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Rich Men Can Meet Young Women at Midtown 'Sugar Daddy Party'

DNAinfo, June 2015 - SugarDaddyForMe parties are known to be events where "men feel more virile and appreciated, and women feel revered and treated with chivalry and respect".

Find out why these parties are such a great success here.

EXCLUSIVE: 'We are NOT prostitutes!' Femail goes inside the 'sugar daddy' dating world with the women who make over $60k a year from their 'relationships' with rich older men

Daily Mail, March 2015 - 12 sugar babies share their sugar daddy dating experiences and their thoughts on why being paid to date a man is very much different from prostitution.

Read the whole article here.

$1,500 a Week: Single Mom Paid Thousands by 'Sugar Daddies'

Yahoo, March 2015 - SugarDaddyForMe changed the life of Gina Somers, 24, forever. Find out how she supports her two daughters with the help of her sugar daddies and how being a sugar baby helped her to be a better mom.

Read her story here.

Porsha Williams NOT Doing "Sugar Babies" Dating Site, Despite Reports

GossipCop, December 2014 - might not get launched after all.

Read the whole story here.

Nonetheless, we urge Ms. Williams to reconsider our offer and contact us!

Porsha Williams Reportedly Offered Millions To Promote 'Sugar Daddy' Dating Site

Inquisitr, December 2014 -, might help young women connect with rich men. Hopefully, they will not make the same mistake as Porsha, who angered her sugar daddy by "showing off her swag a little too much".

Read the whole story here.

'RHOA' Porsha Williams Getting Dumped Could Make Me Millions, December 2014 - Porsha Williams may have figured out a way to make millions of dollars ... and it's all because she got dumped by her sugar daddy. How?

Find out here!

The Internet's Most Exclusive Web Addresses

The Sydney Morning Herald, November 2014 - From life-management outsourcing to dating, there are online products and services that allow the well-heeled to do the same kind of things average people do online, except without having to come into contact with "poor" people. SugarDaddyForMe is one of such sites, which helps successful executives to "partner-up".

Read the whole article here.

Sugar Daddy University Teaches Young & Old the "Lifestyle"

BronzeMagOnline, July 2014 - Lifestyle editor, Amelia Moore, attended Sugar Daddy University and tells the tale in this 3-part article. Find out the definition of sugar daddy dating, what happened in class and especially what happened after class, together with what she had learned from this experience.

Read the whole piece by clicking on the following links:

Part 1: The Definition
Part 2: The Life Class
Part 3: Life After Class

Sugar Daddy University: New course teaches 'sugar babies' how to land a wealthy man

London Daily Mirror, June 2014 - Relationships with "cheap blokes" is what drove professional sugar baby Carla Abonia to sugar daddy dating. Now she paired up with Alan Action to help sugar babies appreciate the man they are with and let the sugar daddies know how to approach young and attractive women. How can this university help you find a meaningful sugar arrangement?

Find out here!

Sugar Daddy University to educate Manhattan on sex, money

Campus Reform, June 2014 - Sugar Daddy University offers a free crash course on sex and money, but instead of sitting behind a desk, about 300 sugar daddies and sugar babies met at 230 Fifth, a popular rooftop Midtown club, where they learnt about one another and the "sugar daddy" transactional way of life.

Learn more here.

Sugar Daddy University: A class in biology and economics for aspiring sugar daddies and sugar babies

NY Daily News, June 2014 - Sugar Daddy University is a one-night symposium and cocktail party with an entire course catalogue on sex ed. The school's "dean" Alan Schneider, says that the goal of the university is to remove the taboo of transactional relationships.

Read more about this interesting class here.

Survey Says: Single Mommies Need Sugar Daddies

Mommy Noire, May 2014 - The recent SugarDaddyForMe survey begs several questions: Can single mothers really do it all on their own? And, if given the opportunity, would single mothers let a financially successful man take on the responsibility of monetarily supporting her household?

Read Mommy Noire reporter's thoughts on the topic.

