we also take trips on his boat... .. We've been to football games, on shopping sprees and much more! The best thing that I've gotten outside of help with my loans, is getting an car. My car had just broke two days prior to meeting my sugar daddy! I was at the point to losing my job and quitting school but my night and shinning armor came my rescue! I just want to thank sugardaddiesforme site sooo much because you really changed my life for the better!!

Dream_89 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Austintown

I have got a lot of hits on this site. I like the men on here, Its hard to keep track of who is who. It would be nice if there was a way to make notes on there mail they send.

spinner993 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from Opelika

I have had a very pleasant experience on the site. Overall, the members are respectful, honest, and genuine. I have met one Sugar Daddy in person and things are going great!

KL 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Boaz

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on SD4ME! There are always fake profiles no matter where you go, but I've found the most real people on your site and made many friends that I still talk to on a daily basis.

untouchable1986 26-year-old Sugar Daddy from Ballwin

The men seem nice and the site is very well executed! Love it!

Erica 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Rochester

Few women I have actually met.Two i have met as sugar daddy , the rest a extratramarital affair .. Website was about very positive intetesting tool for meeting these women. And had postive results ..

worf1972 45-year-old Man for Extramarital from Long beach

Great site and have discovered several possibilities for becoming a Sugar Baby.

fscirro 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from Scottsdale AZ

I love this site.

CB 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Melbourne

Good site for finding sugar babies. I've been pleased with the girls I've found here. Wish the limit on pictures wasn't there, since it doesn't always work correctly.

BigEZMan 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from New Orleans

Interesting people

AL 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Diego

My opinion about sugardaddyforme is that it is a great way to get to meet and spend time with new people. On top of this, you get to be spoiled and treated how a woman is supposed to be treated on a daily basis. My experiences on this website have been great to say the least but hope they can get better in the future. I havnt found the right sugar daddy for me yet but im still hopeful and looking. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. :)

1angelbaby3 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Ontario

There seems to be a lot a good looking women. I am relatively new and somewhat scared of what I will see/get on a date.

Te2428 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from Manhattan beach

I find SugarDaddyForMe to be a very useful site. I really haven't had any negative experiences. Like everything in life you have to be smart. I have made a few good friends on this site and I find the men to be extremely generous as long as the lady is respectful and sets standards for the relationship. I like that men on this site want a Lady and not Trash. I am fully confident that i will find the right sugardaddy for me and I will continue to recommend this site.

Innocent_mariam 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Tampa

hi im looking for a friend and mor

mark 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from ewa b

I've been on and off the site for about four years. I find a niche that some women on the site are educated, financially secure, and independent, but are here because they're tired of dating men who are cheap. Fine outings in the city, cultural events like Symphony, Ballet, Opera, short trips and adventures, and fine cuisine are just some of the options to spoiling women who are looking for fun or being spoiled.

M S 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Francisco

I love it here!!!

jenny19784 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Halifax

I have found more real sugarbabies, ladies who want to meet and have a SD/SB relationship, on this site than any other site. Every site has its share of pros and scammers and SD4ME is not exception. Once you weed out these losers, my experience was that there are some fun, sexy, ladies with whom I've had great times and relationships.

SA 49-year-old Sugar Daddy from New York

Its obviouslly the best sugardaddy site I could find or else I wouldnt b on it

littlerosie 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Las Vegas

All good things have transpired since joining the site. I would recommend it! :-)

TRLG 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Apple Valley

Of all the sites I've seen this really seems to be the best. I probably will join soon

Sidewayz123 53-year-old Sugar Daddy from Sacramento

I love SugarDaddyForMe. I have met some of the most kind and generous men in my life on here. I have a way better social life and the financial stability that I never though possible. ;)

SF 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Calgary

What can i say except that this site is a great place to meet men.

sweetascandy805 52-year-old Sugar Baby from Santa Maria

I use sd4me to help find ladies near me who could use a little help while providing some companionship. But two gripes I have are that I am frequently contacted by ladies too far from me to be an effective relationship (even though they are gorgeous) or by women who are scammers. And I have been scammed at least once. But I have found several local adventorous ladies who worked out very well. My current sb is a dynamo! And she seems to enjoy me as well. My last one was a college student and I helped her earn her Bachelor's degree. I think she went on to law school.

jg 58-year-old Sugar Daddy from Eugene, Or

I love how sd4me is set up. Great website that allows you to meet real people. Large user base so you're not limited. I am optimistic about finding someone on the same page as me.

blkbarbiegirl 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Milwaukee

This site is enjoyable to peruse. Many interesting men are out there! It is true! I have immensely enjoyed my experiences with other members!

AM 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Jefferson

Nice, must have the filters you have, need to reach out to more potential users, very customer friendly 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from raleigh, nc

At the moment, I'm a free membership, until I know more about the site. As of yet, I've had no experiences to speak of. I need to take the time to look through all the site has to offer. It seems pretty extensive.

DM 50-year-old Man for Extramarital from Chicago

I have enjoyed this site better than the other dating site I have used in the past.

Tenderlove85 49-year-old Sugar Baby from El Paso

I've had a lot of replies and inquiries. The men on here look very respectable. I am positive I will find a good sugar daddy/baby experience!

Bustykat 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Malta

I love the way it is set up. Have been out with 4 different women. We had a great time. Wish I could afford a membership.

Devil386 61-year-old Sugar Daddy from Altoona

It has been very nice. I like that no guys are trying to solicit me for sex, like on other websites like it. Definitely tons of guys contacting me on a daily basis.

AJ 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Bogalusa

Pretty new ... Seems great so far

MichaelB1965 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from Atlanta ga

takes time to fiqure out the pro's from the real SB's but once you do that the site is really good.

Krooner000 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from houston

Great website!

Newnurse143 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Paducah

I've had good experience in some parts of the country but Alaska is poorly lacking for sugarbabies. I hate when women log in one day, set up a profile and never log back in again. It is the most frustrating part of the experience. Other ladies I've met have been great people and many friendships have developed.

PC 48-year-old Sugar Daddy from Anchorage

I love the site! It's IDEAL in weeding out the phonies out there vs. the type of man I want to meet. I DON'T go out and do the bar scene & I do NOT work, I have A LOT of medical problems so I spend the BULK of my time at home. This site has provided me with an outlet to find a man without having to leave my home & I really appreciate that! :D

F8L Lady 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Wilkes-Barre

I like your site, I have not been able to pursue a relationship at this time but hope to in the future

Clark 66-year-old Sugar Daddy from Glendale, Ca.

This is a very good website you get to see who you meeting before you meet and get to send them a kiss without kissing the I really enjoy this website I wish every website was like this

ladyvalencia 23-year-old Sugar Baby from South Carolina

It's an interesting concept and it allows for persons with common interests to get together in a open space without feeling threaten and it's more easy to ask the hard questions before meeting so we both know what to expect. Being more careful about bogus profiles will be something that I would improve, but in today's world I guess that's kind of hard. Overall much better experience than other similar websites. Keep up the good work!

lexluthor2k5 36-year-old Sugar Daddy from Ft Lauderdale

Talked to a few wonderful women here but haven't really had a chance to meet them face to face.

mainexplorer 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from Lewiston

this is an amazing site to me i have not met anyone as yet but i am not in any hurry good things come to those who wait. There is a sugar daddy for every sugar baby.

chicadulce21 22-year-old Sugar Baby from St. Davids

Have enjoyed the site. Whenever I reply to a full member I receive no notification that the response was sent . A note of such would be helpful

Handle1 52-year-old Sugar Daddy from Sarasota

Like the site, still haven't found a sugar baby to meet up with yet, but am talking to a couple.

Quadmann 45-year-old Sugar Daddy from Sacramento

I have not been on sdfm site for long. I have had much success in the short time I have been on. I receive anywhere from 10 to 25 e-mails a day. I am hoping to find the sugar daddy of my dreams and Sugar Daddy For Me is by far the best site for me to find him. Sicerely Pinkyswear22

Pinkyswear22 52-year-old Sugar Baby from New Braunfels

I like SugarDaddyForMe because it is a very respectful site. I think that it shows a great deal of thoughtfulness and consideration for both sides. I also like the fact that it is geared toward a high standard with regards as to who is a member. I am extremely happy.

HW 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Boise

I found there are many young sexy men on here looking for a Sugar Daddy. I have met a few and still looking for the one that will take my breath away. I want to find the almost perfect (none of us are perfect) but some really close. I want them to be with me for my life time as a partner...and a son.

DM 61-year-old Sugar Daddy from Baltimore

I have only been able to exchange messages with a few women and haven't met any yet

Macmann 62-year-old Sugar Daddy from Duluth

I am humbly appreciative of the site SugarDaddyForMe has offered. This site allows me to be comfortable in sharing my interests with others until ready to meet them face to face.

MC 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Westerville

This website is great,i have met many great men through this site.

TB 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Detroit

I have had a positive experience on SDFM. I have two current SBs from this site. You have to be careful, but with a little common sense you can hook up.

ar15guy 56-year-old Sugar Daddy from Farmington, N.M.

I don't have much of a testimonial because i'm brand new to the site. However, i can say that so far i chatted and/or have received some interesting messages and feedback from the fellas! I can wait to see what or who tomorrow brings, because it's been so much fun up until now!

carmelmoccha67 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Chicago

Its the best way to meet a real man, that gets you not a kid for shore ,

boling 26-year-old Sugar Baby from NY

Good opportunity to meet but it's up to viewr to do some serious screening!

EG 74-year-old Gay Sugar Daddy from Chicago

Its been a great experience on SDFM! Been here for some years now...

Kynya 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Granite City

Have had both good and bad experiences. It has had been better but it is good overall. I'd recommend the site to others looking for the SD experience.

DC 44-year-old Sugar Daddy from Houston, TX

Hope I can help like the site so far it new for me to met all tipe of girls them dont mind telling what them wont. That is something new to on line dating.

MW 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from sylacauga Al

I love this website Ive had so much luck finding a good sugar daddy.

MS 24-year-old Sugar Baby from El Paso

great site for a man to find a women who is looking for a long term discrete relationship of love and care without necessarily relying on marriage as the bond between them. Women on this site generally desire sex but want to avoid the problems that sometimes occur when meeting strange men at bars.

af 57-year-old Man for Extramarital from charlotte

Sugar daddy for me has been great! I've met a few great guys and they all have been sweethearts. I love how easy the site is to use, and the quality of men.

Bruinbabii 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Los Angeles

I think it is the best and wished it had came out sooner.

DHR 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Vandlia

I am still looking for the Sugarbaby that is right for me. Living in Montana, the prospects are limited

MJ 36-year-old Sugar Daddy from Missoula

Oh god it great I meet so many person. And reading there files seen there picter. Had fun Chating real greatest

ico57 56-year-old Gay Sugar Daddy from lares

I love this site. I have been a member for years now. Not necessarily because I haven't found a mate but because I never know who I am going to meet as its exciting. I have met and talked to several SDs and are friends with some. Had plenty of offers to move or get married but not ready to leave the sunshine state yet!

SMG 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Dunnellon

My general opinion is very positive. The site offers a variety of women from different backgrounds and it's not difficult to get in touch with someone. In short, the site delivers what it promises 100% The one thing it needs work on are the servers, it takes longer than usual for the page to respond or refresh. It might just be overloaded... Thank you,

boomchikawow 28-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Antonio

This site is really amazing & I think everybody should join

mzshutitdown 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Somerspoint

I been on suggarddyfor me off and on for about 4 yrs now.Its been a pretty good site and have met a few good people in real life .Most of my experiances have been good.

joe54912 51-year-old Sugar Daddy from emporia

SugarDaddyForMe has been interesting to say the least. I've met very decent and generous men from this site. A lot of the men have been very sincere and honest. I was skeptical at first, but once I got on and started meeting a few, its changed my stand point. I'm also very happy to announce that I've met a wonderful man who takes care of me and has been my rock from the beginning!

BNS 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Lawrenceburg

I like the site enjoy meeting and chating with new people

LO 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Ft Lauderdale

i really like it and i really can make the ladies happy if they give people chances with them .i would take good care of them if they take good care of mer with them .please lets meet with each other please.

l i 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from oswego

I think the site provides a selection of interested people to choose from and good responses have been received. There are always a few that are offbeat but they go away quickly. I have found several good friends here and appreciate the site.

john125cc 79-year-old Sugar Daddy from Lords Valley, PA

I really like this website. I've met great guys on this site! I've recommended the site to friends also. :)

sheilaeee 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Ft Myers

This is a really nice site. The Gentlemen on here are genuine. I can't wait to meet someone to share interests and new experiences with.

BabyGirl870 42-year-old Sugar Baby from San Antonio

like the service

dadgio 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from canton

I love this site! I've had the best experiences on this site and met some great people. This site is awesome!

Alexandria 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Chicago

I really like this site so far from the time i have used it, Its eay to navigate and it is easy to go through peoples profiles and set one up as well.

ririluv 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Portland Oregon

Mostly positive...though some women just looking for quick cash. That can be frustrating.

dc6725 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from Seattle

it's ok, my area in canada doesnt get a lot of different women, just the same 30-40 that have been on here for years. but i have met a couple of sugarbabys that did work out

JO 43-year-old Sugar Daddy from canada

This Website Is A Miricale lol..Love It Love It! Its A Great Investment.The Men Are Sweethearts! Great Expierence By Far!

ZL 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Manhattan

This is a great website to meet sugardaddies near you. I would recommend this site for anybody looking for a sugardaddy.

SweetPCookie 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Covington

I like the site and the setup. It's been a very good experience. I do not like the recurring membership since it adds a hassle and is not a convenience but for the most part the site is great and the way it works is better than most.

FallForBeauty 39-year-old Sugar Daddy from Greenville

I enjoy what I see and potential mates availible. It is slim pickings here in PDX but we do have an airport ;)

WilliamPDX 50-year-old Sugar Daddy from PORTLAND OREGON

I love it its amazing and fun!!!!!

JF 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Easton


raina2hott 26-year-old Sugar Baby from New Orleans

Not much activity. But ok

cb096 37-year-old Sugar Daddy from Chesapeake

I really enjoy the website. I've met many excellent options so far that are perfect for my needs and fit my reasons for joining the site.

KM 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Denver

I think there are some really genuine people on the site, I am still in search of my SD this is the best site for that journey. Good luck on finding your perfect arrangement.

PB 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Cedartown

It has a good quantity of girls. The quality of them on average is not fantastic though. It's rare to come across a beautiful woman.

SugardD007 31-year-old Sugar Daddy from New York

I love this site. Plenty of generous men to choose from.

JR 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Racine

Very good way of meeting young Women with sex on their mind

richmarbella 54-year-old Sugar Daddy from Marbella

It's great, the service is top notch and the girls are babes!

nw_cub 23-year-old Male Sugar Baby from San Francisco

well I like the website we get to meet a lot of new people. The email notifications are convenient. The setup is nice and easy to figure out if your a first time user. If you really are looking for that special someone, I would take advantage of this site, its really inexpensive and who can be as picky as your wont. they make this site truly about you. I love it :)

TB1985 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Chicago

just a little more free info to communicate would be nice. It would be easier to see if the sugar baby is worth the time to get to know.

D.A.E 46-year-old Sugar Daddy from Blaine

I've been playing on SD4Me for several years and have had a bunch of hook ups. While not all have worked out, the situations that have advanced to a real SD/SB arrangement have been great. Be genuine and a gentleman and good things will happen. And remember that you're here to have fun, so relax and enjoy yourself.

nathan99 55-year-old Sugar Daddy from San Francisco is a brilliant site where someone serious and willing can meet a very sensible sugar someone! I tell my friends both men and women about it. It is the only website where I have actually met a man who was everything his profile said he was! Even though right now aim not a full member, I still visit the site.

HN 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Nuneaton

I have had what I would consider success with SugarDaddyForMe. You must be patient, remember not everyone is a good fit but when you find the right person it is absolutely wonderful!