Also, check out the entire survey results here:

Crimea Crisis Triggers Flood of Women from Eastern Europe Seeking Western Sugar Daddies

ABC News, April 2014 - SugarDaddyForMe has seen the number of potential sugar babies joining the site from Eastern Europe more than double since the crisis in Crimea and Ukraine began in February 2014. A sampling of profiles and messages sent by the women in areas threatened by the events have shown many of the women expressing willingness to relocate to the US with help from a Sugar Daddy.

Read the whole story here.

Smoke & Mirrors: Brynne and Geoffrey Edelsten's soulmatery...

TheBigSmoke, March 2014 - Tania Levyn shares her thoughts on the Brynne and Geoffrey Edelsten breakup. Did the sugar baby he found on SugarDaddyForMe have anything to do with it?

Find out here.

No such thing as bad publicity: 10 controversial businesses

CNBC, March 2014 - Although some would scorn on sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships, SugarDaddyForMe provides great value for both the men and the women who use it. We do have over 4 million members after all.

Read here what Alan "Action" Schneider has to say about the sugar industry.

SugarDaddyForMe interview by the Long Island Business News

Long Island Business News, February 2014 - SugarDaddyForMe representative, Alan Action, gives an on camera interview to LIB News and talks about sugar daddy relationships.
Check out the video below:

Sugar daddy websites growing in popularity

WNCN, February 2014 - 19 year-old Charlene Turner from Charlotte, North Carolina, is graduating debt free from Southeastern Institute in Charlotte with the help of her sugar daddies, who she found on Apart from helping her through college, her sugar daddies give Charlene gas money, pay light bills and so on. In the past year and a half she received more than $10,000 from the two sugar daddies she dated.

The whole article can be read here.

"Mrs. Robinson"s go Mainstream

Northern Virginia Magazine, February 2014 - Apart from the sugar daddy trend being on the rise, it appears that the numbers of sugar mommas might be increasing as well, although "cougardom" is still stigmatized.

Read the whole story here.

Mob Wives' Drita Davanzo Interview, 2nd Annual Brides of LI Expo

LIB, February 2014 - Alan Action, the organizer of our Sugar Daddy event series was present at the 2nd Annual Bridal Expo and talked with LIB Magazine reporter, John Milovcic, about our upcoming event for sugar daddies and sugar babies, dubbed "Paint the Town Red".

Read more here and check out our upcoming sugar daddy events!

New Online Dating Website Survey Shows Positive Outlook for Sugar Babies in 2014

redOrbit, January 2014 - Sugar babies not only received extra "sugar" the past holiday season, but the majority will also receive between $1,000-$3,000 per month in 2014, in addition to generous gifts from sugar daddies. Check out what gifts sugar babies can expect and more here.

The survey results can be seen here:

The weird romance of Brynne and Geoffrey Edelsten, January 2014 - Find out everything about the controversial relationship between the Arizona-born former cocktail waitress and her 40-year senior husband, including the scoop on Mr. Edelsten´┐Żs scandal with Miss da Silva, who he met on SugarDaddyForMe.

Click here to read the whole story!

Sugar Daddy Dating Trend on the Rise Suggests New Findings from

Digital Journal, January 2014 - The world's largest sugar daddy dating website, has seen a 30% increase in the interest of sugar daddy relationships since 2012. The website experienced explosive growth in 2013 and dedicated many resources for research among sugar daddy and sugar baby members to learn more about this phenomenon.

Read more about the findings here.

Dating website CEO offers solutions to fix ObamaCare site

FoxNews, November 2013 - Forget all about Obama's fix, all it apparently needs is a "sugar fix" as in The dating site would have the White House hitting it's deadline date, no problem!

See the interview with CEO Gautam Sharma here.