PCguyNC 56-year-old Sugar Daddy from Wilmington

I like your site. Simple to use, search is good but could be improved a bit. Easy to get in touch w ladies that match my interest. One of the better sites I've used.

koolstuff96 51-year-old Sugar Daddy from TAMPA

just checking out this site and so far so good, I haven't met any sugar daddies just yet but I am very optimistic that I will find a nice sugar daddy to treat me nice and spoil me and treat me like a real princess. I am looking forward to having fun lots of fun.

Jasmine 31-year-old Sugar Baby from New York City

I have met a couple of men from this site. It seems to have great potential. I encourage everyone to not be afraid. Reach out and say hi, confidence is attractive.

JB 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Orlando

Sugardaddyforme it's an awesome site! Not only did I get help with my finances I also met a good group of people.. I highly recommend you try it. Sugardaddyforme you rock!

TL 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Norfolk

I think sugar daddy for me is a amazing website

DS 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Somerspoint

I love sugardaddyforme , I've meet successful guys on here. I can't stay away from this site. Lol great site

blacdiamond__ 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Upper Marlboro

the website is wonderful. it has put me in contact with people that are exactly what im looking for

JM 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Newark

Its an amazing site that connects two worlds together, that would never have the opportunity to meet each other, all over the world!

FLcutiepie420 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Destin

I really like this site. I have tried out a lot n I have always come back to this site. I have found real sugar daddies on this site n also have made some real friends here too. I love this site :)

babylynn21 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Oklahoma

Sugar daddy for me tops all of the website I have visited. I'm so lucky to have such a website that let's me find my exact match. Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting the results but the next day I'm getting all different emails from all of these sugar daddies. Just wanna say thank you for giving me this opportunity for a better life now.

porterq93 20-year-old Sugar Baby from San Bernardino

I was told about by a friend. I was skeptical at first and thought that the site may not be on the up and up. Boy, was I wrong!! I've met some very nice, classy men on the site, who have been nothing short of wonderful to me. I haven't found my soul mate yet, but I'm sure I will find him here.

TJ 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Louisville

I am fully satisfied with this site

Barbara Jo 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Salt Lake City

I have had a wonderful experience with SDforme I met a great who enjoys traveling we have been to over 6 countries and to all the most flashy hotels in las Vegas hawaii Florida and puerto rico this October we have a trip to Brazil planned(:

L U V 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Salt Lake City

There are great people on here.

sweetone1982 30-year-old Sugar Baby from St.Louis

It's Great! I can pick and choose who i talk with, who sees my pictures and get to know them on the site before we meet.Site is Very Safe and easy to use and works well on my Mobile Phone!I Love it. Me, xoxox

KLH 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Huntsville

Such a unique website!

MC 30-year-old Male Sugar Baby from West Hartford

I think that it is an amazing site and is everything that it says it is!

ladybug3765 48-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I enjoy meeting local SDs, keep up the good work :D

damsel321 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Kenosha

I havent met anyone yet but its very exciting to be able to chat with the men thats here. The system set is better than anyother chatting site i have ever been on which is a plus. Even though i havent met anyone yet i still wouldnt use another site to find my sugardaddy. I love it

Sweet 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Iowa City

I have meet a lot of interesting men and have had a great time on website! thanks

cinderella4u23 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Cleeland

i love it

chocolattbabee 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Milwaukeee

it's a GREAT SITE - LOVE IT!!!

sexyhotbbw 52-year-old Sugar Baby from Denver

Wonderful site, personal private access to those men and women who want to have personalized relationships.

LLL 46-year-old Sugar Baby from Westminster

Is a great site I love meeting new people..just love it

Claire 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Amsterdam

I've had a lot of fun and interesting dates i tell all my friends about the site no matter what you are looking for you can find it here i like the notifications when you have mail or someone veiws your profile and i don't have all the problems like the other sites

funlovinglady62 51-year-old Sugar Baby from East Alton

Its the best way to meet a real man, that gets you not a kid for shore ,

boling 26-year-old Sugar Baby from NY

I have met a lot of Sweet Sugar Daddys. They are all special in their own Unique way. They are gentlemen by far. And look out for the well being of us Sugar Babies.

RG 54-year-old Sugar Baby from Toronto, Ontario

I like the site and people seem pretty nice and honest. I like the layouts of the site and its easy to search

AL 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Antigo

I enjoy this site compared to any other. Has given me a chance to meet quality people who are real and respectable, who also have a love for the finer things in life!

Laura 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Lebanon

I thinks its a great site and so far my experience has been interesting

Mzchocolate22 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Bessemer

out of all the sugardaddy sites I have come across is most successful in finding me a date.

tandyh2011 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Hemet

It deffenately gives me more options then 1!

12purplehaze 35-year-old Sugar Baby from New Zealand

Its great really works thanks

lovebig1313 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Alabama

Ive communicated with several SDs over the last two years. Whether I meet someone or not, It's nice to know there's a site that I can come too that gives me the dating options I'm looking for.

Carmelisious 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Duluth

I think this is an awesome website. The people are very honest and upfront. I hve had my time to meet a.few people on here and I hve never been disappointed.

Tiffany 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Atlanta

I love it has helped me meet a lot of genuine, kind, and funny older men. I have meet many of them and went out on dates and had a blast. I would recommend this site to all!

hazel 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Santa Teresa

It's a great website to find a sugar daddy, it's easy and very simple.

diamondd01 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Amarillo

Great site..I've met several great friends and one special sugardaddy. It's wonderful cause I can afford the things that I need, it's the things that I want that have been given to me !!!! Recommend this site to anyone !!!!

hipsorlips 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Florence

well i haven't what am looking for! but i have talk to great guys! and i just love the site

WM 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Leander

its a great place to meet wealthy gentlemen

SJ 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Knoxville

I have met an amazing sugar daddy!, I could not be happier! I'm set for a very long time...

XoBlondieoX 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Bloomingdale

I have met the most amazing and generous men some really good ones !! Made great friends, companions and lovers. Thank you

AMS 36-year-old Sugar Baby from Plainfield


candiiyumyum 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Paramount

have two SD from this site that have treated me like a PRINCESS! I like the understanding we have, without the unnecessary drama, games, lies that come along with conventional dating. He gets what he wants, and so do I. I like that a good understanding, communication and mature open minded people can have something really nice, and genuine. I dont have no one problem with dating SD's from this sight! As long as we like one another and have fun...Hey! Lets have fun!

KweeniiD 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Tacoma

I tried it once before and had several successful dates. I got off for awhile because I was just too busy working and then recovering from an injury, but I'm back now and totally looking forward to meeting some quality gentlemen (as opposed to many of the other online dating sites! Not LOL) There are a lot of crazies out there and I feel a lot safer with this particular site.

dallasrenee333 52-year-old Sugar Baby from Highlands

Well I really like it. I stopped getting in the site because I thought it was worthless but after a while I got back on and had so many messages! I would love to respond to them. Thank You!!

iTiana 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Akron

Just started, seems very interesting

Rosie 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Sydney

I really like this site because there are friendly and professional phone reps. and many quality people who actually know what they want and appreciate honesty in their matches. Many people especially some Sugar Dad's are truly searching for love and very enthusiastic about giving their hearts to the children of their Sugar Babies.

tomorrowzbig8 48-year-old Sugar Baby from Austin

This site seem like a lot of fun even tho I haven't met anyone of this site yet I am talking to a couple hopefuls and enjoying myself along the way

CoutureCity 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Cleveland

I think its a great site. Unfortunately, I wouldnt have much of and opinion because this is the first dating site I have ever been on. My boss/friend used this site and met a very sweet and beautiful lady who he still is seeing today.

Amberly 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Sandpoint

Well I am new in this site, but I could see that oportunity I am waiting for:the chance to find my special man.

azle47 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Miami

It's been ok

Jc197625 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Mays Landing

I have had a wonderful experience at the site its help me out a lot of different ways I have lot of good friends and foes who have taken care of my every women need from the site and I hope to have more experiences hope we find that right guy that I could travel the world with and have a the best things in life.

ladytati101 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Stamford

this site has been very fun and interesting, I have meet very nice friendly . my opinion is that i thought there would be creepers on here but i have not a meet a rude person on here. this is a great site

youngprincess14 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Plantation

I like it. I met my current sugar daddy on here. I just really wish women had more free benefits on here.

spoiledbrat818 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Pittsburgh

i love it

creoleequueen 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Perris

I am still new to this site and this type of relationship and this site has helped me to meet and talk to people online only. I have not met anyone from this site in person and not sure I will ever get to.

Gwen0911 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Lehigh Acres

i love the site although i haven't found the love of my life i've met a lot of great people who to this day i call best friends.i love the fact you can view profiles in any city you choose. with out the site i'd still but stuck in my home town , which isn't so bad nut i love my life now. i'm living my life and enjoying it. thanks sd4me. ps,,,, will an app be coming soon?

lilpuppy 24-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Los Angels

Overall, I think that SugarDaddyForMe is easy to understand. A user just has to know what it is that he/she is really looking for in a potential mate.

harlingen316 30-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Dallas

I have had great success with this site & would recommend it to others.

so_gorgeous 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Cleveland

Not really much experience on the site personally but im looking for my perfect sugar daddy match and this site has been super helpful so far. And i want to keep it that way.

TC 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Middletown

I met my first sugar daddy here, we have been in a relationship for about 9 months. He recently lost his job, which is one of the sour things that happened, but other than that he has been very supportive and kind. I hope to find another sugar on here that fits all of my needs. It happened really quickly after posting my ad, so I hope the same happens!

DL 21-year-old Sugar Baby from New York

i love this website , i meet so many new and different people at 1st i was scared because i never done anything like this in my life but im glad i did because now i love it thank you sugar daddy for me

Ms.Wett510 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Antioch

I really like the site. Very easy to navigate around. I've talk to a few different sugar daddys. I've planned to meet with a couple of those to see how things will work. I would suggest to letting all the lower leveled members to be able to talk to each other. Not just to the gold members.

TWL 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Lawrenceburg

So far, I have chat with several people but have not met anyone. I am still looking for my SugarDaddy. This site seems to have a nice selection of men to choose from.

T P 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Cleveland

i like it alot and i hope this is my last time seARCHING FOR LOVE AND EVEN MORE and that this site can be the answer to all my trials and tribulations

SLM 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Lancaster

I love this site! I dated a guy for 2 years that I met here and I am seeking a new sugar daddy now.

bomb_shell 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Louisville

I love it it is a good site for people

xzarrina 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Belen

I`m very new on the site. but i have hade some internestig mails

christineHot 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Copenhagen

I am so glad this site is here !So,much to offer ,and I am so happy that I joined!Get to see good looking men all over the USA with an upscale profile,excellent pictures.I do like it that everything is controlled on your site.I also ,like the send a message and a wink.I also think it is so neat as well,that there is a whisper ,when a member is checking out my profile.I am looking forward to my first date.,on my site.Very happy as well that the SugarDaddy's on our site know how to treat a lady!Says alot.

KimInKenosha 54-year-old Sugar Baby from Kenosha

I think SugarDaddyForMe is a great site to connect people! Unfortunately I don't have a Gold Membership therefore it's harder for me to meet men! If I did my life would be a lot easier ha(;

KP 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Dana Point

I'm new here, can't wait to meet new people!

EV 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Boise

I am very happy and satisfied with the service. Yes, it takes time to find the diamond in the rough, and IT CAN HAPPEN! Wishing everybody the best in the quest for satisfaction.

Cherokeeorig 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Bronx

I love that most members are extremely straight forward with what they are looking for; they don't waste time beating around the bush. I also appreciate that you can at least respond to full access members without being one yourself. This is a great place to find the exact kind of sugardaddy/sugarbaby relationship you are searching for.

Miss TRR 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Minneapolis


DS 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Cheney

so far so good

friskykat69 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Iron Mountain Michigan

I think this is a great site, and I would recommend it anyone looking to date. Even tho I'm not a full access member I've received numerous messages from men that are interested in me. Thanks making this site .

Purvi 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Jamaica

Ive had quite the experience with this site, still havent found what im looking for yet but im not rushing that too much.

AT 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Ft. Lauderdale

I like this website. Ive talked to a few people but so far havent met anybody yet

sbess86 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Belleville

will i think its a good site to meet people of different race and to find your soulmate

nikky04 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Jamaica

I enjoy dating on SdFm, it's much nicer to know upfront what my date is seeking and that time spent together is mutually beneficial and mutually fulfilling. I've enjoyed the conversations much more and always interested to see what we can teach one another. It's much better knowing that time together is when we truly don't want to be anywhere else, with anyone else.

CuriousGemini 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Anniston

I love this site I'm a fun educated lady I love too enjoy life stress free

Boss_lady_bad 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Binghamton

Well it's a great way to meet new people talk get to know escorted , enjoy each others company & it's great I'm happy I made a profile . I met really interesting people on here .

sucasweetiepie 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Los Angeles

I am new to this site, but I think that it is a positive way to meet knew people with common interests. I've all ready started emailing some very interesting people, I look forward to getting to know & see what happens. I'm a pretty laid back country girl, I enjoy camping & fishing, as well as a night out on the town. I would love to travel & further my education & look forward to new adventures!

DarlinNicki 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Higginsville

I love it! My Sd treat me with respect complains....

GM 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Allentown

I have always heard so many good things about this site, and if I do say so myself the site does give me a sense of belonging lol..but on a truthful note I haven't found a Sugar Daddy as yet and it has bin a lil while since I bin on the site but I'm certain my daddy will come along and claim this babygurl :)

mamita247 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Toronto

My experience prior to this one has been up and down but I would like to give it another try. It definitely helped me out when I needed it and I'm back for more! I'm thankful there is a site such as this one to connect us :)

mytime1977 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Toledo

I have only been on here a couple months and have enjoyed the site. Even though I am not a paid member I like the fact that you allow gold members the chance to exchange emails. I am a woman and feel the paid membership should rest on the gentlemen. If the guy isn't willing to pay a little more to get to know me they are not for me to begin wifh. I love this site, what it has to offer, and the friendships I am making on here. It is exactely the spice in life I was looking for! If I could change anything on this site, it would be to offfer the ladies a few more benefits. I come for a era where a gentlemen takes care of a true lady, and I certainly believe we could attract more gent's if we were able to communicate more. Lastly, thank you for the site! I will definitely give it great reviews!

vanyllaspice 44-year-old Sugar Baby from Columbus

Great site

P D 53-year-old Sugar Baby from Dallas

This is a great site to find people of many different styles and ethnic. I'm hoping to find the man of my dreams.

CH 49-year-old Sugar Momma from Paradise Valley

I've liked it so far I have had 3 dates in Los Angeles and two in San Francisco

Laurie9333 20-year-old Sugar Baby from San Francisco

I love it

lusciousz 42-year-old Sugar Baby from Northridge

There are some classy guys on this site.

mevina 63-year-old Sugar Baby from San Antonio

I am new to this site but it's very fun. I get to meet new people and am looking for that right man who wants me and thinks i'm beautiful. Ithink this site is just a blast and I am so excited I found it!

Michelle 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Cleveland

I have had good experiences on this site but have not made a long term connection yet.

kwoufan 48-year-old Sugar Baby from Jonesboro

Its interesting. Theres alot of people on here and its easy to get seen. I havn't found anyone im really interrsted in yet though.

JK 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Palm Bay

As of two month, I haven't actually met anyone. I like to site, and feel confident about the potential to meet someone.

Kelly 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Chralotte

I think the site is great however I'm still looking for my perfect match

Mercy07 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Scottsdale

Everything is good about the site apart from the fact that most messages are from other countries. This becomes annoying. I only want to really hear from men in Australia. Thank you.

VSB 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Brisbane

I love SugarDaddyForMe...I just think it should be free for ladies!!

sugartreat 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Scottsdale

I am just starting out in the sugar baby world and so far have been really happy with the results. I have seen a lot of activity in the short time that I have been on the site and even recommended it to some friends, who have signed up!

PT 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Middleburg

I love that is interested in helping the sugar babies out by hooking them up with sugar daddies. So far I have met a couple of charming sugar daddies. So thank you so much for creating this website...were would I be without

chocklateswirls 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Stockton

I think it's a very nice site I have met a few sugar daddies on here I love it

Avianna 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Baytown

I have yet to find someone to commit to my needs, but i am having fun in my search!