Sugar Daddy Dating Site Offers Obamacare Fix

NextGov, November 2013 - White House officials claim they've recruited the "best and brightest" for the fix; but somehow they missed these guys. The "dating" website sent out a press release on Wednesday offering to pitch in on the fix, noting the site's programmers "currently manage tens of millions of monthly visitors and have handled that massive traffic volume with more than 99.99 percent uptime and with complete security of member's data since 2005".

Read the full story!

What rich men want (and don't want) in a woman

CNBC, November 2013 - What do wealthy men want in a woman? The same thing all men want, except they're more likely to find it. In a survey by, more than 1,000 men described their ideal woman. Men surveyed by said their ideal woman is: blonde (well, now I am), blue-eyed (check), 25-28 years (nope), slim (like I used to be!), 11-15 years younger than their male companion (uh-oh).

Read the full story!

See the results of the survey: and the Sugar Daddy Cruise

Trisha Goddard Show, original air date October, 17th 2013 - On the show, Trisha had been talking to women accused of being gold diggers, who are in search of sugar daddies to spoil them rotten. In order to get an inside look at how sugar daddy-sugar baby arrangements are made, love and hip-hop star Erica Mena was sent to take a look at the Sugar Daddy Cruise organized by

Check out highlights from the show here.

Government Shutdown Sparks Love with Complimentary Memberships from Sugar Daddy Dating Website

Digital Journal, October 2013 - Due to the government shutdown, the world's largest sugar daddy dating site,, is seeing an influx of young women in search of a sugar daddy to help them get through these difficult financial times. But, according to, the problem for many young women is that they can't even afford to pay for the membership fee in order to find that generous, supportive man they are looking for on the site in their time of greatest need.

Read more here.

Refined Sugar Series

Made Man, September 2013 - In her 3 article series relationship expert, Anna David took a deeper look into the sugar daddy lifestyle and the controversial relationships that are born between sugar daddies and sugar babies. Her interesting conclusion is based on interviews conducted with SugarDaddyForMe Founder, Gautam Sharma, and many sugar babies and sugar daddies.

Check out the series here:

Anthony Weiner's Sydney Leathers Offered up to $1 Million or More by Sugar Daddy Website

Radar Online, August 2013 - The woman at the center of Anthony Weiner's latest sexting scandal has potential to bank off her relationship with the politician because has exclusively learned Sydney Leathers has a $1 million offer on the table. In an offer letter obtained by Radar, the website is formally offering the 23-year-old seven figures to be the spokesperson for their site.

Read the whole story here.

New Online Dating Survey Shows Women More Erotically Adventurous Than Men

Newsday, July 2013 - Contrary to common stereotypes, a recent survey of men and women conducted by online dating website shows women are overtaking men in how sexually adventurous they describe themselves to be. More women (16%) than men (13%) described themselves as "kinky", more women (15%) than men (11%) described their sexual nature as "wild", more women (9%) than men (1%) described themselves as "bisexual", and more women (11%) than men (9%) said they are "into sexual role playing".

Read the full story here.

See the survey results:

74% of Men Have Dated Women Their Children's Age or Younger

PRWeb, June 2013 - According to a recent online dating survey by, almost three quarters of all male respondents admitted that they have dated or currently date women in their children's age range or younger! The most surprising finding of the survey was that - almost three quarters (74%) of the men who participated in the survey have dated or are currently dating women at least 20 years younger than them - a typical age gap between a father and child.

Read the full story here.

See the survey results:

Women Seek Sugar Daddy to Replace Absent Dad, According to Online Father's Day Survey

PRWeb, June 2013 - Close to two thirds of sugar babies had absent biological fathers during their childhood, according to a new survey by As a result 98% of them are looking for a sugar daddy to replace the role of their absent fathers.

Read the full story here.

See the results of the survey:

Comments on Survey That Shows Single Moms Look to Sugar Daddies to Support Their Families

Earn The Necklace, June 2013 - A recent online survey found that a growing number of single mothers, 77% in fact, say they chose to be a sugar baby (a woman supported by a rich, older man) because of the financial benefits it provides for both their children and themselves. On top of that, 92% of sugar daddies (men who provide gifts/money to women in return for companionship) are willing to support their sugar baby's children.