CKS 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Fort Wayne

Great so far! Met one person after being on the site for a few weeks and received many other offers that I turned down for whatever reason. Was very pleasantly surprised with the one person I've met so far.

Katie 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Kalamazoo

I'm enjoying the web site

Iysya 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Newark De

I am still searching. I love this site but so far I haven't found my SugarDaddy. At least not yet. Still hoping :)

TD 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Yakima

The website is great. I like the way thru inform you new updates and new messages.

Monaee26 25-year-old Sugar Baby from NYC

This has been my first time on this site. I've gotten a lot of response. The only thing is. I'm not a member. I tried it for three days. There are a lot of very attractive and successful men on here. I'm not out for the money. I just hope to meet someone special in my life to love and him to feel the same about me. I'm a very careing and loving person. It's just hard to really find someone to feel the same.

JE 44-year-old Sugar Baby from South Carolina

its been a good time on here ive met a couple ppl.

exxxoticlatina 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Encino

its the best site for getting a life partner who can pamper a woman to all her dreams although it looks like a far fetched dream but i would say here is where we should go for the prince charmings although most of them are busy with making money one never knows ,you could get the perfect match for your heart or the perfect mate for the match.......

ZTA 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Paris has introduced me to people (men and women), whom I am sure I would never come across myself.I have told my friends about it and well the guys come in and I weed them out. There are some great people in my inbox and its all thanks to SDFM dot com.

FW 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Huntsville

I enjoy using this site over others i have had several arrangements that have gone well with lots of gifts an sugar.

isisrain24 29-year-old Sugar Baby from New Jersey

I feel that it is a really good website i have had great results in the past.

LW 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Sanford

its been fun chatting with all kinds of people ive had and still have a good time

CF 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Oklahoma City

It seems to be a pretty good sight, I've only just started sight but the few people. That I have chatted with a pretty nice.

MS 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Topeka

Your site has always work for me, i am not a model, or an escort, I am a very real woman that looks like my pictures and I am always willing to meet someone and stay with that person as long as it last. Sugardadies like that. I had been very successful on your site, I had meet wonderful men in here and have had great experiences. I can write a book about it now... I love this site and the way is design, easy to navigate and real people, thank you for your support and will always be loyal to you!! Claudia

redamber888 38-year-old Sugar Baby from Beverly Hills

I have gotten a lot of mail on here and I have been talking to a genuine sweet and honest man. Although I am not looking for a traditional sugar baby relationship, I would personally recommend this website because there are real and nice guys on here. Keep up the good work. :)

D B 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Austin

SugarDaddyForMe has been a great experience for me. It is the only website where I have gotten to meet gay sugar daddies in real life. My first experience was when I was 18. I had a man fly out from Alaska to come meet me. He picked me up from my place and took me to San Francisco(At the time I was living in the Bay Area). We spent a great weekend in the city: hotels, restaurants, you name it. The following year I was flown out to Florida by another man to spend my spring break there. The house was gorgeous and the views was great! I was living a life of luxury. I got to travel and explore another state, something I thought I would never do. Also, this man was very sweet and helped me out financially while I was still in school and working at the same time. I love that the men here know what they want and go after it. The men I have come in contact with here have been nothing but sweet and I learn so much from them even if our arrangements are short.

vusak225 21-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Seattle

well its interesting, and seems very excited to meet men web site I find it very difficult to communicate with them, but I'm very excited about this, so I'm definitely going to get the gold membership. I love this site

CS 34-year-old Woman for Extramarital from Manteca

It's a good place and I've met a lot of people. No winners yet but I have faith in this site and I know I will find exactly what I'm looking for!!!

MA 30-year-old Sugar Baby from North Vernon

I love the site, I've met someone on the site and we had dinner. The connection wasn't there but it was still a nice time. I have recommended this site to many of my friends!

CJ 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Indianapolis

It's a good place to meet the person that you've been looking for whether you want a sugar daddy/mama or a sugar baby. The first few days I joined many were already interested in me and were ready to fulfill my wants and needs. I've have had no problems with the people I have met so far. They were all respectful, about their word gentlemen.

su_caramel babe 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Memphis

I really haven't contacted any one as of yet but I enjoy the site lot.

SH 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Memphis

I think this is a great site so far. I have only met one gentleman and am hopeful the others are real and aren't just on here to ask for money. Anyway, a girl can hope right?

blondy46 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Wayne

The Wed site is easy to navigate thru. And there's enough people here. I just wish I could find my daddy.

lookforhelp 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Bradford

well for a person who lives in Perth you don't get much of a selection.......But I have met some nice guy's on here I just haven't found that perfect sugar daddy yet.....I have had a lot of fun and really do enjoy the site I have made some amazing friends and have learned from mistakes......I recommend on anyone trying it and seeing how it suites them... :)

princes86 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Perth

I love this site its great n I've met sum nice ppl so far bt dnt ave the qualities tht I want

ms_promiscuous1 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Warsaw

So far I have had several positive experiences with this website, which greatly outweigh the negative ones. I've been pleasantly surprised by how many polite and intelligent people I've had the pleasure of acquainting myself with through the website, and look forward to finding that one special SD who can really match me well. :)

Lady.Sophia 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Austin

I think its a decent site with alot of potential and promise. Love the women you offer

JPTrulyblessed 25-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Chicago

Its a great site

thrillme268 28-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Tampa

So far I have no bad experiences. I have yet to upgrade because I would like to see if the site is like all the other sites.

JG 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Detroit

great :)

Lindsay 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Lincoln

It's very nice

Pedrocharmer 19-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Atlanta

I like the site. its straight forward and easy to maneuver. haven't met the right daddy yet but very nice guys so far. nothing negative to say... thanks for the help in finding the perfect sugardaddy.

atomic_purrr 50-year-old Sugar Baby from New Port Richey

I like this side because is very easy to find what are you looking for

Bozena 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Przemysl

Sugar daddy for me is a great site to me local sugar daddy's. I have my picks and many to chose from hands down the best site for a sugar daddy & sugar baby arrangement .

SS 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Columbus

I believe the site is good and does All it can to minimize the negative types Of things that can happen on these websites

KW 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Phoenix

Well so far so gd ive been on the site for abot a year now and chated with a few daddies but havent come across the rite one im only looking for 1 so its a process. I enjoy the site tho. Im checkcheck my mail at least once aday just to see who has checkd me out or message me. I love it .....

mskennya 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Chicago

It is a good site. Out of all the sites I have gotten the most out of this site but I think there should be a way a person can verify they are who they say they are.

Kayla 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Carmichael

well there are very respectful and straight to the point. i love that about this site

pieknyjeden 25-year-old Sugar Baby from New York

I have had good experience with this website.

KM 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I think you guys have a great site. I haven't gone on here much, but I think it is very user friendly.

Cookiecrumb777 45-year-old Sugar Baby from New Orleans

I've met a couple of really wonderful gentlemen on this site..Not a bad experience yet, but with anything else, you just have to be a good judge of character and state what you want.

Diabolique407 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Orlando

I like the site. The people are real.

redlipsirishgir 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Vallejo

Well this site works for me. I've got two daddies of here. Total gentlemen, respectful and fulfill the duties. One recommended several women to the site a few joined. I'm on a few dating sites this one is the only one i meet men of my standard. I like how you can put everything on the table and its not frowned a pawn.

Maria 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Tacoma

It's a great way to meet nice old generous gentlemen

Sweetspice4you 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Costa Mesa

I have met a lot of Sweet Sugar Daddy's..they are all sweet and unique in their own special ways. Very generous to me. I have felt very comfortable with my experiences.

RG 54-year-old Sugar Baby from Toronto, Ontario

I'm a newby to this site but from what I see and read I like it and I'm looking forward to meeting new people

Jeenabeena 36-year-old Sugar Baby from New Jersey

really like the easy way to log on love the people you meet on line

timeismoney 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Hull

After scanning many websites into how to make a relationship with the ideal successful and rich guy whose wants to treat a lady! I mean the video with Alan Action proves this method is working. The women are attractive and having so much fun, the men look respectful and attentive. Definitely a site for the intellectual who knows how to live life to the full, I liked therefore I joined!

Smoovlegz 39-year-old Sugar Baby from Leeds

I am fairly new to the site, but am loving it so far! I really like the navigation and user interface! I have been had the opportunity to meet one SD, so far, and we had a great time! He's a great guy and we hit it off right away! Thanks again!

JH 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Pikeville

It's an OK site, Met a couple of quality sugar daddies. Still looking for the right one tho..

miss.euro 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Toronto

I really love how you have it so that someone like me (who can't afford to pay for something like this) can get into contact with at least the premium members. The only problem I have with this site is not even your fault. I can't post pictures. I'm guessing that's just because I'm using an iPad though. Oh, and I also like how you have the password for certain pictures.

StephChats 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Lansing

simple and romanic love

Gitaasmara 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Jakarta

I am very excited to have discovered this whole new way of dating. Complete candor upfront eliminates those you do or don't want to spend time with. There are a few here and there that are not as they appear on their photos and I am still searching for a longer term sugar daddy but am having fun on my search!

BF 46-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I think this is a brilliant site because you can meet new people with the same interest as you. Its just a big adventure. I love the site because I met such a nice people that just took care of me and spoiled me and took me places where I never been before.

PK 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Camberley

The is my first time on this site or should I say first dating site, the experience has been so far so good. I think its a great way to meet someone different, someone that you usually don't meet in your everyday life. I have not meet my special daddy yet but I know I definitely will soon!

VC 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Denver

I really enjoy this site. The Men are respectable and have recent pictures of themselves.

oneofakind2013 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Greenville

I am new to this website, but already had an arrangement with a SD. I hope it just gets better now. So far its been a good experience.

JC 19-year-old Sugar Baby from San Antonio

Its very safe and welcoming.

Drica 21-year-old Sugar Baby from The Bahamas

My daughter demanded I join ! I never date due to the fact that I have been unable to find a Man of caliber to even communicate with much less get romantic with; I have enjoyed reading Sugar Daddy profiles they Inspire me to seek fun, friendship, romance. I haven't found anyone as of yet but my prospects have improved substantially ! Thank you Sugar Daddy For Me ! Wish me Luck.

QuiQuiBaby 44-year-old Sugar Baby from Pittsburgh

I have had a lot of contacts...but have not been a paying member so was not able to talk to all ....but have had a bit of luck in attracting men. I think it is a great other site lets you talk with men at all unless you pay. Here you can talk to all the men that, and total access. Therefore if a man is seriously looking...he will pay for the that makes your chances a lot better by talking with men that are paying the gold and total access. If they and are wealthy enough to be a sugar daddy...then they pay for the site. That cuts down on your searching through hundreds of looser guys.

S R B 55-year-old Woman for Extramarital from Vivian

Its cool.

ReneeRed88 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston


LP 43-year-old Sugar Momma from Muskegon

I think the site is wonderful you get to meet new and exciting people, you just have to take the time out to chat with the opposite sex & see where it goes. I havent experienced that yet but i did enjoy the time i had on the site. Thank You guys so much for letting me experience this.

Laurie 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Lubbock


MSCONDA1 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Minneapolis

for the most part, I have to give this site a thumbs up

WG 41-year-old Sugar Baby from Mobile

I experience alot while I was on here I love it n yall doin a good job

envyyou23 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Fortmyes

I think it's a good and well put together website. I have met a few nice gentlemen. If the site could do a better job with weeding out scammers then it would be even better!

BR 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Glassboro

Well I am new here. I've only met with one person..He was a nice guy, I have other emails cant c them im not a hold remember. I would really love to be one..but I really do like this site it is a very understandable site

t.g. 37-year-old Sugar Baby from st.petersburg

Will its hard to really talk to people if u or they dont have a membership.But over all its fun and good.U can meet a lot of people.

smile$exyblack 23-year-old Sugar Baby from orlando

help me find a good man

Dmo 44-year-old Sugar Baby from Durant oklahoma

I think the site is wonderful you get to meet new and exciting people, you just have to take the time out to chat with the opposite sex & see where it goes. I havent experienced that yet but i did enjoy the time i had on the site. Thank You guys so much for letting me experience this.

Laurie 34-year-old Sugar Baby from lubbock


Sweetdiccdaddii 22-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Gp

I love the site. I live far from larger cities where it would be much easier to meet a SD or LTR. I have been on and off the site for 3yrs and finally met with a wonderful gentleman. It would be easier for all if we had unlimited access and the gentleman pay for the membership.

SALSA10 45-year-old Sugar Baby from SEBASTIAN

I love the site haven't met a longtime SD yet but I know he's out there.

B.B 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Los Angeles

I absolutely love this site. It is discreet and user friendly. I have made a lot of good friends. Now they just need an app for the Google Play Store and iPhone

KNM 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Hartford

had fun and enjoyed it a lot until they ask for payment when i heard about it someone told me it was free

ladylove2007 38-year-old Sugar Momma from milwaukee

the site could be much better if it has video feature , i know it has before but i dont know why you guys took it away but anyways it would be great if wecan save vidoes again so it will be more fun again to see,, rather than that you guys aredoing a great job , thumbs up

teytey300 25-year-old Sugar Baby from las vegas

Have met a couple of really nice guy's but unfortunately no fireworks for either of us, I even keep in touch with one , he has turned out to be a lovely friend

L A H 43-year-old Sugar Baby from Derby

I will inform all of my friends to sign up with Sugar Daddy For Me. The men are very nice and polite to women. I really do enjoy this site. Am hoping to find the right person for me. I enjoy meeting alot of nice guys, I must say that I have honesty enjoy holding nice converation with the men on the site.

KA 41-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

I met anyone yet but hopefully I will

cupcake 2023 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Palmdale

I have really enjoyed this site. Dating is like a garden. You have to do a lot of weeding to find the one lol. The men are great. Still haven't found the perfect sugar daddy but won't stop looking

tuftsk 55-year-old Sugar Baby from Dayton

I love the site been on a few dates and enjoyed myself. however there needs to be more willing people to meet.

lalalyssaplease 21-year-old Sugar Baby from salinas

I think it's great if you use it safely and wisely

K.B 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Cincinnati

I came to SugarDaddyForMe out of curosity after reading about it on Huffpo. It seemed like a fun way to meet intelligent men in the income bracket that I wanted to concentrate on. It also seemed like the most honest form of dating there is. Although I haven't been able to find a Sugar Daddy as of yet, I have had a fantastic time looking and I haven't given up the fight. I know I am out of the normal demographic, but like they say...there is someone for everyone and I am sure that I will be able to find a mutually benifical relationship soon enough.

DV 45-year-old Sugar Baby from Augusta

I have experience that this website is best to look for real suggardaddy and i am happy to be on this site ,even though i have not find anyone yet but i believe and hope i would surely find suggardaddy here.

singleselina 36-year-old Sugar Baby from Belmont

I really enjoy it. I like the fact that if your shy your allowed to give a kiss therefore the other party is able to notice you like you did with them

al 20-year-old Sugar Baby from sacramento

I love it its nice guys on here and they are very respectable and will keep coming to this site as long as I can keep up with the payments.

ST 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Walnut Creek

haven't had much luck but not giving up yet...

dd 39-year-old Sugar Baby from kansas city

I like the website. I've gotten a lot of hits but not very many successful matches. I think all sugar babies should have full access but other than that I love it.

Mocaskyee 21-year-old Sugar Baby from kissimmee

Sugar Daddy Exciting experience learn talk other . To use your social skills be nice others. But gone time bit Hart how kbt people .

amada California 34-year-old Sugar Baby from San Francisco

ok let me be honest at first I thought it was just a computer sending random emails. a man would write to me, of course I would reply and they would never write back. well finally I did get to talking to someone and he has been more than generous with me. we have not met yet as he is out of the country working but he has sent me many wonderful gifts. I look forward to getting to know him. he does not want just a sugar baby but a meaningful relationship which I am very open too. I thank you for giving me this opperatunity. I wish others the same success I have had. thank you . barb

bh 45-year-old Sugar Baby from easley

Great site has lots of luck with finding daddy's easy to search and get to know who is real off fake like being able to have a code on my pics so that I can be selective on who I talk to and the men on here know how to treat A lady

cali6969 25-year-old Sugar Baby from YOUNGSTOWN

I love Sugar Daddy :] I can meet guys who are actually mature and know to to treat a woman right, I have come across some creeps, but thats how it is on any dating website.