Read the full story here.

See the results of the survey:

Survey Shows Great News for Single Mothers this Mother's Day

PRWeb, May 2013 - Love, marriage, and having a baby may not be the only order of things in this day and age. According to a new Mother's Day survey conducted by SugarDaddyForMe, single mothers have an overwhelmingly good chance of still finding love.

Read the full story here.

See the results of the survey:

Online Dating Survey Says Over 50% of Women Will Date Men 30 Years Older

Huffington Post, April 2013 - Does age matter? A new survey of over 4000 active members revealed that over half of the women in the U.S. were comfortable dating men 30-plus years older than them. The site's members include younger women (sugar babies) seeking older men (sugar daddies), with an arrangement that sometimes comes with love and companionship.

Read the full story here.

See the results of the survey:

Survey Connects Sugar Daddy Tendencies back to Cavemen Times

PRWeb, March 2013 - Humans are the only species that is confused about the mating game. In a new survey created by, online daters discuss how much their attitudes towards seeking a mate are strongly influenced by the same factors that have influenced mating choices throughout evolutionary history.

Read the full story here.

Online Dating Website Reveals Startling Results Concerning February's Mistress Day

All Voices, February 2013 - More women are open to the idea of being a mistress than men who are open to having one, according to a new survey conducted by the world's largest sugar daddy dating website,, recently conducted an anonymous and confidential survey of its female and male members regarding the topic of being a "mistress" or having a "mistress." "Mistress Day" is generally known as the day before Valentine's Day, when men pamper the women they are cheating with.

Read the full story here.

Weak Economy Takes Heavy Toll on Young, Single Women

PRWeb, January 2013 - A recent survey of the members of online dating site, revealed that the negative effects of the continuing weak economy are taking twice as deep a toll on younger single women in particular. In response to the results of this survey, has launched a unique offer among premium online dating websites, thus their female members can now enjoy One Full Month of Totally Free Access, including the ability to contact any sugar daddies they wish to by email or live audio video chat at absolutely no cost to them in their first full month.

Read the full story here.

How to Find Your Sugar Daddy

Betty Confidential, January 2010 - Feeling a little cash poor and lovelorn? Then click on over to, a dating site that promises you the man - and the bank account - of your dreams. The pitch is to match young, attractive women who "want to be taken care of and treated like a princess" with busy, successful men who want "to pamper a special someone" or "have an extramarital affair." Give them points for laying their cards on the table.

Read the whole article.

Is Love Enough These Days?

CBS, February 2008 - Love is enough in some cases, but there are a lot ladies looking for cash to go with their crush and there are a lot of men out there who are ready, willing and able to accommodate. CBS 47 is looking at singles searching for a sugar daddy online.

Watch the whole story.

What Are Sugar Daddies Looking For?

Telemundo Channel 52, 2008 - Do you want cars, jewelry or vacations abroad? You can have it all if you find a one of these gentlemen, who are called "sugar daddies".

To find out what these sugar daddies are looking for in woman watch the whole story here (Spanish).

Can You Find True Love Online...or Not?

Dr. Keith Ablow Show on FOX, 2007 - Those who ventured out into the virtual world of online dating know that there are dating sites catering to very specific tastes, no matter how odd you might think they are. caters to wealthy men looking for young attractive women.

Watch Dr. Keith's interview with founder, Gautam Sharma here.

SugarDaddyForMe Documentary

Current Relationship on CurrenTV, 2007 - A "sugar daddy" is a wealthy, usually older man, who gives expensive gifts to a young person in return for companionship. There are many sugar daddy stories out there. This is one.

Watch the short documentary here.

The New Dating Game

Montel Williams Show on CBS, 2006 - What is a sugar daddy? Sugar daddies are rich, successful men that date women who just want to be pampered and spoiled and in return these sugar babies are expected to treat their men as the sugar daddies that they are.

Watch the show here.

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