Lil18Emma 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Appleton

I HAVE hey to find a sugardaddy BUT I Aldo am not a gold member. The guys are Herat ,passionate, and needing Love time and attention for any woman looking for the same i recommend sugardaddy4me.

CoveredNLove 24-year-old Sugar Baby from COLUMBUS

This Site is awesome, the dinamic and everything you can meet a lot of nice people and starting a nice friendships and more! I totally recomended :) I have meet quite few great persons that they a few are my best friends. And i'm still knowing very nice mans. That i had experience good times.

BabyRox 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Lima

Very interesting i guess you could say. Alot seem to be looking for relationships or a wife. I am just looking for that special guy that can be great friends , have fun and benifits . I found a very nice man from here but too far of distance between us . So maybe i will find my special man yet.

mj 41-year-old Sugar Baby from portsmouth

i like the site and understand it is a great way to meet men. i feel that most people are not members and it can get frustrating trying to connect with the men that i am interested in. i have joined other sites that allow women full membership and that seems to bring on more dates than this site. i prefer this site but am torn between memberships.

tt 45-year-old Sugar Baby from los altos

I love Its really you meet alot of new people, some are really nice and some just play games. Its a great way to interact, i wish i could meet someone in person. In my experience, I've met men on here who say that their in my country and ey want to meet up. Then you don't hear from them aftter that. But through out all of that augardaddyforme is the best dating site ever. Its better than facebook by far.

TennaB 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Antigua

I've only been on this site for several days. I don't have much feedback. I don't know what to expect from this site. I was referred by a friend.

SS 23-year-old Sugar Baby from San Mateo

Haven't had any encounters as there are not much Sugar Daddys on this site from my country but i love the site never the less

queenb_367 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Trinidad & Tobgo

I really like the site some nice men online I live to far from major cities so I have had no luck meeting anyone but good conversations

Sg 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Albany

i think its cool that u can just shop online for a sugar daddy.....i havent really found one yet.....ive found all of

olgurl 36-year-old Sugar Baby from college station

I really appreciate this site!!. Just wish i could get to one of your Party's, I've yet to experience a full fledged Sugar Daddy? OF corse no fault of Suger Daddy's , I just started late in my years to look for one, not to mention I've know clue as to what I want,nor what to look for? HELP! Uhg! As you can see, I truly NEED THIS SITE! It has ALL the Information at my finger tips! Which is really great! Oh... And did I mention , I'm a True Blonde? ;-) lol thanks again ,Sincerely Urzforthetakeing

Urzforthetaking 48-year-old Sugar Baby from South Bend

I think SugarDaddyForMe is a great site! There deplorable interesting guys on here that love sugarbabies and they are very generous.

La 33-year-old Sugar Baby from Shreveport

Though I have yet to find a sugar daddy I've enjoyed the experiences on your site

CL 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Long beach

I think it has a lot of potencial!

LovelyMami86 27-year-old Sugar Baby from ottawa

It's a good website to meet a sugardaddy. I just think that the site should find good sugar daddy's for me who will spoil me alot. I don't want a sugar daddy that does not have any money but claims to.

Bebe5569 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Raleigh

We are all here for different reasons. I wish the men on here wouldn't offer the sun and moon to you when they have no intent of going through with anything! However, I have met a couple of real nice people, some we decided best to just be friends, some we knew it wouldn't work and for the couple that have kept my interest, in really anxious to see where it goes.. One gentleman in particular I'm meeting soon, I'm so hoping we are a match because we seem perfect! Exactly what each other is looking for. This site has taught me a great deal about men and I've meet some people that I otherwise would not have! I'm still excited about this venture!

MF 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Orlando

I think its an great and amazing site to meet sugardaddies. I havent met anyone yet but hopefully my luck will change soon.

sunshine0411 22-year-old Sugar Baby from jonesboro

It's a hit or miss! Everyone is looking for something completely different, and that something could be ANYTHING -- Though, once you find that special *something*.. It works :]

xxxTinyToni 22-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

So far i like the site would really like it to b free to talk to people but i understand everyone has to make money...

HJ 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Columbus

I'm getting the hang of the site. I've meet a wonderful guy and we dated a while but we didn't connect.

JD 28-year-old Sugar Baby from San Diego

I did meet one real sd but lost contact and can't find him again but besides that it's good

Sugarbaby71360 30-year-old Sugar Baby from Shreveport

Havent yet ndulged but am looking forward too and the many people I will come to meet!

12purplehaze 35-year-old Sugar Baby from NZ

I've met some people from here, but have yet to find something meaningful and long lasting.

Russiangal 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Short hills

I have been in contact by several sugardaddies but nothing definite yet, but I am still looking forward to see if I can meet my soulmate through this site.

RG 37-year-old Sugar Baby from Brussels

I love the attention & fast response from the sugar daddies on the site!! It is a little discouraging though because of member fees for sugar babies initially with low income. other than that the layout , format , being able to send kisses are GREAT!!!

DirtyGirlJen 23-year-old Sugar Baby from bronx,ny

I've met some good men and made good friends on this site. I've been to dinner a few times and their company was pleasurable. I've yet to find my match but I am hopeful.

T. R 35-year-old Sugar Baby from King George

I have always heard so many good things about this site, and if I do say so myself the site does give me a sense of belonging lol..but on a truthful note I haven't found a Sugar Daddy as yet and it has bin a lil while since I bin on the site but I'm certain my daddy will come along and claim this babygurl :)

mamita247 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Toronto

the website is very i like all of the mail that i am getting just cant respond to it. i think this is the best website ever to come out to help people to find true or just a true friendship.

LB 37-year-old Sugar Baby from baltimore

Not a bad site but probably works better in the US than in EU.

missglitter 29-year-old Sugar Baby from Budapest

Alot of endless emails and calls. havent met any one in person. i know if i become payed member it will improve. i like that the site is easy to use.

bw 27-year-old Sugar Baby from DETROIT

I love it but it would be better if I could read all of my messages

Soeasytoluv_19 19-year-old Sugar Baby from St.louis

My opinion on this site is is awesome so far everything is great only bad part is that u can't reply back to messages unless u subscribe

rebrcca 23-year-old Sugar Baby from sugarland

This seems to be a great site although I'm not having much luck! I guess what I'm seeking don't out there for me!

CV 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Lacey's spring

I have had a few dates from the site. Nothing to exciting, but still looking.

Youngfly&Classy 26-year-old Sugar Baby from Denver

I say you it's great because I can really find my certain partner and ones who catch my eye. I haven't found anybody yet, but still looking it's hard though because I'm not a gold member.

JL 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Addison

I have been on and off of this site for a while. I have met one person from the site but unfortunately he wasn't exactly my type. That didn't cause me to lose hope though! I'm still excited to search through all of the diverse profiles and it's always fun to check out the new members that just joined. Hopefully I find the right SD for me. I'm confident that I will. :)

Lauren 19-year-old Sugar Baby from Charlotte

I have really enjoyed this website very nice ,well educated ,wealthy men that really want to treat woman. Don't really like the limited access to be honest wish there was more interaction without the actual membership but over all great website.

B.R 20-year-old Sugar Baby from moreno valley

I think this website is a great idea for sugarbabys like myself who seek to arrange a commitment with that special individual....Either to go back to school or just a little financial help.. Life is hard and everyone can use help at times. The only thing is I feel that the sugarbabys should not have to pay a membership. Just the sugardaddys that will let us know and or let us be able to set the fake from the real sugardaddys apart. There are alot of men just on here for all the wrong reasons. But overall I enjoy it :)

Dallas 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Dallas

I love the website .. I just didn't find my ideal SugarDaddy yet

SugarBabyRosie 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Longueuil

Its a very useful site. I have meet very many partners from the SD site but also a lot of scammer's and fakes. I know you do your best to get ride of them and as for myself I also report them to you. but thank you so much for this wonderful helpful site!

Mikeal508 20-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Kennewick,WA

I think it would b a good experience but i cant afford to b on hear long. And Ive talked to a few people to nothing serious.

SL 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Dallas

i'm look a Sugar Daddy to love and pamper me, some who will always care for me and i will do the same for him. I chat with a few Sugar Daddy but i cant get in touch with them cause im not working now so i cant afford to pay the fee on here. you all on here doing a great job thank you for this offer

annette 37-year-old Sugar Baby from cleveland

I have been on several dates. But haven't found anything long term. I am not looking for a one night stand. I want something mutually beneficial. Most of the men I have spoken to want something for nothing. But I have also talked to several nice men as well.

ags 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Dearing

You can meet here your partner

Normajen 30-year-old Sugar Baby from vienna

I enjoy the fact that it is entirely up to me who I want to speak to and really enjoy the privacy. I myself have not had any good or close to good experiences yet from here but am hopeful that it will happen.

TG 30-year-old Sugar Baby from northville

I've had great experiences! Some have worked out really well. For the most part, I don't get a lot of response/follow-through, but when I do, it's awesome! Love this site :)

irishlovely 24-year-old Sugar Baby from Newport Beach

You'll need a lot of patience, to weed through all the fake profiles to get to the few that are real. Most people would pull out their hair and give up. I'm more persistent than that. I've met a couple of profiles from this site, nothing yet long term.

SensuousHottie 40-year-old Sugar Baby from Moose Jaw

I enjoy the lay out, how it's easy to navigate and all the mail I have gotten in such a short amount of time! I guess the only thing I would say is annoying is not being able to reply

Melly1995 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Christchurch

It nice to meet new people but sometimes the guys are not serious about the arrangement...

jfransaw 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

This site would be great if I get a membership. There are some cool guys one here. Looking for sugar daddy, sugar baby? Come to SugarDaddyForMe

JB 22-year-old Sugar Baby from bowie

I am new some what to this site i think the site wohld be better if the sugar baby could repley to everyone not just gold members

vennessa 41-year-old Sugar Baby from milton

I know this website works because during my first few weeks of joining here I was lucky to have found and had an arrangement with a sophisticated and generous SD who was mainly based overseas. So far, haven't had much luck with the SDs in Dubai probably because there are only a few of them and what they are looking for are different . from what I'm looking for.

GypsyDxb 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Dubai

i just started this site but still waiting for a sugardaddy

candy 23-year-old Sugar Baby from jackson

sugardaddy is a good site,even tho ive been unable to meet anyone, cause my free trial ended before i could really message anyone

bigblkbaby 32-year-old Sugar Baby from Fayetteville

I have met a few individuals thru this site - and for the most part they have been very pleasant. I wish there was a way to contact some of these folks - but I have been very cash strapped.

MF 57-year-old Sugar Baby from Myerstown

I really enjoy, the website, other then the women having to pay for a profile. I feel the men should pay the women or sugar babies should be free. Otherwise, great site! I recommend it to all my friends. I have met quite a few good generous gentleman on here that I have had success with recently. I plan to continue to use the site. Hopefully ill win the life time free membership, if not I think you should really consider letting the sugar babies have full access with out paying and leave the paying to the men/women (Sugar Daddy's and Sugar Momma's) who can afford it!

Momk13 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Phoenix

I can't do much on the site but its does connect for me. I like it a lot. The sugar Daddys are sweet.

AMG 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Chicago

I wish I had money for the gold membership but I see real results with the responses from sugar daddies I love this website for putting this together. I hope I'm able to purchase more so I can receive more from sugardaddyforme

A.n 20-year-old Sugar Baby from Hyattsville

I like it, but would like to be able to message more. I cant pay for gold membership so that makes it very difficult to use the site. if i could message more men without having to pay for membership, I would definitely use it more.

A.M. 26-year-old Sugar Baby from eugene

My experience was ok some guys don't tell you enough about themselves a lot of married guys looking for a side relationship or just a casual sexual encounter. Mostly men are shopping not buying.

bg 58-year-old Sugar Baby from Chicago


cc 21-year-old Male Sugar Baby from palm desert

well it is alright- having to pay for everything seems silly, but lets hope its worth it

amo 21-year-old Sugar Baby from Mokena


KAPIE 25-year-old Male Sugar Baby from puerto vallarta

It's great! Except the whole having to pay thing :P

Dc 18-year-old Sugar Baby from Chch

I have yet to meet my sugar daddy although I have spoken to a few very nice gentlemen and I am looking forward to meeting someone to explore the world with

LadyStarHawk 49-year-old Sugar Baby from Kenmore

I feel that it's a good website with a safe way to me older guys who love to pay me more attention than guys my age

tyonna dalton 24-year-old Sugar Baby from rantoul

Is a great place to meet people, opportunity to grow like a person, fine mutual interés, be supported by someone, have fun at the same time you getting know each other, see life for a different side

mc 35-year-old Sugar Baby from Philadelphia pa

To me it fore men and women to meet just like regular sites only thing is u may get paid fore going out just to meet new people and have fun

Alandria2011 20-year-old Sugar Baby from monticello Arkansas

It seems a little stale at times though lately it's given me the impression that people are visiting more frequently. Certainly plenty of attractive people to choose from. The sugar daddy/baby relationship is a great draw for beautiful women of all ages. And men who aren't quite the teen heart throb stand a good chance of attracting a sugar baby/mama.

Atyourwhim 40-year-old Male Sugar Baby from Austin

Easy to navigate website but needs mobile version.

yellowstarfish 27-year-old Sugar Baby from Samoa

it is complicated to search for sugar daddies using the navigation. I love the site though, I think it would benefit myself and other sugar babies if there were an option to verify the sugar daddies/mommies somehow.

Kitten0692 20-year-old Sugar Baby from tampa

Well i think the website is cool so far. At the beginning when i first signed on i got a lot of results and then after a while not much. The men are very foward on what they what as well as i am, however i thought i would be having better luck but i am not.

Jn 34-year-old Sugar Baby from Long beach

I love it. I hope it works

Tlh 31-year-old Sugar Baby from Tioga

I think it is a great site. However, I do think that the site should be free for male and female sugar babies. I have had nothing but positive responses on this site. The experience has been wonderful.

knr 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Salem

well im lookin for a dad who can help me out financial when I need it and im 21 blonde hair hazel eyes and weight 130

jdash21 21-year-old Sugar Baby from chesnee

Great site havent found anyone yet though

BS 23-year-old Sugar Baby from Barnwell

Very interesting. Always new people to meet. Everyone has their own story so time to sit back and enjoy the book here.

bnt 23-year-old Sugar Baby from canton

I have been on SD4M for about 5 months now and I have met a few men. This site is a great way to meet sugar daddies. I like this site I just wish that more sugar daddies from Missouri would sign up.

Bigbeautifulblonde1987 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Laurie, MO

Is amazing !! I mee. A lot friend and I have very good times! One day I Finde the love the my life

Bella 47-year-old Sugar Baby from Houston

Well that even if you are not a member you can reply to other's messages and you can also view there Profile with out being BLOCKED, You have the option to view them and reply to there Messages..I Like that a Lot?..Smile There are Many Profile's To View?...

Evelyn77 52-year-old Sugar Baby from baton rouge, Louisiana

Well the whole experience with the website has been great.I meet a couple of sugar daddy but not as many I want because of my membership status,but overall it has been good.

RW 25-year-old Sugar Baby from Montgomery,Al

I have talk to a lot of guys online but have not met anyone in person yet it has been a of men who lied to me but i just keep trying until i meet an honest one. I really enjoy the site its nice to meet people.

sas 45-year-old Sugar Baby from valdosta

I really like the site there are a lot of pretty and hot women and best of all close to me thank u verry much i just cant afford a paid membership

clc 31-year-old Male Sugar Baby from avondal

Love it here some men are very nice, polite and gentleman some are perverts and mean jerks.

jerrilynne1970 42-year-old Sugar Baby from pleasant grove

I enjoy your website I just need men to send me money. I don't make much financially.

mybaby33 33-year-old Sugar Baby from springfield

I have spoken to many men but yet to find the right amount of sugar for me! B.R.

BR 28-year-old Sugar Baby from Buford

Its been good but not great havent found anyone for me yet.

latoya 23-year-old Sugar Baby from lexington tn

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